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History and Properties of M-Theory

History and Properties of M-Theory M-Theory is the name for a unified version of string theory, proposed in 1995 by the physicist Edward Witten. At the time of the proposal, there were 5 variations of string theory, but Witten put forth the idea that each was a manifestation of a single underlying theory. Witten and others identified several forms of duality between the theories which, together with certain assumptions about the nature of the universe, could allow for them to all be one single theory: M-Theory. One of the major components of M-Theory is that it required adding yet another dimension on top of the already-numerous extra dimensions of string theory so that the relationships between the theories could be worked out. The Second String Theory Revolution In the 1980s and early 1990s, string theory had reached something of a problem due to an abundance of riches. By applying supersymmetry to string theory, into the combined superstring theory, physicists (including Witten himself) had explored the possible structures of these theories, and the resulting work had shown 5 distinct versions of superstring theory. Research further showed that you could use certain forms of mathematical transformations, called S-duality and T-duality,  between the different versions of string theory. Physicists were at a loss   At a physics conference on string theory, held at the University of Southern California in spring of 1995, Edward Witten proposed his conjecture that these dualities be taken seriously. What if, he suggested, the physical meaning of these theories is that the different approaches to string theory were different ways of mathematically expressing the same underlying theory. Though he did not have the details of that underlying theory mapped out, he suggested the name for it, M-Theory. Part of the idea at the heart of string theory itself is that the four dimensions (3 space dimensions and one time dimension) of our observed universe can be explained by thinking of the universe as having 10 dimensions, but then compactifying 6 of those dimensions up into a sub-microscopic scale that is never observed. Indeed, Witten himself was one of the people who had developed this method back in the early 1980s! He now suggested doing the same thing, by assuming additional dimensions that would allow for the transformations between the different 10-dimensional string theory variants. The enthusiasm of research that sprung out of that meeting, and the attempt to derive the properties of M-Theory, inaugurated an era that some have called the second string theory revolution or second superstring revolution. Properties of M-Theory Though physicists have still not uncovered the secrets of M-Theory, they have identified several properties that the theory would have if Wittens conjecture turns out to be true: 11 dimensions of spacetime  (these extra dimensions should not be confused with the idea in physics of a multiverse of parallel universes)contains strings and branes (originally called membranes)methods of using compactification to explain how the extra dimensions reduce to the four spacetime dimensions we observedualities and identifications within the theory that allow it to reduce to special cases of the string theories known, and ultimately into the physics we observe in our universe What does the M Stand For? It is unclear what the M in M-Theory is meant to stand for, though it is likely that it originally stood for Membrane since these had just been discovered to be a key element of string theory. Witten himself has been enigmatic on the subject, stating that the meaning of the M can be selected for taste. Possibilities include Membrane, Master, Magic, Mystery, and so on. A group of physicists, led in large part by Leonard Susskind, have developed Matrix Theory, which they believe could eventually co-opt the M if it is ever shown to be true. Is M-Theory True? M-Theory, like the variants of string theory, has the problem that it is at present makes no real predictions that can be tested in an attempt to confirm or refute the theory. Many theoretical physicists continue to research this area, but when you have over two decades of research with no solid results, enthusiasm undoubtedly wanes a bit. There is no evidence, however, that strong argues that Wittens M-Theory conjecture is false, either. This may be a case where a failure to disprove the theory, such as by showing it to be internally contradictory or inconsistent in some way, is the best that physicists can hope for at the time being.

