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Boeing 7 Essay

A reverse of this trend is crucial to reach around of the projected sales numbers that Boeing is counting on. There are several(prenominal) factors to these level numbers. A decrease in business travel has occurred collect to cost and the advance of conferencing technologies. And lastly, the weak providence has vacationers thinking of local destinations instead of traveling abroad. Market Share Boeings fiercest competitor is Airbus. It is crucial that the wise 7E7 delivers on its promise of lower operating cost. This will help didactics a larger share of the market. This becomes even more important if the economy doesnt recover as quickly as we hope.The other survey of the 7E7s success is the engineering of an expandable wing. Adding this versatility will springtime the 7E7 possessor more options for travel routes. Sensitivity Analysis The following is the sensitivity synopsis of the Boeing project which gives optimistic and pessimistic estimates for the underlying variabl es of volume and cost of sales. The finding of the sensitivity analysis is to express cash flows in terms of the variables of this project. Boeing had to make what the decide what the underlying variables were which in this case happen to be organic evolution costs and the per-copy costs to build the 7E7.For the project to increase shareholder wealth, Boeing would rent to sell at least 2,500 aircraft over a 20-year period. Airbus is a finis competitor. They will be coming to market with a crude A380. If Boeing fall behind regarding innovation, they may lose their market share. For Boeing to have a afterlife in the aviation industry, they must take the risk to develop this new place. With the economy so volatile, airlines will be looking for options that reduce their usable costs. The 7E7 will do this. The success of the expandable wing will give the plane attractive versatility.Fuel prices are also on the rise, this is but another reason why a plane with a lower operating cost will succeed in the future The justice market risk premium should passable the excess return evaluate by investors on the market portfolio. In this case it was calculated to be 7. 14%. The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) was calculated to be 15. 443%. For the project to increase shareholder wealth, the IRR of the project should at least equal the WACC. For this to happen Boeing would have to sell at least 2500 airliners in a 20-year period.

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Describe the possible signs Essay

Bullying is non defined as a form of debase in workings Together but there is clear evidence that it is abusive and depart include at least one, if not two, three or all(prenominal) four, of the defined categories of subvert. Recognising fry aversion is not easy. It is not our responsibility to shape whether or not baby bird revilement has taken place or if a minor is at signifi layaboutt risk of harm from someone. We do however, endure twain a responsibility and duty, as set expose in your organisations child breastplate procedures, to act in order that the appropriate agencies understructure investigate and take whatsoever requisite action to protect a child. visible ab spend somatic abuse is deliberately causing physical harm to a child. This might entail punching kicking, biting, burning, scalding, shaking, throwing or beating with objects much(prenominal) as belts, whips, or sticks. It also includes poisoning, heavy(p) a child alcohol or illegal drugs, dro wning or suffocation. Physical harm may also be parkwayd when a p bent or c ber fabricates the symptoms of illness in a child. Signs of Physical depraveThere atomic number 18 certain signs that need to be acknowledged when suspicion arises that physical abuse is occurring Any injuries not consistent with the explanation given to staff. Injuries which occur to any part of the body but usually in places which are not normally exposed to falls or rough games Injuries which have not received medical attentionReluctance to change in the heat, or to change/participate in activities such as, PE or swimming Bruises (usually in clusters), human bites, cigarette burns and fractures, for example, which do not have an accidental explanation multiple burns with a clearly demarcated edge awe of raises being approached for an explanationFlinching when approached or touchedAggressive behaviour and/or sudden anger outburstsDepressionRunning away from home doable kernels of physical abusePhys ical abuse can contribute directly to neurological damage, physical injuries, disability and in extreme cases death. Physical abuse has been linked to high-pressure air in children, steamy and behavioral problems and learning difficulties. Emotional AbuseEmotional abuse is where repeated vocal threats, criticism, shouting, lack of love and come uponion causes a severe unbecoming effect on a childs emotional development. It consists of communicating to children that they are worthless, unloved, and inadequate or valued. Emotional abuse may include not giving a child opportunities to express their views, deliberately silencing them or do fun of what they say. It may feature incompatible expectations being imposed on a child, over protection and limitation of exploration and learning, or preventing the child from taking part in normal social interaction.Signs of attainable emotional abuse Depression, aggression, extreme anxiety, changes or regression in mood or behavior, par ticularly where a child withdraws or becomes clingy Obsessions or phobias Sudden underachievement or lack of concentration Seeking adult attention and not miscellanea well with other children Sleep or speech disorders Low self-pride Fear of parents/carer being approached regarding their behavior Fear of making mistakes attainable effectuate of emotional abuseThis fictional character of abuse can lead to adverse long-term effects on the childs development. Emotional abuse has a significant impact on a developing childs mental health, behavior and vanity. This suit of abuse is as monstrous as the other three types, and can be detected as the signs are more visible and can be easily detected. domestic help violence, adult mental health problems and parental substance misuse may be features in families where children are exposed to such abuse.Sexual AbuseSexual abuse involves forcing or enticing a child or young person to take part in sexual activities, whether or not the ch ild is aware of what is happening. This may involve physical run into including penetrative sex, oral sex, masturbation, kissing, rubbing, or touching outside of fit out, or it may involve non-contact activities such as involving children in watching sexual activities, producing or prospecting at sexual images, encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways, or grooming a child in provision for abuse (including via the internet). Abusers can be men, women or other children.Between 21% and 36% of sexually mistreated children ordain display few or no symptoms but it is usually a childs behavior which becomes a cause for concern. Children who tell of sexual abuse do so because they want it to stop therefore is extremely important to listen to a child that discloses such an allegation. Signs of possible sexual abuse Any allegations do by a child concerning sexual abuse self-harming, sometimes star to suicide attempts Sexual activity through words, play or plan Re peated urinary infections, itching or bleeding around genital area and/or unexplained stomach pains The child is sexually provocative or seductive with adults Saying they have a secrets that they cannot region with anyone Severe sleep disturbances with fears, phobias, vivid dreams or nightmares which sometimes have subject or veiled sexual connotations or bedwetting Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia realistic effects of sexual abuse port such as self-harm, inappropriate sexual behavior, sadness, depression and loss of self-confidence has all been linked to sexual abuse. The effects of sexual abuse can have-to doe with the individual into their adult life. The extent or the severity of to each one case is determined by the time span of abuse, the more serious the abuse, the younger the child is and the relationship of the child to the abuser. Once sexual abuse has been identified the support of an adult who believes the child helps, starts to help the child witnes s the abuse and can therefore offer help and protection to the abused child.NeglectNeglect has been described as the most serious type of child maltreatment and the least understood (Crittenden 1999 67). It is the most common fence for a child to be placed on the child protection register in the UK. Neglect is the failure to meet a childs basic physical and or psychological needs, which is likely to affect the childs health or development. Neglect is when a parent or carer fails to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter (including exclusion from home or abandonment), medical care, or protection from physical and emotional harm or danger. Additionally failure to ensure access to education or to look after a child because the carer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is considered as Neglect.Signs of possible neglect Dirty skin, body smells, unwashed, uncombed hair and untreated lice Clothing that is dirty, too big or small, or inappropriate for weather conditions freque ntly left unsupervised or alone keep going diarrhoea complaints of being tired all the time Untreated illnesses, give cuts or physical complaints which the carer doesnt respond to frequently hungry sometimes stealing other childrens food Being underweightPossible effects of neglectNeglect can seriously impair a childs health, physical and intellectual growth and development, and can cause long term difficulties with social functioning, relationships and educational progress. Extreme cases of neglect can cause death.BullyingBullying is also recognized as a type of abuse. Bullying is always distressing for the victim and can have serious consequences. Bullying should always be taken seriously. Emotional boss around is the most commonly reported by children and young people and is frequently more difficult to spot. Bullying can take place both inside and outside of the school.Bullying happens when an individual or a host show hostility towards an individual and this can be Emot ional, such as name-calling, not talking to someone, taking or hiding personal items, humiliating, gap rumors or teasing Physical, such as pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching or threatening to use physical force Racist, such as racial taunts or gestures Sexual, such as inappropriate physical contact, sexual comments and innuendo, or homophobic taunts.Signs of possible ballyragLoss of personal possessions, dinner money or items of clothing Torn clothing, maybe even having cuts and bruises (if physically bullied) Shyness, withdrawn behavior, lack of self-esteem and depression Aggressive, bad tempered behavior and may become aggressive to younger siblings Threaten or attempt suicideNot achieving rattling well academicallyNot wanting to leave their homePossible effects of bullyingBullying will most definitely affect a childs social and emotional development as they have very low self-esteem maybe depression and will probably try to isolate themselves from others which will have a dense effect on their social skills with their peers and pretty much everybody around them, they may become aggressive and bad tempered and may threaten or attempt suicide and in some extreme cases may actually commit suicide.Cyber-bullyingIn recent years, a new form of bullying known as cyber-bullying has become increasingly common. Cyber-bullying may be emotional, racial or sexual forms of abuse. It happens through emails, text messages or telephone calls. randomness about someone may also be shared by putting it on to social networking sites. This can include the sharing of backstage photographs. Children and young people who use this method of bullying often thumb disassociated from their actions, but the consequences can be just as serious for the child. This type of bullying can be particularly distressing as children are unable to get away from it, it even invades their home.

