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Terrorism Essay: War on Terrorism - Round 1 :: September 11 Terrorism Essays

War on Terrorism Round 1   The Bush triad& sharp-wordeds war on terrorism reached first base after installing a new government in Afghanistan. One of the poorest and most(prenominal) nude countries on earth has been bombed into rubble by a megalomaniac superpower that can see no limits to its rights of domination. The country that harbors more Southern American terrorists, executioners and dictators than some(prenominal)one else in the human beings has shown us all what happens when other(a)s harbor wanted men What has been achieved if we look beyond Bushs clichés, Pentagons hype and Rumsfeld´s and Ashcroft´s rhetoric? Is the creation any safer? Have the suspected evildoers been brought to justice? Has it been a just war? Are there less people who hate or dislike the westerly powers?   The strong news is The Talibans ar ousted.  American oil companies will be able to build that pipeline and the new ruler Karzai receive old ties with Unocal and supports the system as do others in the new interim(?) government   The bad news is Between 40,000 and 60,000 innocent civilians, already oppressed by their government in Afghanistan cast been killed tally to independent studies. Millions more refugees have been created and the starvation has increased due to stopped relief deliveries before winter was setting in. The final death bell shape whitethorn rise to 3 million.   The same government that was helped to power by CIA and Pakistan´s secret service in -96 now has been defeated and other know crooks, gangsters and opium sellers, responsible for the death of maybe 50,000 civilians when last in power, have again taken power, for some time or indefinitely remains to be seen.   bighearted parts of the infrastructure in Afghanistan have been bombed into oblivion as have Red Cross buildings and important depots. Unexploded cluster bombs will arrange massacre for generations.   Some thousands of brainwas hed Taliban soldiers, most of whom had no knowledge whatsoever of any terrorist actions outside Afghanistan, have been killed. A few hundred lower train commanders have been captured and will be questioned.   The main enemies and raison d étre of the war, the monster, evildoer, fanatic (etc), Bin Laden and his sidekick Mullah Omar, suspected (but non convicted) of atrocities and certainly no friends of capitalism, are not to be found even after levelling the topography of parts of the country and their whereabouts may be any place in the eastern parts of the world.Terrorism screen War on Terrorism - Round 1 September 11 Terrorism Essays War on Terrorism Round 1   The Bush Troika´s war on terrorism reached first base after installing a new government in Afghanistan. One of the poorest and most defenseless countries on earth has been bombed into rubble by a megalomaniac superpower that can see no limits to its rights of domination. The country that harbors m ore Southern American terrorists, executioners and dictators than anyone else in the world has shown us all what happens when others harbor wanted men What has been achieved if we look beyond Bushs clichés, Pentagons hype and Rumsfeld´s and Ashcroft´s rhetoric? Is the world any safer? Have the suspected evildoers been brought to justice? Has it been a just war? Are there less people who hate or dislike the western powers?   The good news is The Talibans are ousted.  American oil companies will be able to build that pipeline and the new ruler Karzai have old ties with Unocal and supports the scheme as do others in the new interim(?) government   The bad news is Between 40,000 and 60,000 innocent civilians, already oppressed by their government in Afghanistan have been killed according to independent studies. Millions more refugees have been created and the starvation has increased due to stopped relief deliveries before winter was setting in. The final d eath toll may rise to 3 million.   The same government that was helped to power by CIA and Pakistan´s secret service in -96 now has been defeated and other known crooks, gangsters and opium sellers, responsible for the death of maybe 50,000 civilians when last in power, have again taken power, for some time or indefinitely remains to be seen.   Large parts of the infrastructure in Afghanistan have been bombed into oblivion as have Red Cross buildings and important depots. Unexploded cluster bombs will cause carnage for generations.   Some thousands of brainwashed Taliban soldiers, most of whom had no knowledge whatsoever of any terrorist actions outside Afghanistan, have been killed. A few hundred lower level commanders have been captured and will be questioned.   The main enemies and raison d étre of the war, the monster, evildoer, fanatic (etc), Bin Laden and his sidekick Mullah Omar, suspected (but not convicted) of atrocities and certainly no frien ds of capitalism, are not to be found even after levelling the topography of parts of the country and their whereabouts may be any place in the eastern parts of the world.

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Narrators Role in Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby and Kerouacs On The R

Narrators Role in Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby and Kerouacs On The RoadOver the last cardinal years, since the release of On The Road in 1957,it has not been uncommon for critics to draw parallels betweenKerouacs semi-autobiographical novel and Fitzgeralds The GreatGatsby, released thirty-two years previously. It is for sealed thatboth the novels share many similar traits, both examine concepts ofAmeri plunder ideals and The American Dream, both are heavily influenced bythe jazz age of the time, provided nothing binds the novels closer to oneanother than the authors use of the first person narrative and thatnarrators relationship with their leading character.It is perhaps the most common reading to nail both Jay Gatsby and doyenMoriarty awarded iconic status by their corresponding narrators. Theconnotations concerning the epithet found in the very centre ofFitzgeralds title alone can bring an image to the readers mind ofone of historys great leaders, putting Gatsby in league with characters such as horse parsley the Great, Catherine the Great, Peter theGreat and Frederick the Great. It would seem obvious from the titlethat Gatsby is one beheld with admiration and respect by the narrator.The relationship between Kerouacs Sal Paradise and doyen Moriarty is frequently viewed in much the same light. The importance of Dean to Sal isvisible from his very first paragraph, where he states that, thecoming of Dean Moriarty began the part of my deportment you could call mylife on the road. Within a short time period, Sal allows his life tobe turned in a completely different direction by someone who isbasically a stranger. This willingness to uproot and follow somebodyelses lifestyle pays a great complim... ... with the door flapping, and roar off to the next uncommittedspot, arc, pop in, brake, out, run.It would be easy to substitute the car in this instance with a womanto come up with a justifiable description of Deans attitude towardswomen. Just in the way Sal adm ires and enthuses about his car-parkingabilities, describing him as, the most fantastic parking-lotattendant in the world Sal admirers and enthuses about his sex life.In 1991, Eagleton published an essay with a Marxist sentimentdeclaring that, much like Nick, Sal is suffering from ideology afalse consciousness that is imposed on them by the hegemonic fondorder. This adds to the link between the two narrators concerningtheir feelings towards their leading characters in particular themanner in which they both admire the achievements made by Gatsby orDean in their love lives.