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Understanding the Difference Between Whine and Wine

Understanding the Difference Between Whine and Wine The words whine and wine are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. Definitions The verb whine means to make a high-pitched noise or to complain or beg in a childish way. The noun whine refers to the act of whining or to a complaint uttered in a whining tone. The noun wine refers to the fermented juice of grapes (or other fruits), used as an alcoholic beverage and in cooking. Examples The woman would yowl at him for not cutting enough wood for her stove and would whine about the pain in her back.(Flannery OConnor, The Crop, 1946. The Complete Stories. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971)On his control panel, the tiny bulbs  grew brighter, straining under a surge of power.  The room lights flared, bathing the shack in a bright, naked glow The incessant alarms were drowned out by  the whine of the  engines now. It  all happened in seconds.(Abrahm Lustgarten,  Run to Failure: BP and the Making of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.  Norton, 2012)For their first date, she once told me, my father changed into rough pants and a T-shirt, crammed a loaf of bread and a jug of wine into his rucksack, and took my mother on a hike up Bells Canyon.(Tom Matthews, Our Fathers War. Broadway Books,  2005)Crazy Sunday again. Joel  slept until eleven, then he read a newspaper to catch up with the past week. He lunched in his room on trout, avocado salad and a pint of Calif ornia wine.(F. Scott Fitzgerald, Crazy Sunday. The American Mercury, 1933) There were bright rugs on the oiled floor, tasteful religious paintings in ornate  frames, camelback sofas  upholstered in wine-colored velvet, and silver everywhere, twinkling in the late afternoon light sliding through the small curtained windows.(Loren D. Estleman, City of Widows. Tor Books, 1994) Idiom Alert Wine and DineThe expression to wine and dine (someone) means to entertain someone in a lavish manner or to treat someone to a costly meal.What was wonderful was that they seemed  to energize each other.  He  wined and dined  her in the expensive, three- and four-star restaurants that made up his culinary universe. She introduced him to the other New York, the one with hundreds of fabulous places to eat that didnt require frou-frou clothes, major jewelry and a trust fund.(Doris Mortman, Before and Again. St. Martins Press, 2003) Practice (a) In the dark, he listened behind a sheltering yew hedge. . . .  A chilly wind moving through the yew leaves like water, the  steady _____  of the all-clear signal, the dim, distant barking of dogs, but no human sounds, no loud footfalls to indicate a strangers approach.(Paul Griner, The German Woman.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009) (b)  They sat  and  sipped the _____  while they waited for their food to arrive. Answers to Practice Exercises Answers to Practice Exercises: Whine and Wine (a) In the dark, he listened behind a sheltering yew hedge. . . .  A chilly wind moving through the yew leaves like water, the  steady whine of the all-clear signal, the dim, distant barking of dogs, but no human sounds, no loud footfalls to indicate a strangers approach.(Paul Griner,  The German Woman.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009)(b)  They sat  and  sipped the wine while they waited for their food to arrive.

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Critical Analysis of the Film Eros Plus Massacre by Yoshishige Yoshida Movie Review

Critical Analysis of the Film Eros Plus Massacre by Yoshishige Yoshida - Movie Review Example Audience’s critique may be inclined to express that fragments of the past and of the present in â€Å"Eros Plus Massacre† are pieced together in a certain manner that guides comprehension of a twist. It appears quite a venture for Yoshida to have radicalized cinematographic aspects which might have otherwise caused misleading interpretation when the broken parts fail to be ascertained as a whole. Yoshida’s decentralized approach in this project explores the nature of sexuality as it portrays the core function in designating characters according to gender traits and the appeal to feminism wears an unusual tone and attitude. â€Å"Eros Plus Massacre†, nevertheless, concretely illustrates scenes where a woman normally falls as man’s object of desire. Between Eiko and her part-time lover whose sensual moment is caught by the intruding friend and colleague Wada as well as between the same man and the other desperate woman in another scene at a spot in ho tel, there occurs an affair of nothing more than physical worth in which undertones of eroticism manifest through moderate visual elements of dynamic nudity. It may be inferred herein that the principle of Sakae Osugi regarding exaggerated independence in a culture that permits a number of liberated sex relations are carried from his conservative era to a modern age of over forty years later. By a sequence of past-present juxtapositions which had been altogether enhanced by peculiar camera angles and transitions, Yoshida managed to bring across the significance of understanding time as an element from which to compare views, especially how such have evolved as whether they appear subject to change or unaltered due to a couple of similarities between the past and the present. The scenario at the top of the cliff when Eiko and Wada station themselves back to back on a wooden cross as though to assume a position that depicts punishment or captivity may be perceived to have figuratively coincided with the thematic situation of Osugi and family in a pyramidal structure that resembles a platform for execution. In particular, when Wada and Eiko are led to an academic recollection among the archives of Japanese history, the critical point in the life of Osugi and feminist wife Noe Ito is projected in a momentous setting with their son who would eventually yield to the misfortune of being massacred.  Ã‚  