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Is the National School Lunch Program a Success or Failure? Essay

Recently there has been revisions to the National School dejeuner Program (NSLP) and tames were essential to overhaul their entire menus to provide the students with good and nutrient provenders including fruits and vegetables. The new school run down rules are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which has been use this fall.(Post well-worn) The Hunger Act al small-scales the USDA the opportunity to puzzle out reforms to the school lunch and breakfast programs. With these revisions come strict guidelines from the federal government that each school district must dramatise in order to discover supporting and reimbursement (National School Lunch Program, 2012, August p. 1). In this essay i pull up stakes be comparing the positive and negative effects of these new revisions to the NSLP. I bequ giveh because discuss whether or not these changes are unspoilt to the children receiving the meal and whether NSLP is leaving children hungry or helping childr en make good provender choices.The NSLP was established by President Truman in 1946 and has expanded eer since (Congressional Digest, 2010, p. 292). In its first year of the program 7.1 million children participated in the NSLP. To solar day, xxxi million children each day get their lunch through NSLP. The address of this program is approximately $6.1 billion annually and continues to rise with the apostrophize of nourishment (Congressional Digest, 2010, p. 293). The new NLSP standards aim to scrap childhood obesity, malnutrition and educate children on how to make healthy pabulum choices. The requirements for kindergarten to fifth grade are as follows limit sodium and saturated fat, must be trans-fat free, cup of fruit, cup component part of vegetables, 8 oz of fat free draw, 8-10 ounces of meat/meat alternates a hebdomad or 1 ounce daily, and 1 oz serving a day of grains and half(prenominal) of the grains offered per week must be whole grain.The calorie ambit for a lunch, kindergarten through fifth grade is a minimum 550 calories and the maximal is 650 calories. Schools are also required to serve c dark green, c red/ orange, 1/2c legumes and 1/2c starchy vegetables weekly. The revisions puzzle increased the fruits by a c, vegetables by c, decreased the meat from 2 oz to 1 oz, and milk must be fat free or 1% low fat ( dietetic Guidelines 2012). These revisions have been met with positive and negative responses. I resolved to discuss this by interviewing terrycloth Warwick the Director of Food Services at my passwords school Granby Elementary.She is responsible for planning and implementing the changes from the NSLP. She designs the menu, orders the food and continues to run into workshops to stay current with the new guidelines. The first question i asked was, what difficulties did you have implementing the changes to NSLP? She explained that it is difficult to meet the ask of all students with one standard. umpteen students much( prenominal) as athletes require to a greater extent calories, so they leave the cafeteria hungry.The school burn downnot furcate one group of students over another, so they encourage the students to take everything offered not skipping fruits and vegetables. I then asked her if they are noticing a lot of food waste, students taking the extra fruits and vegetables and then throwing them out. She replied that the students are hungry at lunch, they want to eat therefore they havent seen very much waste. Students are abandoned the choice of fruits and vegetables they can refuse two but are required to take three and if they want they can take all fruits and vegetables offered. Terry Warwick informed me that the cost of buying lunch had gone up xx five cents from last year, i asked her if this is a result of the changes to the NSLP and she said yes.The cost of fruits and vegetables has escalated so they had to increase the cost of lunch. The government subsides our school by $1.50 per meal served if they meet the NSLP requirements. She explained the new guidelines are very strict and require a specific computer program to follow all restrictions based on color, food and serving size. She has seen many positive results to these changes including students are trying more fruits and vegetables that they dont always get at home. Students are teaching to make healthy choices and it is encouraged to see them load up on fruits and vegetables (Interview Terry Warwick, 2012, November, 15). I found this interview very informative.As a parent I was very pleased to know the amount of feat that is creation made to plan and prepare the lunch that is served at my sons school. The changes to the NSLP have had many positive effects on the students that can be seen in their daily performance at school. Children who eat healthy perform, learn, have more energy and are generally happier kids. It is reassuring as a parent to know your child is eating healthier foods at school. The main focus of the NSLP is to teach children to make healthy choices and help combat childhood obesity. Students are learning to eat more fruits andvegetables and to try things they great power not have at home.They are more likely to be fit and active and participate in activities like school sports, check socially and have self confidence. The revision to the NSLP have also had some(a) negative effects on students and parents. Students who do not eat tolerable fruits and vegetables leave the lunchroom hungry. Parents have children feeler home from school starving and this is when the complains begin. Many students who are athletic require more calories than they are given and therefore, needs are not being met by the new NSLP revisions. A recent article in the Post Standard talks about the ostracise a student has organized at our local high school. This student is trying to bring attention to this festering problem of students still being hungry after lunch. He states 8 50 calories is ridiculously low, he said. If you get salad, its just lettuce and the green beans dont taste good. So it doer I come home and binge eat because Im so hungry. (The Post Standard, 29 Oct. 2012). This boycott has been especially difficult for students who receive free lunch.Peer pressure has prevented some from getting sometimes the just now meal they eat that day. Another big problem is the decrease in entree size, foods such as meatballs portions have been cut in half so instead of 4 meatballs they get 2. Some articles written on this have said there is a big percentage of food waste especially in high schools as much as 30%. Schools that prepare their meals from scratch have noticed that there is small(a) waste because the food is not processed and fresh. The revisions to the NSLP have had many hurdles to overcome and it is very difficult to have one standard for everyone to follow. As a parent I have listened to both sides of this topic and will evaluate whether o r not i imply the NSLP is beneficial to the students. I noticed shortly after the first week of school, my son was coming home from school starving. He indicated there wasnt enough food on the days he bought lunch. After a phone call option to the school, i learned about the revisions and talked with him about taking all the food that was offered to him whether or not he liked them.The outcome from this conversation has been great, he has started eating more fruits and vegetables that he wouldnt even try at home. He has talked more and more about making healthy choices and is petition questions about what foods are healthy and what are not. I really regard age is a big factor in implementing the NSLP, children at a young age are more likely to learn how to eat healthy than at a high school age. I mobilize the negative effects we are seeing to these revisions are largely in part because students did not learn how to eat healthy at a young age and it is difficult to change those unhealthy eating patterns as young adults. Teenagers eat an amazing amount of food and it is very hard to have one standard for all, students do have the option to buy a second meal and parents should pack an extra sandwich for athletes so they dont come home starving.Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate and something needs to be done to dot it, if children arent learning how to make healthy choices at home then at least they are learning that at school. I think the National School Lunch Program is beneficial in decrease the rate of childhood obesity and assisting our children adopts healthy eating patterns that will follow them through life.Works Cited PageConcannon, K., (2012). National School Lunch Program. Website http// Retrieved on November 16, 2012. Lincoln, B., (2012). Federal Child Nutrition Programs Food Assistance and dietary Education. Congressional Digest Debates.Retrieved from http// on November 17, 2012. McGregor, J., (2012). Federal School lunches govern that started this fall leave many Center New York students hungry. The Post Standard 29 (10). Warrick, T., Personal phone interview on November 14, 2012. Fulton, New York. Dietary Guidelines and the School Nutrition Program from Terry Warwick 11/15/12

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah The story of Abraham and Sarah is an all chief(prenominal)(predicate) one, especially because Abraham is the father (and Sarah the mother) of the Israelite domain. When looked at from a broad testify of view, this story of an ancient family and their relationship with deity becomes a par subject which teaches others to arrange their trust in paragon and provides cases of how to live a adepteous aliveness in the eyes of this divinity. When looked at from a narrower point of view, one can examine the motivations and per male childalities of the individuals this story focuses on.Abraham is born cheering because he is the ancestor of Shem and Sarah sh bes in this mildness because she is his wife. However, Abraham receives an verit adequate to(p)(a) greater blessing from God, later on the death of his father, when he is promised non merely a blessed look-time, save also a multitude of descendants who will sh are in his blessing and come to render up Gods chosen hatful. though Abraham and Sarah express a deep faith in their God, they show difficulties in trusting his linguistic process, only this lack of trust allows for their relationship with God to be develop through acts by both divisionies.God intervenes on their behalf, constantly affirming his concordat with Abraham, and Abraham and Sarah consistently act in ways which prove their righteousness and that they are deserving of this great blessing. The development of Abraham and Sarah, through the story of their lives, not only demonstrates the power and emotions of God and the purulence of their relationship with God, precisely also the maturation of themselves and their faith in God. Abraham is an essential character, not only in the scriptural story of his life but, more(prenominal) than all-important(a)ly, in the biblical history of the Israelite nation.However, Abraham was not a flawless person and it is through the choices and exploits that he carried v erboten, both right and wrong, that his character can be unsounded. On one hand, Abraham represents an ideal accomplice of God, not only is he personally chosen to be blessed by God but, he also listens obediently and shows a good concern for the rise-being of others. Abraham is initially blessed because he is a descendent of Shem who was blessed by Noah, however, he receives a much greater blessing than the one he was born with at the age of seventy-five.It is at this judgment of conviction that God tells Abraham Go from your country, your kindred and your fathers house to the agriculture that I will show you. I will gift of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your list great, so that you will be a blessing. (Genesis 12. 1-3) Abraham, along with his wife Sarah, his nephew Lot, his buckle downs, and his possessions, left Haran, where he had arraytled, and went to the realm of Canaan. (Genesis 12. 5) This instance is also the branch show of Abrahams fealt y to God.Abrahams next show of bowing comes after God grants Abraham an even greater blessing. When Abraham is ninety-nine years sexagenarian, God comes to him with a covenant to make him the ancestor of a multitude of nationsand kings and along with this blesses Sarah with the promise of a son and a blessing equal to Abrahams for her descendents. Because of their blessings, God contacts Abram the name Abraham and Sarai the name Sarah and as a sign of his covenant, God asks that Abraham and all the males in his sign of the zodiac be circumcised.Abraham circumcised the flesh of their foreskins that very day, once again showing his obedience to God. Abrahams greatest show of obedience to God comes when God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac as a burnt-out offering and Abraham compulsives out to do so the next morning. Abraham, once again, demonstrates exceptional(a) obedience to God, not only proving his character but also his faith, for it is Abrahams a ctions that gave shape and substantive small-arm to the God to whom the action was directed.Abrahams action established his faith as well as the traditions of faith it set in motion. (Delaney 22) Abrahams story does more than to present him as careful of God it also provides typefaces of Abrahams thoughtfulness of others. When Abraham hears that his nephew, Lot, has been kidnapped, he quickly set out with three hundred and eighteen trained men to recall him. Abraham shows his thoughtfulness of others again when God tells him of his plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham barters with God in an elbow grease to save the lives of the people living there.These events and Abrahams reactions to them show what a unselfish person Abraham was which also helps to solidify his worthiness as the ancestor of Gods chosen people. though Abraham demonstrates an exceptional amount of faith in God, it is not unwavering, however, this occasional lack of faith helps to spread on his chara cter. in two ways in his travels, Abraham asks Sarah to pretend to be his sister because he is fearful that he will be killed so that she may be taken as a bride, even though God reminds Abraham that he is safe from distress after the first instance.These events help to remind readers of Abrahams humanity, he faces standard challenges for someone with his lifestyle including the vulnerability of the nomad to the whims of nature on the one hand, and, on the other, his desperate need for the foodstuffs of the settled culture with the implied powerlessness which goes with such dependency. (White 178-179) When looked at from this perspective, Abrahams lapses in faith become reasonable, but the choice of the agent to include these instances can be explained further.When Adam and Eve ate the production of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they forever changed the thought processes of humankind, and as part of this, Abraham now lives out of his anticipation of the future. (Wh ite 179) Humans are now aware(p) of evil and Abrahams fears represent this. Through this further examination, it becomes evident why these less proud moments of Abrahams life are included in his story, because of the way in which these choices help to humanize him and further explain his character.Though Sarah is developed much less than her husband, she is still a pivotal character in both this biblical story and the biblical history of the Israelite nation. Sarah is presented as a strong woman, she shows faith in God and devotion to her duties as a wife and it is through her struggle with motherhood that her character is most developed. Though Sarah is not born blessed, she comes to share in Abrahams blessing by God for themselves and their descendants, however, the events of Sarahs life presented in the Bible make her life seem care much more of a struggle than Abrahams.Twice she risks her well being for the sake of her husbands fears, even though she is great(predicate) the s econd time and it is very possible that first time she did not get away without a sexual encounter with the Pharaoh. Her feelings on theses events are not presented, though one can only imagine her cause fears in being give, so willingly, as an object for other men. It is important to remember that the connotations of Sarahs treatment were not what they are today, but it seems that Sarahs protection from God was not as whole as Abrahams.The major issue in the development of Sarahs character is her inability to turn over a child and the struggles she faces because of this. Sarahs initial solution to her dilemma is to give her slave Hagar to her husband so that she may provide him with children in an substantiative manner. This decision causes many problems later in the story but it is important to note the reasoning behind Sarahs choice, legal contracts unearthed at Nuzu make it evident that a childless wife was actually obliged to do what Sarah did, unless she preferred to see her husband choose another wife for himself.She was unlikely to prefer this-it was a far less evil if the supplementary wife would be someone over whom she had some control, that she might keep her ranking(a) position in the household. (Vawter 139) The difficulties Sarah must have face in reservation this decision and the added slap in the face that she must have matte from Hagar conceiving after only being with Abraham on one occasion, when she was not able to conceive after ten years is unimaginable for most and demonstrates the trustworthy emotional strength that Sarah must have had.Sarahs challenges affect more than unsloped her, Sarah holds Abram responsible for Hagars treatment of her, and a rift develops amidst Sarah and Abram as is evident by the strong language with which she addresses him. Sarahs first words to her husband are accusatory. She exclaims May the wrong done to me be upon you. (the word wrong having violent connotations) (Jeansonne 20) Though most of Sarahs life is make difficult by her barrenness, she gets a reprieve from God in her old age.When Sarah is ninety years old, God blesses her with a promise that she will conceive a son and that God will establish a covenant with that child as an everlasting covenant for his offspring after him. (Genesis 17. 19) Both Sarah and Abraham laugh when they hear that Sarah is to conceive at such an old age. This reaction is represented by the name God chooses for their son, Isaac, which translates as he laughs. This laughter is also a good example of how Abraham and Sarah are like every one else, they believed the substance of Gods promise but doubted the details. (Vawter 146) Having Isaac is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Sarahs life and after well-favored birth to him, Her response is one of joy an personal triumphHer words imply that no one will again be able to deride her for being childless, but they also indicate that she recognizes the incredible reality she has conceived and given birth. (Jeansonne 27) The difficulties Sarah has faced throughout her life with her inability to conceive in a time when bearing children was the main purpose of a wife, were lastly over, at a time in her life when she had completely given up on any hopes of it.This fulfillment of Sarahs wishes is only made better by the fact that her son has a blessing from God for a good life and important descendants. When Sarah gave birth to Isaac she became not just a mother to him, but also a mother to the nation of Gods chosen people. With the birth of Isaac, Sarah gains another thing that is important to her she regains her power in her household. With this power, Sarah chooses to make Hagar and Ishmael leave, Cast out this slave woman with her son for the son of this slave woman shall not inherit along with my son Isaac. (Genesis 21. 0) Sarah is not mentioned again after this until her death at age one hundred twenty-seven, However, although Sarah will no longer symbol in Abrah ams life, her death prompts him to procure an important title to the landAlthough all of the land of Canaan was promised to Abraham by God, this is the first instance in Genesis where Abraham has legal possession of a put of it. Sarahs death plays a genuine part in Abrahams procurement of this portion of the covenantal promise. (Jeansonne 29) Abraham and Sarah are the father and mother of Gods chosen people, a title that can be held by only two people in the history of mankind.Their story serves as an example and a destination to Gods followers and their descendants. Though Abraham and Sarah are presented as having lived a righteous life in the eyes of their God, they are, by no means, presented as flawless and it is through further examination of their flaws that they can be understood more completely. Abraham and Sarah were not divine and perfect beings, they were two human beings that faced many difficulties, had many fears, and struggled to find happiness.The sense of normalc y about Abraham and Sarah does more than just allow for an expansion of their character it provides a realistic example to other followers of this God. This story shows that a blessing by God does not mean a life without difficulty and that God is watching out for his followers, even when it may not seem that way. The story of Abraham shows others to put their faith in God, and he will provide, and no matter how trembling the situation seems, God is watching over those whom he has promised to look out for.The story of Sarah shows others that good things come to those who wait, and to never give up on God, no matter how things may seem, God can always perform his plans. Their story represents the beginnings of the Israelite nation and is a history for those who believe in it, but it transcends the historical as a parable for others who wish to follow the example that Abraham and Sarah have provided so that they may live a righteous life in the eyes of their God. Bibliography 1. De laney, Carol. Abraham on Trial. Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press, 1998.This hold addresses the instance of Abrahams near sacrifice of Isaac by examining a case where a man sacrificed his child because God told him to and further exploring the implications of Abrahams actions. 2. Jeansonne, Sharon. The Women of Genesis From Sarah to Potiphars Wife. Minneapolis, MN Augsburg Fortress, 1990. This book explores the stories of the women in the Bible and looks at their difficulties, their subjugation, their triumphs, and the effect they had on the stories they are feature in. 3. The hot Oxford Annotated Bible. Ed.. Michael D. Coogan. New York Oxford University Press, 2007.The annotations found in this Bible help to expand upon the stories within it, explaining important facts lost in translation and details that may not be directly evident. 4. Vawter, Bruce. A Path Through Genesis. 7. New York Sheed &038 Ward, Inc. , 1967. This book looks at Genesis with great detail, explaining characters, events, and language with historical facts and theological insights. 5. White, Hugh. Narration and Discourse in the Book of Genesis. New York Cambridge University Press, 1991. This book examines the communication found in Genesis in great detail, explaining the connotations and meanings of language used.

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Bosu Balance Trainer Essay

BOSU has used a few types of competitive advantages principles in order to shoot down copycat products. BOSU created a new product and locked in nodes and buyers by establishing alliances with trainers. BOSUs marketing strategy created market entry barriers.2. Information systems played a key role in BOSUs success. Fitness bay maintains a database of trainer data. It uses that database for email and postal correspondence as well as for other marketing purposes. Fitness Quest was crucial in the run of BOSU developing a successful marketing strategy. By Fitness Quest database of trainer data, BOSU was subject to establish alliances and lock in consumers and buyers.3. at that place are many ideas that could be used by Fitness Quest in order to develop its information systems. The main idea would be to service to strengthen ties between customers and between costumers and trainers. Trainers could share ideas about fitness classes for example. at that place could be also an avail able chat for customers, so BOSU buyers could participate in chat groups about how they like and use their BOSU trainers.4. Through trainers, BOSU was able to dissimilariate. BOSUs focus was on fitness trainers within the industry. This worked because the trainers believed the BOSU was the best product for giving customer value, which built a relationship between each customer and the product.5.1.enhance products and services2.differentiate products and services3.lock in customers and trainers4.raise barrier to market5.entry and establish alliances6. There are many differences between BOSU and Indo-Row since those are two completely different products with two different goals. BOSU product rivet on balance and Indo-row focused on total work out (it competes with other equipment-based forms of group cypher as Spinning). Indo-row is also moreexpensive than BOSU and there is no indicate competitor since the product is new in the market. The main threat Indo-row and BOSU whitethorn face is the possibility of competing with a copycat product in future.7. It would be already expected from Fitness Quest to send the Indo-row information to trainers and clients by database provided through email and mail. It would be also interesting to provide seminars and preparation for trainers in order to instruct them how to use the product (so they would be able to teach people how to get the best out of Indo-row). Customers and trainers group chats would be also a good idea, so they would be able to vary opinions about the product.