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Case study on British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Essay

Case study on British Broadcasting Company (BBC) - Essay Example The BBC or the British Broadcasting Company is the leading broadcasting association in the world. It is a community service broadcaster recognized by a Royal Charter and funded by the households who pay the license fees. The proceeds from the license fees are used by the BBC to provide services that include eight national television channels along with other regional channels, ten radio stations at the national level, forty radio stations at the local level and a wide-ranging website. Services are broadcasted by the BBC through the radio, the television, and also online, providing news and information to its customers on 32 different languages. These are funded by grants provided by the government and not from the fees obtained from licenses. BBC worldwide is the commercial arm of the BBC. The profits earned from the BBC worldwide are returned to the BBC which in turn gets invested in new programs and services (BBC, 2011). The study of this case includes a research and analysis on on e of the largest media company in the world. For this purpose the British Broadcasting Company has been chosen as the organization for study. The report would look into the aims, objectives and strategies of the company, the history and the organizational structure of the company, the company’s media activities related to the wider media framework, its funding and accounting details, employees and their different roles played in the organization as well as the career prospects, the public relations maintained by the company, a SWOT analysis of the organization thus analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats represented by the company, and the future planning and prospect of the organization in the media industry. Aims and Objectives of the Organization: Mission of the company: The mission of the company is to â€Å"enrich people's lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain† (BBC, 2011). Vision of the company: The vision of the company is to â€Å"be the most creative organization in the world† (BBC, 2011). Values of the company: (BBC, 2011) The company believes that trust is the basic foundation of the company. The members of this organization believe to be autonomous, unprejudiced and truthful. The main focus of the company remains on its audience whose satisfaction counts the most for the success of the organization. Quality and delivery are given utmost value as the company takes pride in the value that it provides. The most important feature of the

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Samara Aziz 20th century drama coursework Essay Example for Free