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John Smith and William Bradford

John smith and William Bradford were both(prenominal) great early explorers. Smith and Bradford had both m all similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with indigenous the Statesns, and Success in Arrival. John Smith was an explorer from the Virginia Company. He was always known as a good leader but he had one flaw. His grim attitude was always getting him in trouble. It almost got him killed when he was captured by the Powhatan tribe. The only thing that saved him from execution was Pocohontas, the chiefs daughter.Smith was scheduled to arrive in Virginia because everyone on his charter were to work at that place as endentured servants. But Smith never cease up landing in Virginia, his charter ended up landing in Plymouth MA. William Bradford was an Explorer aboard the Mayflower and excessively had a lot to do with the Mayflower compact. Thankfully, Bradford never really had any problems with the native americans. He actually made pe ace with a Native American by the name of Squanto. While aboard the Mayflower, Bradford experienced a very tough journey. The ship was over crowded, they experienced bad weather, there was much disease, and a lack of necessary supplies.Once they finally made it to America though it was well worth it. Their primary reason for leaving was to extend their tyrannical King. Now that they were in a new country they werent squeeze to worship him anymore. In conclusion, Smith and Bradford had both many similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with Native Americans, and Success in Arrival. They were some of the first to annex what the U. S. is today and they had an incredible impact on American Literature with the documents and journals that they go forth behind.

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Managing Conbini- Case Study Custom Research by Essay Writers

Culturally speaking, Japanese consumers imbibe an interest in utilizing Ameri heap inventions because of an everyplaceall desire to capture the odour and feel of Western culture, as Japanese citizens experience the joy of having liquid income to purchase goods that they be seeing for the first time in many cases (Ellington, 1992). Specifically in the instance of the American thingamajig enclose concept, the popularity of it in Japan, beyond the cultural associations, also has a practical element to it, as spot in Japan is at a premium, which makes it difficult and aeriform for the average Japanese to store lots of consumer goods in their homes. Therefore, the thingummy store allows them to quickly obtain needed items if they cannot be kept on handwriting at home.Evolution of the Original Concept of the thingamajig Store aloofness is at a premium in Japan, and retail stores are no exception. Even the Conbini (convenience store) lacks enough shelf space to display all of the goods that are offered. Because of this, the original concept of the convenience store has evolved through the use of e-commerce for example, in the Conbini, meshing terminals exist whereby the customer can order products and have the products delivered to their homes. This allows for the whirl of many goods in a limited space environment.Aside from the overt convenience and product availability that Conbini provides to the Japanese consumer, there is another pregnant aspect of Conbini that the Japanese particularly like, which can be found in the e-commerce element of the stores themselves. Because many Japanese do not have Internet access in their homes, the possibility of buying online from the terminal at Conbini is very appealing (Bloomberg Business News, 2004).What Other Kinds of New Products/Services Could be Introduced in the Conbini?How Should the New Offerings be Distributed?Conbini represents an excellent opportunity to introduce unsanded products/services. Because of the space crunch in Japan, there exists a promising opportunity for the prep of the kinds of entertainment (DVDs, videocassettes, etc) that previously required large retail spaces, but can be ordered using the Internet technology that now exists. These new product/services should be distributed via home delivery due to the convenience and practical considerations that are dictated by the space restrictions that exist in Japan itself.Technology can also play a larger key role. The Conbini innovations in E-commerce could be adapted to E-tailing in the United States in many ways, and have been to some extent in the past, evidenced by American retailers like Circuit City, which has embraced the Internet as a gross sales tool and used it to rescue the firm from low profits over the past 5 years or so (Bhatnagar, 2004).To strictly trace the Conbini model, the typical American convenience store could reduce the costs associated with Brobdingnagian retail locations by utilizing Int ernet technology as Conbini has to make convenience stores smaller and more cost/space efficient. Given certain concerns in the United States at this time as well, Conbini models can reduce the detestation associated with the typical American convenience store and conserve natural resources by disturbing less land and using less utilities and building materials.References(Bhatnagar P 2004 Circuit City-No More Excuses)Bhatnagar, P. (2004). Circuit City-No More Excuses. CNN, , . Retrieved kinsfolk 10, 2006, from Money cartridge and CNN Web Site http// Business News 200404 Japans Convenience Stores add E-Commerce to Milk and Management)Bloomberg Business News. (2004, April). Japans Convenience Stores add E-Commerce to Milk and Management. Retrieved September 10, 2006, from CNET News Web Site http//,39042972,13027570,00.htm(Indiana University Clearinghouse For US-Japan Studies 19 92 Japanese-U.S. Economic Relations)Indiana University Clearinghouse For U.S.-Japan Studies/Lucien Ellington, compose (1992). Japanese-U.S. Economic Relations. Japan Digest, 4(2002), .  

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Consumer Buying Behaviour Essay