Samara Aziz 20th century drama coursework Essay We see how Catherine has an open relationship with her father figure by the way in which she talks and acts around him, but this could be what attracts Eddie to her. Catherine is a very nai ve person. She is a young minded and obviously unaware of her blossoming sexuality. As the play continues, we see Catherine demonstrating a certain closeness to Rodolpho. Now if we take a look at Rodolphos character, we see how he is very different to other men. We see how he likes to sing, dance and make clothes. All these in the 1950s were seen as very feminine but due to Catherines simple intellect she doesnt realise this. All she sees is how he has a very open mind and entertaining character. She is captivated by his charm. We will now look at a conversation between Eddie and Beatrice about Catherine and Rodolpho. Eddie She tell you anything? Beatrice Whats the matter with you? Hes a nice kid what do you want from him? Eddie Thats a nice kid? He gives me the heeby jeebies. Beatrice Ah, go on, youre just jealous. This conversation between Eddie and Beatrice is one of the first signs, which show how Eddie disapproves of Rodolpho. He also talks about him with little respect. But a question to consider, is does Eddie dislike Rodolpho because of the fondness which is growing between him and Catherine or because he is unsure of his own feelings for Rodolpho? Dramatic tension begins to arise between Eddie and Rodolpho as we progress through the play. Maybe because Rodolpho is enforcing Eddie to think about his own feminine side. This, however, could be frustrating Eddie, because of the fact that he is confused about his feelings. Beatrice also plays a part as she feels how her relationship with Eddie is rather dry. Eddie Why? What worries you got? Beatrice When am I gonna be a wife again? Eddie I aint been feeling too good. They bother me since they came. We see Beatrice asking Eddie when shes going to be wife again or in other words when their sexual relationship is going to bloom. This shows tension between the two characters as we see them both feeling very uncomfortable with each. I would stage right, while Beatrice is stood directly in front of him, but the two characters would avoid looking straight at each other. The narrator in this play also has the role of a character, which makes him different to other narrators. His role changes from narrator to the lawyer, Alfieri. As a character, Alfieri listens and gives advice to Eddie. He slips from being a narrator to a character. Here we see a conversation between Alfieri and Eddie. Alfieri But, Eddie, shes a woman now. Eddie Hes stealing her from me! Alfieri She wants to get married Eddie she cant marry you, can she? Here we see a heated conversation about Catherine and the fact that Eddie is unhappy about her marrying Rodolpho. Alfieri listens to Eddie but also tells him what he thinks. As a narrator, the story is told through flashbacks pointing out major elements of the play such as the beginning paragraph in Act 2. Alfieri On the twenty-third of that December a case of Scotch whisky slipped from a net while being unloaded The narrator uses precise language to make sure the audience understand. A very clear description is given. If you looked into the narrators character I would describe his as a kind of a symbol of fate as he is watching down on all the characters. If I were to stage the narrator, Id stage him visible, behind the set, on a bridge, looking down on all of the characters. This symbolises the view from the bridge. By using the thought of the bridge, Miller is applying imagery, as the view from the bridge is the narrators view from the bridge, or, societys view from the bridge. I think that the role of the narrator in A View from the Bridge is very effective in expressing the authors concerns as the narrator covers a variety of different aspects, both socially and moralistically. Miller has shown us that as well as telling the story, the narrator can also take over a number of other roles. I think this is a very good device, which Arthur Miller has used and succeeded in doing so. The symbolism and imagery is also variably used to portray certain images, which are used to help picture the scene, such as the bridge. I think Arthur Miller has put a great amount of thought into this play with which he has proved that he can produce to satisfy the audience. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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Ram Jam - Black Betty :: essays research papers

â€Å"Black Betty† – Ram Jam   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A man by the name of Charles Simic once said, â€Å"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them†(Quote Land). Poems have been written for thousands of years. When most people think of poetry, they either think of a sonnet, limerick, all the way down to a haiku. They also think that a poem is something that must be recited, but in reality a poem can also be sang as a song. Lately more and more songs that are being released have a story behind them, trying to express feelings of loneliness, death, or past experiences. One of the best examples would be rap. Rappers love to tell about â€Å"their† life in the city; when the times were rough because they were poor and all the violence going on. But rap isn’t the only type of music that can be interpreted as a poem.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  William Huddie Ledbetter was born on January 29th, 1885 in Louisiana (Ledbelly). Huddie was the world’s greatest cotton picker, railroad track liner, lover, and drinker, but he was better known for his astounding guitar playing. He was a black man who traveled the south singing and recording folk songs. William Huddie Ledbetter was known as â€Å"Ledbelly†, and his one song â€Å"Black Betty† was widely known. On December 6th, 1949 Huddie died due to lateral sclerosis.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ram Jam was an east coast band formed in the mid 70’s. It’s members consisted of Bill Bartlett, Howie Blauvelt, Peter Charles, Myke Scavone, and Jimmy Santoro. Ram Jam is known for being a one hit wonder by using William Huddie Ledbetter’s song â€Å"Black Betty† It reached number 18 on the charts in 1977, and in the UK it reached number 7 & it’s remix made number 13 (Ram Jam). â€Å"Black Betty† can be considered a poem because of its rhyme scheme and many other poetic devices.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When explicating â€Å"Black Betty† at first, it’s real meaning is hard to find. It takes more than one try to figure out what William Huddie Ledbetter was trying to dictate in his song. The song is about a black woman who lives in Alabama by herself. She was young and made a couple wrong decisions like drinking, drugs, and having a one-night stand with somebody. This caused her to conceive a child that she wasn’t ready for. She wasn’t ready for the responsibilities of being a mother.