1.1 IntroductionWhat do we mean if we ar talking nigh consumer get behavior?thither atomic egress 18 several finish moti onenesss and acts of volume (consumers) bribe and using crossways for themselves or their syndicate. These exploites might be real interesting for companies and their market placeing managers. exactly what atomic subject 18 the reasons why marketers should know virtually(p blushing(a)icate) consumer buy demeanor?-Well, at that place ar several reasonsAt graduation it is important to know about the reply of the emptor to the crockeds marketing strategy beca apply this has a vast govern on the firms success.An a nonher(prenominal) amour is that the firm can farm an al nearly entire marketing mix to fill the customer.The third reason is that its very much easier for the marketers, if they know about the leveraging behaviours, to predict the reaction of consumers on marketing strategies.On the celebrateing pages I want to c harge a short overview about Consumer Buying doings and Organisational Markets and Buying Behaviour.1.2 Types of Consumer Buying BehaviourConsumers always want to create an assortment of harvestings which satisfies their needs and wants in the present and equivalentwise in the future. To get in this tendency, the consumer has to make a lot of decisivenesss. These purchase decisions can be separate into three main categories of decisionsRoutine Response BehaviourThis behaviour happens when the consumer regularly buys cheap harvest-festivals that need rattling(prenominal) little seek and too very little decision effort. In this contingency the consumer privileges a finical discoloration yet if he as well knows other brands of the resembling product secern to view an alternative to buy if there is nighthing wrong with his pet brand. contain Decision MakingThis is the case if the consumer buys a product occasionally or if there is a reinvigorated brand, h e doesnt know about, in a familiar product category.For this type of decision- qualification, the consumer needs a press amount of time for gathering randomness and deliberation.Extensive Decision-MakingThis is the or so Gordian decision-making behaviour. It happens when a purchase includes unfamiliar, overpriced or infrequently bought products for congresswoman machines, houses and so forthThe buyer uses a lot of time for evaluating alternative brands or choices and excessively for seeking nurture.A considerable contrast to the extensive decision-making processes that were pick out noneed earlier is the behaviour of the impulse buyers. These people do non plan conscious to buy, they have a persistant urge to buy something immediately if they deal it. tho frequently these people get in emotional conflicts, they often feel vicious because of their limited finances or something else.1.3 The Consumer Buying Decision ProcessAs I mentioned earlier, the decision proce ss is a major part of buy behaviour. This decision process can be divided into five point in times paradox RecognitionThis occurs when the buyer notices that there is a difference amongst the coveted state and the actual specifys. The consumer gets aw atomic number 18 that he has to swop something to get satisfied.For example, if psyche needs a car to get to work and one twenty- 4 hour period the car go bads working. In this situation the soul recognises that there is a difference among the desired state (a working car) and the actual condition (a broken car).Information SearchAfter recognising the problem, the buyer searches for teaching about a new product which can solve his problem and also is able to satisfy his need (this is only the case if the decision process continues). For example, the above-mentioned car owner, after recognising the need for a new car, he whitethorn search for information about distinguishable brands and types of cars.Here we know two asp ects to an information searchIn the internal search, buyers check first if they have all information about the needed product in their memory.If they cannot get enough information from their memory for a decision, they be timbreing for for to a greater extent than(prenominal) information in an immaterial search. In the external search the buyer may focus on communication with friends or relatives, to run across about their experiences with special brands. He also can obtain information from familiar sources like manufacturers, exchanges souls or product-test establishments.Evaluation of AlternativesTo evaluate the products of which the buyer got information he is looking for criteria to compargon the products. These criteria argon for example characteristics or features that the buyer wants (or does not want). In the example of our car buyer these features could be if the car has an airbag, electrical window control or air-conditioning system.The buyer also think s about how important each criterion is because some features may carry more weight than others.This valuation of the consumer can be twistd by the marketer by framing the alternatives that path the manner how the marketer describes the product and its features.PurchaseIn this stage the consumer subscribes the product or brand which he wants to buy. This selection is base on the result of the previous evaluation stage. There is also a bushel of criterions which must be taken into accountOne of the more or less important criterions is the product availability which may process which brand is purchased. If the favourite brand is not available at the moment the consumer may choose the brand that is ranked second.Other criterions that also could be important for the consumer be for example the price, delivery, guarantees, maintenance agreements, installation and credit arrangements.Post purchase evaluationAfter the purchase the buyer begins to check the product if the actual p erformance meets the expected take purpose. In this stage legion(predicate) of the criteria apply in the evaluating alternatives stage ar used a accession. The result is either satisfaction or dissatisfaction.1.4 face-to-face factors influencing the acquire decision processThe purchasing decision can be influenced by a lot of individual(prenominal) factors, which agency factors that are unparalleled to only one person. There are three categories of in the flesh(predicate) factorsdemographic factorsSituational factorsLevel of involvementDemographic factorsThese factors are individual characteristics much(prenominal) as age, sex, race, ethnic origin, income, family life-cycle, and occupation.Demographic factors influence in which extent a person buys or uses products in a special(prenominal) product category. For example consumers betwixt 15 and 24 years often prefer to buy household basics because they have to establish their own household. Whereas people aged between 45 and 54 years often spend more cash on luxury and leisure products the reason for this is that these people have more money, because their children have left home.Situational factorsSituational factors are the external conditions that exist when a consumer is making a purchase decision. Sometimes a consumer decides to buy something as a result of an unexpected situation. For example, a person may buy hurriedly buy a plane ticket to spend the last age with a dangerously ill relative. But it is also possible that a person terminates the buying decision process because of situational factors. For example, when the consumer decided to buy something and because of external circumstances he does not need it anymore.Level of involvementThe aim of involvement means the importance and intensity of interest in a product in a particular situation. The buyers level of involvement determines if he or she is interested in seeking information about certain products or brands. Consumers seem to be more relate in the purchase ofhigh-priced nighs and of products that are visible to others, much(prenominal) as clothing, furniture, or cars. So the consumers are more interested to gain more information in this product categories.1.5 Psychological factors influencing the buying decision processIn addition to the personal factors there are also mental factors that can influence the buying decisions. The five psychological influences on consumer behaviour arePerceptionPerception is the process of selecting, organising and interpreting information inputs to shit meaning. These information inputs are received through sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch that means with all of our five feels.MotivesA motive is an internal feeling that forces a person to satisfy a need or to obtain a goal.If a person buys something this activity is affected by a set of motives at this moment some of the motives in the set have priority, but the priority of the motives also can vary from o ne time to another.It is very important for the marketers to know about the motives of their customers there is only the problem that most(prenominal) people do not know why they buy a particular product.The solution for this are special kinds of interviews in which the interviewer wants to gain, in an internal atmosphere, information about the consumers motives. But this topic is very complicated, so I would not like to go into this more nearly top executive and experienceEvery person has got diverse abilities one ability that is very important for marketers is the individuals capacity to learn. Because learning may change a persons buying behaviour by gaining new information and experience. For example when a consumer buys a particular product and he likes it, he is more likely to buy the same product the succeeding(prenominal) time. But if the consumer is not satisfied by the product he give switch to a different brand. some other aspect of an individuals ability is compan ionship. Knowledge can be divided into two components familiarity with the product and expertise together this means the individuals ability to use the product. For example if a consumer does not know about a special kind of product he will not buy it and if he knows about the product but does not know how to use it he also will not buy it.AttitudeAttitude refers to knowledge and positive or negative feelings about an object or activity. These objects or acts may be touchable or untouchable, living or non-living. For example people have attitudes towards sex, religion, politics, and music (all untouchable) but also towards cars, football, or pizza. hatful learn these attitudes through experience and also through relations to other people. Likewise people have attitudes towards companies and their products, so the aim for the companies marketing-strategy should be to give the customer a good feeling about the family an her products. In other words, the company should try to influen ce the customers attitude. spiritEvery person is unique, because of internal traits and behaviours. Marketing managers suspect that there are communities between peoples traits, and so they are searching for them to come on relationships among these similar characteristics and the buying behaviour. The aim is to mention out which kind of consumer prefers which types of brands and products. With this knowledge marketers can try to aim advertising campaigns at general types of personalities.1.6 accessible factors influencing the buying decision processThe last kind of factors that can influence the buying decision process are the amicable factors.The consumer can be influenced by a various number of social factors.The family plays a big role for buying decisions, because there are a lot of different interests.The male head of the household is likely involved in the purchase of products such as alcohol or tobacco. Although female roles have changed, also a lot of women are inv olved in taking buying decisions related to many household items.Another base that can influence the consumer are reference groups. A group becomes a reference group when a person identifies with it so much that he or she puts very great value on the opinions, habits, and behaviours of the group members. But this could be a very negative reference for an individual, because the values of the group do not have absolutely to be right.Another important factor is the social class in which the individual lives. In every(prenominal) society there are people who belong to higher or lower positions of respect. The different social classes are described as open, because it is possible for everyone can stir up into and out of them very easily. For grouping people into classes many factors need to be taken into account, such as occupation, education, income, wealth, race, ethnic group, and possessions. Though the number of factors chosen for the ranking can be very various it depends on th e person who is doing the ranking.Social class also determines to some extent the type, quality and bar of products that a person buys or uses. For example people living in the upper-class prefer luxury automobiles such as BMW or Audi piece of music people ranked in a lower class cannot drop such cars.The last one of the social factors that I want to mention is culture. Culture means everything in our surroundings that is make by human being beings. It consists of tangible items, such as food, furniture, buildings, clothing etc, and intangible concepts, such as education, welfare, and laws. But culture also includes the values and different kinds of behaviours of a specific society. Culture influences buying behaviour because everything in our daily life is permeated by it. Culture determines our lifestyle, how we dress, what we eat, or where we travel.So it is another important factor for marketers to know.1.7 pinch consumer behaviourIt is very important for marketers to under stand consumer buying behaviour because that is the only possibility to offer greater satisfaction for the consumer. Although there remains a certain amount of consumer dissatisfaction. The reason for this is that some marketers shut away are not consumer oriented and do not regard customer satisfaction as a primary objective.Another problem is that the tools for analysing consumer behaviour are not very precise, so it is impossible for marketers to determine what is highly satisfying to buyers. perceptiveness consumer behaviour is a very important task for marketers. Even though the marketers were not able to gain al the knowledge they need, progress has been do during the last twenty years and is likely to continue in the coterminous twenty. There will not only be refinements in research method actings to gain more information, there will also be more pressure for the companies because of an increasingly competitive business environment, and this will make such information essential for companies.2 ORGANISATIONAL MARKETS AND BUYING BEHAVIOUR2.1 IntroductionIn this chapter I would like to give a short overview about organisational markets and organisational buying decision processes. I want to explain the various kinds of organisational markets, the types of buyers that make up these markets, and much more.Look forward to a new, interesting topic.2.2 Types of organisational marketsThe following segmentation describes the four kinds of organisational markets, and the characteristics of the customers that make up these markets.Producer marketsPersons and business organisations that buy products with the aim of making profit by using them to get down other products or by using them in their factories are classified as producer markets. These markets include buyers of altogether-materials, as well as purchasers of semi- terminate and finished items. Though the prerequisite for this is that the consumer uses these materials or items to create new produc ts.A good example for this is a car manufacturer which buys steel and component parts to use straightway in the production of cars.Re traverseer marketsReseller markets consist of intermediaries which means people that buy finished products to resell them with the aim of making profit examples for this are wholesalers and retailers. One thing that is important to know is that resellers do not change anything at the animal(prenominal) characteristics of the products they sell. There is only one exception, producers that sell their products directly to the consumer.This is the case when the company produces, for example, high-tech products, which need a lot of explanation and service for the customer. But in all other cases all the products sold to a consumer market are first sold to a reseller. In the normal case it is like this the wholesaler who carries an immense number of products buys the products from the producer and sells them to the retailer. The retailer carries less( prenominal) products in stock than the wholesaler and sells these products to the last consumer. And the high hat thing is that every party makes profit (mostly).Government marketsGovernment markets consist of national and topical anaesthetic governments. Every year they spend a lot of money for many various products and services to support their internal operations and to deliver the public with everything it needs, things like education, water, energy, infrastructure, national defence, etc. It is a little bit knockout for governments to spend the money in the right way because they are responsible for the public money they spend.This is also a problem for the companies which want to sell their products to the state because there is a relatively complex set of buying procedures which are linked with the accountability for the public money and it is understandable that most companies do not want to deal with so much red tape. However there are also marketers that have learned to deal with the complex buying procedures and do not find them to be a stumbling block. And they have good reasons for this because deals with governments can be very lucrative.institutional marketsInstitutional markets do not seek to achieve business goals they try to achieve charitable, educational, community or other non-business goals. Members of institutional markets can be organisations, such as churches, some hospitals, libraries, museums, universities, and charitable organisations. These institutions spend millions of dollars every year to provide goods, services, and ideas to their members. It is very difficult for marketers to sell their goods to the various kinds of institutions because of their different aims so some marketers use special marketing activities to serve these markets.2.3 Dimensions of organisational buyingAfter we have looked at the different types of organisational markets I think we should also take a look on the dimensions of organisational buying. Characteristics of organisational proceedingIn comparison to consumer sales organisational transactions are different in several waysOrganisational buyers order much bigger quantities than individual consumers. That is one consequence linked to the behaviour of suppliers which prefer to sell their products in large quantities. This is the only way for them to make any profit.Another point is that organisational purchases are not negotiated as frequently as consumer sales. Some products that are purchased by organisations might be very expensive, such as machines, or office equipment, and they are used for a number of years.There are also products that are purchased frequently, such as raw materials, or component items, which are used continuously in production. But how I mentioned before the purchased quantities for these goods are much bigger.Also the purchase decisions are not as quick as they are for normal consumers. Because of the expensive products the purchasing decisions are often made by a committee which takes more time than only one individual needs to take a decision.One thing that is unique to organisational sales is reciprocity. That is an arrangement between to organisations in which they agree to buy from each other. That seems to be very good for those both companies, but most reciprocal agreements threaten competition and that is why most of them are illegal. But nevertheless there are withal some cases where such agreements take place.Attributes of organisational buyersIf we think about organisational buyers we guess that their purchasing behaviour is different to the behaviour from consumer buyers because they are better informed about the products they want to purchase. However that is not quite right. Organisational buyers also have personal that can be influenced by some of the factors I mentioned earlier, such as psychological, or social factors. Employees are also only people.Primary concerns of organisational buyersOrganisationa l customers are always concerned about buying the right stuff. So they take various factors into account before they make a purchasing decisionMost organisational customers want to offer to their target markets products of good quality. To achieve this aim companies often create a set of expressed characteristics, commonly called specifications. So the organisational buyer can determine if the quality of the different products corresponds to the necessary specifications.Another thing that is very important to organisational customers is service. The services that are provided by suppliers influence directly and indirectly the be, sales, and profits of the organisational customer. If a marketer wants to have an wages against his competitors which sell products that are similar to his products, he has to think about the perfect mix of services that he can provide. I would just like to mention some services that may influence buying decisions market information, inventory mainten ance, on-time delivery, repair services, and credit.The most essential thing for the organisational customer is still the price. If the price is too high the operating costs will also be too high and at long last the product will be too expensive for the final consumer. But when purchasing for example a machine the buyer does not only look at the price, he compares the price with the profit he can gain with this machine, and also compares factors like product quality, and supplier services.Methods of organisational buyingNo organisational buyer will do his job in the same way like another but most of them use one or more of the following purchase methodsDescription Products are commonly standardised agree to certain characteristics, such as shape, weight, size, and colour. With this standards an organisational buyer is able to purchase a product simply by describing quantity, shape etc. This purchase method is common for agricultural products.Inspection This purchase method is comm on specially for large industrial equipment, used vehicles, and buildings. These goods have unique characteristics but may vary in their conditions. So the organisational buyer has to base his purchase decision on inspection.Sampling In this case the buyer takes a model of the desired product and starts out from the assumption that the sample is presentable for the conjure population. Then he checks if the quality of the sample is acceptable. This method only makes sense if the tested product is homogeneous.Negotiation The buyer describes exactly what kind of product he needs and asks sellers to submit their offer. The buyer may take the most attractive offers and negotiate with those suppliers to see from who he can get the best conditions. These contracts only make sense for one-time projects.Types of organisational purchasesThe first type of organisational purchases is the new-task purchase, that means that an organisation makes a purchase of a product that is needed in a new job or to solve a new problem. So it is a product that never have been purchased before. A new-task purchase may require the creation of product specifications, vendor specifications etc.If a new-task purchase is changed the second or third time it is ordered, it turns into a modified re-buy purchase. That means the specifications of the new-task purchase have been changed, or have been modified.If a buyer purchases the same product regularly under approximately the same terms of sale we are talking about a straight re-buy purchase. Mostly this type is used with routine purchase decisions.Demand for industrial productsThe products sold to organisational customers are also called industrial products, and the motivation for those products is called industrial demand. There are four different characteristics for industrial demandDerived demand Because organisational customers often buy products that are used directly or indirectly in production of goods that are sold to consumers to satisfy their needs, we can derive the demand for industrial products from the demand for consumer products. That is why it is called derived demand. For example the demand for computer CPUs derives from the consumers demand for personal computers.Inelastic demand In industry there are a lot of products for which the demand is inelastic. That means that a price append or decrease will not alter the demand for this product. The reason for this is that a lot of products produced in industry contain a large number of components and so a price increase or decrease of one of these products will not cause a serious higher or lower per-unit production cost. So the company is not forced to find an alternative product. But if there is a price increase for a component that represents a big part of the products costs the demand may become more elastic because the price increase for the component will also cause an increasing price for the final consumer.Joint demand Joint demand means when two ore more items are used in combination to produce a product. For example, a company that produces axs needs the same number of axe handles as it does axe blades these two products are demanded jointly.Demand fluctuations The demand for industrial products may vacillate because it derives from consumer demand. A high consumer demand for a particular product may cause that producers buy large quantities of raw materials and components to ensure that they can produce the product for a longer time without any problems. They also may expand their production capacity which requires new machines, more workers, and also more raw materials and component parts.The opposite of this case is a decline in the demand for special consumer goods which causes a demand reduction for industrial products used to produce those goods. The consequence is that industrial customers buy less raw materials and components and stop buying new equipment and machines. There can be even a temporary stan dstill in the production for these goods.2.4 Organisational buying decisionThe buying centreIn industry few organisational purchasing decisions are made only by one person in most cases they are made trough a buying centre. The buying centre consists of people within an organisation who are involved in making organisational purchasing decisions. The members of the buying centre are responsible for evaluating the products performance, selecting suppliers, negotiating the terms of purchase, and also for developing specifications.Stages of the organisational buying decision processLike consumers, organisations follow a buying decision process which you can see at the figure below. This process is almost similar to the decision process that was explained in sector 1.3 (The consumer buying decision process).Influences on organisational buyingThere are also some factors that may influence the decision process, they can be divided into four major categoriesEnvironmental These are facto rs like laws, regulations, sparing conditions, competitive forces technological changes.Organisational Objectives, purchasing policies, resources, buying centre structure social Cooperation, conflict, power relationshipsIndividual Age, education level, job status, personality, income2.5 Concluding remarkI hope you enjoyed my short overview about the topics Consumer buying behaviour and Organisational markets and buying behaviour and I also hope that my explanations were understandable.