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Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver Essay

Both Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver are well recognized TV chefs, however both use spoken language in very different ways, while interacting with their audience. For example Nigella’s language is more sophisticated and formal whereas Jamie’s language is more casual and informal. While there are many language differences between each of these chefs, there are also many similarities. Jamie Oliver was brought up in Essex, where people usually are open minded and sociable. When he does his openings he usually uses phrases like â€Å"Hey guys† & â€Å"Hello lovely people†, this friendly approach to the audience makes him more connected to people all around the world who watches his TV programmes like Jamie’s 15 minutes meals. Nigella in the other hand was born in wandsworth London and was brought up in a self-established and well educated family. She uses sophisticated language and she doesn’t usually has a warm greeting like Jamie’s inste ad she gets straight to the point like â€Å" this salad† , which suggest that the main focus for her is the food she is cooking. Jamie Oliver uses friendly gestures from beginning to the end. He starts usually with â€Å"hey guys† which automatically brings a friendly feeling towards the audience. This creates Jamie as an friendly and approachable. He uses informal speech while talking to the audience making them feel connected to him and making them more focused on what he is trying to say. While he is doing some action like smashing a potato he doesn’t usually say â€Å"smash the potato† but instead he uses â€Å"bash the hell out of it† which in sense is using onomatopoeia which makes it more exciting and simple to understand. Jamie does use this quiet often and also uses slang languages which is more appealing to teen audiences and it also sounds very relaxed and laid back. Nigella uses words like â€Å"lethally and fierce chilli† which is related to some type of quick and snappy. It shows how quick the chilli flavour hits you and how strong the hotness is in the ingredie nt. This may make the audience feel that the chilli is very powerful. The word lethally and fierce are common words to describe chilli. Nigella also uses long pauses while saying the word chilli, while she has long pauses its usually for gestures to take place for the pause moments. Language used by Nigella and Jamie both of them use semantic fields of cookery throughout their programme. They use this to add come kind of impression to their audience while differentiating to which category their food falls into. Jamie uses jargon throughout his programme and he uses it  more frequently as he is well connected to his viewers and others(who) already know him as an casual informal chap from down the street. In the other hand nigella creates huge focus on her jargons to make sure that what are good and what are bad in the food, however in my opinion she sticks to more difficult words what only small proportion of people could understand again implementing she was well educated and was raised in higher class family. Other factors of her that we could also state is being flirtatious with the audience which could make her more appealing to men audiences and making her more likeable and getting more likes and views. She uses words like â€Å"plumcious beauties† which have more impact on male audience then female audience. In conclusion, I believe that Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver both use effective language in there spoken responses. This is because they want to encourage their target audience that everyone can cook even if it’s more difficult or something easy. Nigella uses more sophisticated and formal language, which is mostly based for a more upper classed audience and jamies uses informal language and slang which makes him more reliable to teenagers who don’t want any hassel and just want quick and simple way to make good food. Overall Nigella and Jamie have their own ways and uses different language techniques to engage and persuade the audience that they have the most successful food methods and recipes, which has been proven as these chefs have been well known on TV newspapers and magazines.

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Capital Budget Recommendation: Guillermo Furniture

Capital Budget Recommendation: Guillermo Furniture ACC/543 Monday October 8, 2009 YouKnew Abstract Guillermo Navallez is the owner of a successful furniture and manufacturing company located in Sonora, Mexico. Navallez’s establishment is known for its quality pieces, crafting a variety of chairs and tables from the abundant supply of timber in the area. In the late 1990’s, Navallez competitors became a real threat to the ongoing success of Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company, producing like quality furniture for a fraction of the cost.What is more, the competitors were producing these pieces at an alarming rate, and using high-tech equipment and absolutely no labor costs. Over the years, Navallez noticed that his profit margins shirked as prices decreased and costs increased. Navallez decided to do his own research on some of his competitors and discovered that to keep up, many of the local competitors was either consolidating by merger or acquisition . Navallez, being proud of his accomplishments did not want to industrialize his company and contacted Wells Accounting firm to help him with alternatives to match the competitors.Wells Accounting Firm plan of action is to assist Navallez by helping him understand the difference between the various capital budget techniques, and then providing Navallez a recommendation on the best-fit project to bring Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company back to excellent financial health. Capital Budget Recommendation: Guillermo Furniture Wells accounting firm was contacted by Guillermo Navallez, business owner after realizing that his company faced considerable profit loss with the onset of competitors producing like quality pieces for a fraction of the cost.Wells accounting firm was challenged to help Guillermo Navallez understand the various capital budgeting techniques and to present a recommendation to restore Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company to excellen t financial health. Wells accounting firm immediately went to work, employing various budgeting techniques such as the payback technique, break even analysis, and net present value, internal rate of return, and cash flow expected based on a variety of alternatives. Each technique provides essential information for Guillermo Navallez, and helps the firm best determine how to move forward.To best determine which approach would be most beneficial, the firm must first determine Navallez Company’s current financial position. The figures below represent Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company current financial position for previous and current year, respectively. TOTAL ASSETS $1,350,627 USD $1,356,534 USD According to Guillermo Navallez, his company produces two grades of products to service a wide-range of customer: Mid-Grade, and High-End. Navallez believes that his prices are reasonable.The first capital budgeting technique, the payback technique, or the cash payb ack technique is used to identify time periods needed to recover the cost of capital investments from the net annual cash flow produced by the investment. For example if Navallez decides to purchase equipment and continue manufacturing High-End products at faster rates, employing less human capital also deciding to purchase as opposed to leasing the new equipment, we will calculate his payback as following: Payback TechniqueInitial Investment1,200,000. 00 Estimated Useful Life10Years Estimated Salvage0 Estimated Annual Cash flows Cash Inflow from Customer $ 217,630. 33 Cash outflow for Operating $ 77,298. 28 Net Annual Cash Flow $ 140,332. 05 Cash Payback Period $ 8. 55 The payback period is associated with the useful life of the equipment (asset). In this case the payback period is unacceptable seeing that the period is longer than 60% of the life of the equipment (asset), yielding 86%.Another technique is the break even analysis. This technique helps the firm understand the lower ranges of profit where margins are concerned. The firm will be able to determine when Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company will begin to make a profit after all expenses are considered. For example, at current Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company produces the following: Break even analysis makes the following assumptions: 1. Fixed costs are constant 2.Quantity of goods are constant per output 3. Variable cost are constant per output unit Because Break even is a variation of payback technique, the firm is able to further determine the monthly current or projected sales before Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company yields a profit. Net present value is another technique taken into consideration. This technique uses time value of money, and determines the difference between costs and market values of projects. NPV :Investment (150% of book value of assets) $(2,023,244. 07) Year 1 after tax cash flow $ 362,496. 81 Year 2 after tax cash flow $ 362,496. 81 Year 3 after tax cash flow $ 362,496. 81 Year 4 after tax cash flow $ 362,496. 81 Year 5 after tax cash flow $ 362,496. 81 When the net present value of the Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company net present value is a positive number, the general rule is to approve the project because this means that the project will add value to the company.The intent of reviewing these techniques is to determine which project will yield positive profits for the company and how much profit can be expected. Similar to net present value is the internal rate of return, which is used to measure an acceptable investment opportunity. The internal rate of return is equivalent to the net present value rate of zero for an investment. When looking at a variety of alternatives, the firm determined that Guillermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company could be profitable using a variety of alternatives, thus the recommendation.Wells Accounting Firm determined that Gui llermo’s Furniture and Manufacturing Company should market and push the flame retardant product, while also coordinating the company’s existing distributor network and essentially becoming a representative for the other manufacturer. Reference(s): Edmonds, T. P. et al. (2007). Fundamental financial & managerial accounting concepts. New York: McGraw-Hill. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection. Fast4Cast. (2007). Retrieved from http://fast4cast. com/break-even-calculator. aspx