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McCulloch vs. Maryland

McCulloch vs. doctor is one of the most significant fictional characters forever inflexible by the United acress Supreme judgeship, and is perhaps all the much significant in that it was one of earliest cases of major proportions decided by the court. The background of this case extends m some(prenominal) days before its 1819 Supreme Court finality. In 1791, the Congress of the United States created the scratch canting company of the United States. The First bound was primarily formed in order to help alleviate debt accumulated during the Revolutionary War. The brainchild of then-Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, it was bitterly oppose by many. The First rim remained in existence until 1811, when Congress decided to let its charter expire.Economic troubles in the United States continued during that time period, and especially as a result of the War of 1812. In 1816, a mesmerism was passed to form the mo Bank of the United States in order to besiege debt that continued to mount. As with the charter of the First Bank, the charter of the Second Bank was only authorized to last for twenty years. Opposition to the Second Bank was even fiercer than opposition to the First Bank.The State of doc, to protect itself from loan mandates of the Second Bank, passed a law imposing a valueation on any bank not chartered by the State of bloody shame fetch. The only bank at that time to care operations in free domain solely without being chartered by the State of free state was the Second Bank of the United States. The Second Bank refused to pay the imposed taxed, and the State of doctor filed suit against the local representative for the bank, James McCulloch.Before being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States, McCulloch vs. Maryland was first heard by a state court in Maryland and later the Maryland Court of Appeals. Both the state court and the Court of Appeals held for the State of Maryland. When the case came to the Supreme Cou rt on error in 1819, the highest body of the land reversed the decision of some(prenominal) the Court of Appeals and the state court in Maryland, holding for the national government.The argument used by the State of Maryland in support of their right to tax an institution conducting business without their borders was that the composing did not make any provisions affecting banking. Further, the State of Maryland argued that because of that Constitutional omission, the Federal regime did not have the proper office to charter a bank and therefore, the Second Bank of the United States was unconstitutional. On the side of the Federal Government, the argument was offered that nothing in the Constitution banned the formation of the bank in order to conduct important fiscal business on behalf of the country. The Court sided with this argument and found that the taxed imposed by the State of Maryland improperly interfered with the business of the Federal Government.The ongoing repair of McCulloch vs. Maryland is profound. Two important principles that would be used repeatedly in later years resulted from this decision. The first principle holds that the Constitution grants to Congress current implied actors to be used in upholding express powers granted by the Constitution. What this agency is that it can be inferred that certain actions whitethorn become necessary in order to ensure the functionality of the Federal Government. The second principle is that no state can interfere in the conduct of the Federal Government when that conduct is protected or provided for by the Constitution. In the decision of the Court, written by Chief Justice John marshal, a statement is made thatIf the States may tax one instrument, diligent by the Government in the death penalty of its powers, they may tax any and every other instrument. They may tax the mail they may tax the mint they may tax glaring rights they may tax the papers of the custom house they may tax judicial process they may tax all the means employed by the Government to an excess which would defeat all the ends of Government.In purposely enumerating some many other actions that could follow, the slippery slope of finding for the State of Maryland is indicated, clearly showing that to allow such taxation would be detrimental to the workings of the government as a whole.Steven Engel, in an member published by the Yale Law Journal, writing that one of the significant results of the decision in McCulloch vs. Maryland is in the crafting of the Fourteenth Amendment, saying In compose Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Republicans borrowed explicitly from McCulloch in granting Congress the power to enforce the provisions of the amendment by appropriate legislation. (Engel, 1999)Specifically, the language of the 14th amendment states The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this hold. (Fourteenth Amendment) The significance of a cour t case leading to the construction of develop of a Constitutional amendment is tremendous. Before, the State of Maryland could argue that no particular proposition provision existed in the Constitution, to which the Supreme Court responded with the concept of implied powers. Now, with the influence of McCulloch v. Maryland on the formation of the Fourteenth Amendment, specific provisions existed for the Government to begin the moves necessary to uphold the law of the land.Martin Flaherty, in a journal article discussing the Supreme Court decisions of John Marshall, describes the Chief Justice as a judicial equivalent to Shakespeare, in the eloquent manner in which he wrote. He goes on to say, however, that Marshall was very firm in his insure of We the People, as opposed to We the States. Whereas history teaches that the Constitution was a gigantic effort of the states to come together in agreement over laws for the country, Flaherty states that Marshall views the Constitution a s a result of the work of the people.He states, The usualand overcriticalcorollary that follows holds that the guinea pig populace erred on the side of according power to the national government at the expense of the states, as McCulloch appears to indicate. (Flaherty, 2002) This article indicates that the override impact of McCulloch v. Maryland on the society of the time as tumefy as society today is that the people are stronger en masse than the states in which they happen to reside. This impact of say-so carries through to the modern day, both in the case of individual people and of the collective people of the Federal government.Although the decision in McCulloch v. Maryland was made almost 190 years ago, it is as significant now as it was then. Between establishing, firmly, the concept of implied powers as well as clearly holding the superiority of the Federal Government over state governments, its reach is outlying(prenominal) and long. Going far beyond the issue of ba nking, McCullochs legacy may be the empowerment of the phrase We the People and the impact that phrase has had on the citizens of this country for the departed two hundred years.ReferencesEngle, S. (1999). The McCulloch Theory of the Fourteenth Amendment City of Boerne V.Flores and the Original appreciation of Section 5. Yale Law Journal, 1091, 115.Flaherty, M.S. (2002). John Marshall, McCulloch V. Maryland, and We the People Revisions in Need of Revising. William and Mary Law Review, 434, 1339.McCulloch v. Maryland. 17 U.S. 316 (1819).U.S. Const., amend XIV, 5.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Play Review: the Imaginary Invalid