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Crytical Anaylasis Essays - College Sports In The United States

Crytical Anaylasis Essays - College Sports In The United States Crytical Anaylasis Games Colleges Play Parents that have children who are involved in intercollegiate athletics should be concerned about their childs education. College athletics have taken a toll on their athletes and it is being seen in the classroom first. In 1991 the Knights Commission Report called for a new model whereby intercollegiate athletics would keep faith with the student athlete ideal. (Thelin 1980) Today colleges are recruiting and spending more money on athletes then they are scholars. This might not seem like a big deal because most of the public loves to watch intercollegiate sports, but do we really want athletes to be working in our community or do we want scholars? John Thelin realized that intercollegiate athletics were out of control. Players no longer considered themselves student-athletes, and were even asking for a share of the coaches earnings from endorsements. He then decided to take a poll of what Americans thought about this 48 percent thought that they were out of control, this was a 30 percent drop from the previous 78 percent. The Knights commission believed that reform was taking place, but this was not the case the fact is that they are becoming far removed from any educational activities. While most parents believe that there is a definite need for education most dont realize that their children arent really getting one. When Robert Hutchenson was explaining his concepts of college, he discussed what college wasnt like in reality: College is not a great athletic association and social club, in which provision is made merely for intellectual activity on the part of the physically and socially unfit. College is an association of scholars in which provision is made for the development of traits and powers, which must be cultivated, if one wants to become a well-balanced member of the community. Surveys were sent to the parents of athletes asking if they thought that the sport was taking away from their childs schoolwork. The majority of the parents responded by saying that they were concerned with their childs grades, and they believed there was definitely some room for improvement. This book was very well written and was easy to understand due to the organization of the chapters that were divided into categories. Thelins goal was to help athletes and teachers realize what is happening. He made a very convincing argument and definitely convinced me that intercollegiate athletics are taking away from education. Thelin also made me realize that there are other problems with college athletics besides education. He sums one of his articles up by saying: The court is not saying that athletes are incapable of scholarship:however they are given little incentive to be scholars and few people care how the student athlete performs academically, including the athletes themselves. If this situation causes harm to the university, its because they have fostered it and they should be the ones to suffer. The statements that Thelin offers support my thesis that intercollegiate athletics promote scandal make the school a booster college, and they have an effect on the athletes education. The findings from this book also validate my feelings towards the fact that athletes should be winners in the classroom as well as on the field. Bibliography Thelin, John R. Games Colleges Play Scandal and Reform in Intercollegiate Athletics. (1980) 3-61.

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Illinois State Unit Study - Geography, State Symbols Facts