Upon entering the theater, my initial reactions were on the whole positive as I took in the scene, my eyes shifting around the surroundings. The theater was a elfin smoky and mysterious looking there were interesting props on the item (like a compact disc chandelier, a chrome walker, and a doojigger of various sized bottles containing florescent yellow and red liquid with tubes attached by means of extinct) that I found stimulating to look at and wonder about.When the lights went down and the calculate began, I was excited to see what purpose was behind the smoky surroundings and the curious props. Up to the end of the production, that excitement (accompanied by times of rage and empathy) was sustained because of the comical personality of the period of play. The opening scene with the dark bodies and light faces was a little confusing. I was not sure how having the actors lurking around the breaker point and auditory sense, with creepy, tingly music and sounds being played in the meantime, related to the play.Besides this scene, though, the darn and structure of the play was made clear due to the comprehensibility of the confabulation and the ease at which the plot could be followed. Many of the scenes aroused the reference to some form of response, more often laughter than others, but surprise and empathy were prominent as rise. In the first scene that Argan, a hypochondriacal (the imaginary invalid), was introduced, there was a plethora of giggles and grins from the audience as he sorted through his doctors bills and spoke of enemas.In the scenes with Angelique, Argans daughter, empathy was felt for her while she struggled to be with her love, Cleante. Many of the scenes had lurid or surprising elements, but the most shocking of all was when Argans doctor came to visit him after hearing the news that Argan was not abiding to his prescriptions. The scene was outrageous the doctors speech was really loud and exaggerated, as was his wardr obe, and there was an added element of absurdity with saliva spewing this way and that out of the doctors verbalize as he shouted at Argan.Because the play was filled with scenes of this nature and because most of the play was a little outrageous, it was effective in arousing audience response and captivating my interest throughout the performance. In order to successfully express emotions and minds, the actors used body movements, voice, and facial expressions wonderfully. A perfect ensample of one actor utilizing all three would be the character of doubting Thomas Diafoirus. Just out of schooling to become a doctor, Thomas reflects a goofy, savage-like facial expression.He is presented to the audience like an animal also through his slouching and savage-like mannerisms, not to mention the fact that his father would crack a jactitate on him at any given hint of misbehavior. Thomas is not at all a man who Angelique wants to marry, and so this idea is taken to the next level by m aking his character ostensibly repulsing to the audience. As exaggerated as they may have been, and as askew as some might have seemed, body movement, voice, and facial expressions were expertly put to use throughout the performance.The design of the set and the costumes worked big with all the other elements of the production. Many people were heard describing the costumes as sort of jumpy Horror, due to the white, highly made up faces and gothic personal manner clothing. While this was not proper dress for the period in which the play was written, it did still work well with the play and was not seemingly out of place. The characters of Argan, Angelique, Louison, Beralde, and Cleante were not in this gothic style apparel, but instead were in period dress.This was an excellent way of showing the difference between characters. The stage was set strategically with Argans bed directly in the middle, a great way to show that the play circled around his illness and being in bed mos t of the time. The props I mentioned at the beginning (the candle chandelier, the chrome walker, and the contraption of bottles containing liquid and tubes) were dangling about the actors on rope. This was a clever way of decorating Argans room with symbols of his hypochondria.The costumes worn and the design of the set worked well together in setting an appropriate mood and style for the production. Overall, I really liked this play and intellection that the production was done very well. I enjoyed most of all the comedic elements of the play, it was good to laugh and sit through something that was not in a serious tone. I especially thought it a treat to see the audience around me enjoying the performance as much as I was.

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Different Leadership Styles in the Public Service

There atomic number 18 several different lead styluss utilise within the man services. Therefore there atomic number 18 m both alter suggestions that define someone as being a strong loss attraction. that a leadinghip mien is a unique demeanor that citizenry recognise to encourage or influence other batch in a centering others do non so that they admire and essential to be like. A aggroup up leaders role in the public services is to provide instruction and direction and guidance and leading this is to help urge on and encourage the squad to r separately their goals and aims.They have to animation the squad foc affaird on there current task or tasks and be able to communicate within their stem effectively. Team spunk inescapably to be kept positive so that this ensures that tasks assigned are good timed on duration and that the groups standards are invariably kept high. The three main Leadership styles used in the public services AuthoritarianThe Author itarian leader makes quick, clear and precise independent conclusivenesss without any input. Even if there was, it wouldnt chance upon the overall decision fashioning as it needs to be decided quickly. The appropriate leader that would use the common traits of an authoritarian leader would be an officer in the soldiers because usually they are loud and demanding. DemocraticThe democratic leader involves the whole team having an input in the decision-making. The team members can give opinions that may affect or influence the final decision. The team leader is still responsible for(p) for the final decision that after listening, taking in measure all the opinions and weighing them up. The appropriate way this style can be used is in the fire service, for theoretical account, rescuing a person or hoi polloi in a burning building therefore it needs more(prenominal) than one person to help decide the best decision. Laissez faireThe laissez faire leader more of an independent o ff hands approach. This style is only used if the leader has a lot of trust in the team and relies on them to commove on with the task in hand with high standards and little direction. but the team has a lot more freedom to achieve because they are highly motivated and feel empowered. For example the most effective waythis style could be used is if you gave a police forensic team to go out and complete a task.Other leadership styles used in public servicesTransactionalThe transactional style of leadership is pretty straight forward but it uses rewards and punishments to motivate the team. This is a style of leadership that is similar but not as extreme as the autocratic style. The transactional styles are direct and ascendent and spend a great amount of time saying what is judge from the team as a whole. The leaders monitor the work and each and everyones individual performance, there is also a clear stove of command. Transactional leaders are very commonly found within busines ses where people are given rewards such as bonuses, training or time off if they show a good demonstration.TransformationalThe transformational style of leadership focuses on the teams performance as a whole, it encourages everyone to think of the group as a whole and rather not just themselves. Transformational leaders aim to make their team members recrudesce people by support their self-awareness, its all to the highest degree moving forward in a team and not just several individuals in one group. An example of transformational leadership would be within the army where as a team you all have to move forward and stick together in a group never leave a man target.BureaucraticThe bureaucratic style of leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on rules and procedures to manage teams and projects. This is a classic style of leadership that is used kinda a lot in organisations that dont encourage transformation and change by leaders who maybe insecure and uncertain in what their role maybe. It is defused among a number of departments or people where there is a strict set of rules. This approach to leadership is commonly used in uniformed and non-uniformed public services. Bureaucraticleadership is common in jobs were safeguard and efficiency is very important. Occupations would include fire-fighters, police, nursing, and the armed forces. the great unwashed orientatedPeople Orientated is slimly similar but a bit different to the task-orientated leadership. Within this style of leadership, this style focuses on participation of all the team members, clear communication, supporting and developing the individual in order to improve their skills. The members of this team inspire other people by unlocking their own potential, this style is participative and encourages good team work. As an example in the police if a woman has kids the leader would let her go home and ask others to stay behind. Task OrientatedIn this style of leadership its all about gett ing the job done. Its all about the key of the task rather than about everyone else in the team. Their main focus is just to get the task done stick out it is instructed or unstructed. This style can have many difficulties such as difficulties of the lack of motivating and the retaining the team as a whole. An example a police inspector organising crowd control at a football game match may use a task-cantered approach.Comparing and Evaluating the three main styles of leadership The three main types of leadership styles are Autocratic, Democratic, and Laissez-faire. Autocratic is when the leader has complete control, and no one else gets to make decisions. Despite that they get many tasks completed, esprit de corps is low. Democratic is considered to be the best. Everyone has a voice on how things are done. People who are then the leader have better morale, and get better quality of work done. Laissez Faire is when the leader plays no role in finish objectives. Very little is achi eved under a Laissez Faire rule. If a civilian was detain inside a vehicle after an accident collision the fire brigade would be called to assist within the accident.The type of leadership style I would use in this scenario would be the democratic approach, my reasons for this are that the team need time to consider the best possible option/decision to bring about the best result. In my opinion I would not use the Autocratic approach as this is where a leader needs tothink and act fast without no input from their team. In this point thinking and acting fast might not bring about the best result as you need to consider if the victim pin down in the vehicle has any injuries that might affect his removal from the vehicle, or any problems with the vehicle its self such as a dangerous leak that could potentially cause an explosion or a fire.

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The Use of Song to Improve Students Pronunciation at the Seventh Grade.

A. Background There are many factors that ca riding habit unsatisfied chair of learning English, but on that point are also many things to smite the problem. As result students are able to developed communication accomplishment and make them a costumed to interpreting as well as evinceing. To learn English means to learn about the wording it self and to learn how to use it in oral communication spoken expression begin with sounds. The most all-important(a) in learning process, the teacher has been called the facilitator or mediator should has some certain skills in teaching learning English. To express the language, it should has stimulus which was given.For giving the interesting learning process, the teacher can use media or method which is suitable, for example film, movie, picture, or music. In English language teaching attention should be paid to the teaching orthoepy, its seems to have an important of language teaching because we will know the quality of the speaking using pronunciation skill. We can teach pronunciation by song. Its give the students suckle to interest the teaching learning process. Many students have also be that song are very helpful for learners in learning a new language. B. Research Question 1.What extent are the songs able to mitigate the students pronunciation? 2. What are the problems faced by students? C. The purpose of the interrogation 1. To recover out what extent the song to able to improve the students pronunciation ? 2. To breakthrough out what the problems faced by the students. D. Underlying The Theories Kelly Affir in that misic contains large parting pronunciation and it has detail matter like vowel quality, syllabic length, and inflection pattern (199699) One the study entitled the use of children songs to improve students pronunciation a case of the fourth grade kabupaten pemalang by febri Wira atmojo ( 201039) E.Research method The method of this research will use experimental quantitative resea rch there are two activities they are pre tryout and post test. The techniques the researcher apply to collect the data before and later test. The observation was used to accumulate information dealing with the students progress during the teaching and learning process. Besides, the oral test was done to know the students improvement in pronunciation before and after the technique was implemented.F. Reference Harmer, Jeremy. 1991. The Practice of English Language Teaching. London Longman. Bums, Anne. 1999. collaborative Action Research for English Language Teachers. Cambridge Cambridge University Press. Halliwell, Susan. 1992. Teaching English in the Primary Classroom. London Longman. Wira, febri . 2010 . the use of children song to improve students pronunciation. http// linguistic. byu. edu/faculty herrichsen / research method / RM 2. 06 htm.

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Motorcycle Diaries Essay Essay

The movie The Motorcycle Diaries is very interesting in a expressive style that, Ernesto not only takes a journey across Latin America and he also experiences a mental journey. His way of thinking and out manner on emotional state changes drastic anyy and this is illustrated both passim the movie. He also discovers a great deal about life in Latin America that affects him in a way zip fastener else has before.Ernestos mental journey becomes clearer towards the end of the movie. It shows that he has changed and now has realised he cease make a huge difference in many an(prenominal) others lives. At first in the movie he and his buster do whatever it takes to rest and eat because at this cadence all they were concerned about was traveling nigh America. As more time passes, Ernesto gets incredibly serious and starts to show much concern for the tidy sum they meet. An sample is when they meet the older gentleman and he asked them to take a look at the lump on his neck.This was when Ernesto told him that it was not just any average lump, but it was indeed a tumor. Ernesto thusly suggests he go to the hospital, opus Ernestos friend tells the man its nothing just so they can have a place to stay for the night. I trust this was a very bold move for him because it cost them their shelter for the night. By doing this he really demonstrates that he himself is more concerned about others lives then petty things, such as where he bequeath sleep for the night.Although Latin America looks like a peaceful pleasant country, many people are very ill. Ernesto discovers this when he visits the ace village. He experiences how truly dark they all are from all the disease. Up until this point he had pitied himself for having asthma, but now he has become thankful that he has good health. You can tell how caring and warm-hearted he has become at this point in the movie. An example of this is when he refuses to wear the gloves because he feels cruel doing so, as if hed be acting as if they were animals not everyday people, the equal as himself. From the day he stepped foot in this village he never treated any of the patients different and they loved being around him. It was amazing because you could just tell how much it meant to them for him to be there.All and all Ernesto learned and discovered a great deal within this film. He changed much in his life and his attitude toward the world through this one journey. I believe there is one thing he will always take with him from this experience. That one thing is that he learned that he can make a huge difference in the lives of many just by caring enough to do so.

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The Harbour – Creative Writing

The hold up begins to wake as the rhythmic chug of boat engines slowly return. The waves explode like bombs against the harbour w alone. Fog is dispersing to look on a fantasy of narrow streets st examg with captivating souvenir shops and innovative restaurants. Morning darkness fades, slowly the clouds drift, revealing a pure, spotless high sky. The town hall strikes 8 oclock, shop shutters rale as they raise, doors bursting absolved with a helping hand awaiting to welcome the customer with an embrace. A stinging smell of fish fills the air. A gust of wind full with offensive odour lingers.Sun-kissed light pours from the sky, the reflection upon the water blinding. Solitary streets are straightaway animated. Harmony is no more just the day is still premature. tucker fumes float as workers withdraw from their homes and start up their engines. The calling is solid finished and through reveal the town. People barge their way to local banks and supermarkets through overflo wing pathways. Tourists disembark upon the harbour, beginning the long awaited holiday. An enchanted wonderland of middling attractions sit upon the end of the pier, slowly they complete their circuits.Breakfast bars yield in the car parks serving up crisp bacon sandwiches drippage with butter and blistering coffee. Along the harbour front, fishermen sit mending their nets as though they are knitting. People drift in and out of streets, any(prenominal) white, some ruby-red, some tanned the suns violent rays causing skins pigment to discolour. young and old take a morning stroll along a beach like stretch of empty space. The view is cleared, what you see sends shivers mess your back, the seas elegance and harbour in almost complete perfection.Slowly a frying fragrance finds its way up your nostrils. Yes, lunch time rush, takeaway shops and restaurants are in full flow. The beach is filling young children begin to looseness their electrifying games. Everywhere you roam there are fish and chips. thin basteed fish, so crisp when you take a bite. Slowly the batter falls down your oesophagus leaving succulent flakes of cod warming your lips and tongue. Chips so soft, your first stress is sea salt and malt vinegar, second the slight grease tickling the back of your throat.A taste of white potato whirls as your teeth chew, and then all matter of food disappears from your mouth. misdeed in your mind about the fat content but the taste takes it away. Squawks are amongst the crowds as gulls swoop down for scraps. Gently relaxation occurs. Youngsters run with slight indigestion, the smouldering crisp sand making their young feet so sore. Afternoon falls. The beach is still packed with sunbathers and children. A drowsiness dawns. nigh people sit upon the harbour wall watching waves ripple in.Sticks of quake go crunch, candyfloss melts and fudge just makes you chew. A confectionary wonderland Laughter is contact showing every sign of full enjoyment. Deeper in to the town humanity is all common, drifting to and fro from high street designers to leather stenching shoe stores. Streets littered with ginmill wrappers from the bakery, sandwich boxes from the deli bar and general junk here and there. coke cans crunch beneath your feet as you walk and a gorgeous gist aroma wafts and asthmatics begin to choke. Calmness never seems to occur.Moving back through the town and down to the harbour, the beach is slowly beginning to clear and the soar upwards is creeping close. Bath taps drip as parents eagerly take in charge to untangle their childrens sandy locks. Light is fading cautiously as level draws in. Couples appear arm in arm. Shop shutters once again rattle as they close. Restaurants distinct smell is inviting. Open bars serve up crisps, nuts and cold beverages, alcoholic or not. Glasses chink as drunken chatter begins. In sight is a beautiful sunset, the red glow inspiring just like a painted watch but all fades when darkness graduall y descends.Soothing music from an cabalistic live band rings in your ears. Fishing boats begin to save out to sea. Hard workers wander down their local pulling out the pennies to achieve a taste of real ale. All that is recognisable in the darkness is faint outlines of people and places. Ping Pier lights turn on in their own unique brilliance. Club beats compose vibrations throughout the floor. People dancing and laughing makes the world seem blissful. So legion(predicate) people are having a good time. Slowly the volume crawl louder almost making your ears burst.Bang, tequila slammers hit the table hard, barely touch your lips but soon make you intoxicated. Jazz and liquor is no combination for anyone who is beatific and always seems to be composed. Ring a ding ding, bells sound. Last orders its time to go home. An emanation of alcohol is upon everyone. Silence in the end. As the lighthouse flickers like a candle the glimpse of a silent keister tumbles to its death. Anyone st ill awake, outside can only smell sea-salt and waste grub. The harbour is never always in tranquillity.