Illinois State Unit Study - Geography, State Symbols Facts These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children. Learn All About Illinois with These Resources Print the United States Map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state. Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it. Print the Illinois State Outline Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find. Answer the Following Questions About Illinois State Capital What is the capital?Capitol TourState Flag Why was Illinois added to the flag?State Flower What is the state flower?State Prairie Grass What is the state prairie grass?State Animal When was the state animal made official?State Bird Who selected the state bird?State Fish How big does this fish get?State Fossil What is the Tully Monster?State Mineral What is this mineral used for?State Tree What was the state tree changed to?State Insect Who suggested this state insect?State Song Who wrote the state song?State Dance What is the official dance?State Seal What was changed on the new seal? Printable Illinois Worksheets Illinois Printable Pages - Learn more about Illinois with these printable worksheets and coloring pages. Did You Know... List two interesting facts. Word Search - Print out the word search and find the state related words. Illinois State Symbols Game - Test your knowledge of the symbols. Do You Know? - Fun facts about Illinois. Route 66 Printables Historic Route 66 - The official website of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway.Chicago, Illinois is where the Mother Road begins. Government - Learn about the three branches of government; executive, legislative and judicial. Envirofun - Learn about the environment and have some fun with: Middle Riddle: A picture riddle with an environmental message.How to Put Worms to Work for You: How to build a compost binMake a Water Cycle WheelLitter Hunt At Home in the Heartland Online - Family life in Illinois from 1700 to the present. Meet real people and share in their decision making. Shedd Aquarium - Explore the animals at the Shedd Aquarium. Dont miss the interactive story of Kayavak. Chicago Fire - Learn about this amazing fire that destroyed thousands of buildings and read about one young girls narrow escape. Willis  Tower - Learn about the second tallest building in North America. Print and color the pictures in the coloring book. Robert Pershing Wadlow - Meet the gentle giant. Odd Illinois Law: Catching fish with dynamite was forbidden.

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Two sides on branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Two sides on branding - Essay Example Naomi Klein's book,as it title implies is a criticism to the proliferation of branding strategies launched by business organisations in order to capture customers.The selection lifted from her book outlined the evolution of branding-from its earliest beginning, downfall, recovery, and recent expansion.The concept of branding, according to Klein, began with the company's recognition that production is not the main core of their operations but marketing. The earliest proponents of marketing like Nike and Microsoft stated that manufacturing is only an "incidental" part of their operations and that they are not selling "products" but "images of their brands." This early beginnings started a new age of branding previously homogenous, mass-produced commodities replacing the old shopkeeper who traditionally scoops out generic products like sugar, flour, and cereal in barrels. The popularity of Dr. Brown, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Old Grand Dad became synonymous with the ascent of branded generic commodities.However, the death of branding came one Marlboro Friday as Phillip Morris is threatened by the intense competition from lower priced unbranded competitors. With this happening, a dramatic shift in customers' buying behavior was illustrated-from prestige to price consciousness.The article concluded with the "rebirth" and expansion of branding. This phenomenon was lead by established companies like Body Shop and Starbucks which were able to safeguard and even expand their market share by investing in their brand images. These, together with other successful companies like Nike, began the more rapid proliferation of branded products which does not only market the attributes of the product by created a "concept" to establish an "emotional connection" with its clients. Naomi Klein concluded that with this age of branding, customers are easily manipulated by branding tactics as marketers can establish a good brand even with the lowliest products. She argued that instead of focusing on production and improving products, companies are embarking and spending time, effort, and money in creating a good brand for which they ask customers for a premium. The Economist-Who's Wearing the Trousers The article lifted from the Economist, hold an antagonistic position on Naomi Klein's book. Though it also recognizes the good arguments raced by Klein, the Economist offer a very different view on what the first author referred to as "brand bullies." Basically, the article presented in the Economist can be summed up into two points-the first one being the exaggeration of Naomi Klein's argument on the power of brands, and the second one on the manipulation of the customers by the branding strategies of the large corporations. The Economist recognizes the importance of brands in selling a company's products. However, it claims that Klien's article exaggerated the role of branding in the strategies of the large business organizations. The article proved this by citing the case of the companies who spent bulk of financial resources in creating a good brand only to fail. As the company treats a "brand" as one of its primary assets, a brand can also be regarded as liability as it makes a company highly responsible in the damages which it can give to customers. Customer loyalty is not only rooted on their perception on brand. This is evidenced by the recent research which shows that customers of all ages shift from brand to brand. This also strengthens the claim of the Economist claim that customers are not highly manipulated by company's branding tactics. It is also irrefutable that companies' are spending a lot of money to retain their customers and develop their products to safeguard their brand. Between the Two Articles Naomi Klein and the Economist hold two seemingly different arguments about branding, company's performance, and customers. The two articles summarized above show some same