Relation between Pearl and Nature in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet

The Relation between Pearl and reputation in The Scarlet Letter In Nathaniel Hawthornes work, The Scarlet Letter, nature plays a precise symbolical role. Through step to the fore the book, nature is incorporated into the story line. One example of this is with the character of Pearl. Pearl is very different than all the other characters due to her special human relationship with Nature. Hawthorne personifies Nature as sympathetic towards hellholes against the puritan way of life. Hesters sin causes Nature to accept Pearl. First it is necessary to examine how nature is identified with sin against the prude way of life. The first example of this is found in the first chapter regarding the rosebush at the prison door. This rosebush is located on one side of the portal, and rooted near at the threshold(36) of the prison. The prison naturally is the place where people that have sinned against the puritan way of life remain. Then Hawthorne suggests that the roses of the rose-bush might be imagined to offer their odor and slight beauty to the prisoner as he went in, and to the condemned criminal as he came forth to his doom, in token that the deep heart of Nature could lenity and be kind to him(36). This clearly states that Nature is kind to prisoners and criminals that pass through the prison doors. Hawthorne strengthens this point by suggesting two possible reasons for the rosebushs genesis. The first is that it had merely survived out of the desolate old wilderness...(36), while the second reason is that there is fair authority for believing the rose-bush had sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Ann Hutchinson...(36). By Hawthornes wording it appears as if he is emphasizing the second reason because he suggests there is fai... ... little girls banishment from Puritan society she was thrown to another way of life and her frenzy and sign is a direct product of her banishment. Works Cited and Consulted Aym, Richard. Nature in The Scarlet Letter . Classic Notes http// February 15, 2002. Brown, Bryan D. Reexamining Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter. http// March 1, 2002. Clendenning, John. Nathaniel Hawthorne. The World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. Griswold, Rufus Wilmot. The Scarlet Letter. The subroutine library of literary Criticism of English and American Authors. Ed. Charles Wells Moulton. Gloucester, Massachusetts Peter Smith Publishing, 1989. 341-371. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York Penguin Books USA Inc., 1996. Relation between Pearl and Nature in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet The Relation between Pearl and Nature in The Scarlet Letter In Nathaniel Hawthornes work, The Scarlet Letter, nature plays a very symbolic role. Throughout the book, nature is incorporated into the story line. One example of this is with the character of Pearl. Pearl is very differen t than all the other characters due to her special relationship with Nature. Hawthorne personifies Nature as sympathetic towards sins against the puritan way of life. Hesters sin causes Nature to accept Pearl. First it is necessary to examine how nature is identified with sin against the Puritan way of life. The first example of this is found in the first chapter regarding the rosebush at the prison door. This rosebush is located on one side of the portal, and rooted almost at the threshold(36) of the prison. The prison naturally is the place where people that have sinned against the puritan way of life remain. Then Hawthorne suggests that the roses of the rose-bush might be imagined to offer their fragrance and fragile beauty to the prisoner as he went in, and to the condemned criminal as he came forth to his doom, in token that the deep heart of Nature could pity and be kind to him(36). This clearly states that Nature is kind to prisoners and criminals that pass through the priso n doors. Hawthorne strengthens this point by suggesting two possible reasons for the rosebushs genesis. The first is that it had merely survived out of the stern old wilderness...(36), while the second reason is that there is fair authority for believing the rose-bush had sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Ann Hutchinson...(36). By Hawthornes wording it appears as if he is emphasizing the second reason because he suggests there is fai... ... little girls banishment from Puritan society she was thrown to another way of life and her wildness and peculiarity is a direct product of her banishment. Works Cited and Consulted Aym, Richard. Nature in The Scarlet Letter. Classic Notes http// February 15, 2002. Brown, Bryan D. Reexamining Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter. http// March 1, 2002. Clendenning, John. Nathaniel Hawthorne. The World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. Griswold, Rufus Wilmot. The Scarlet Letter. The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors. Ed. Charles Wells Moulton. Gloucester, Massachusetts Peter Smith Publishing, 1989. 341-371. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York Penguin Books USA Inc., 1996.

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Growth of Internet Business :: essays research papers

Introduction The history of the net profit traces its roots to the unite States government. The original use of the information system was to maintain communication during the mothy war, with the Soviet Union in 1969, by the Department of Defense, incase of a nuclear attack or a major catastrophe. The National Science nates created the Internet based on the ARPAnet. The first mass connection was between the University of California Santa Barbara, Stanford Research Institute, the University of Utah and the University of California Los Angeles.Ray Tomlinson develops E-mail in 1972.The ARPAnet became obsolete in 1982, but the basis for the program is still used at the present time. The Web began in 1989it wasnt released to the world till the early 90s thats when it became the World Wide Web. In 1993 Marc Andressen created software for the Internet to publish text, images and sound. Andressen also introduced the first graphical Web browser, called Mosaic, still in use today. The Uni ted States runs most of the access to the Internet with 62% of all the routers, next closest is the United Kingdom with 5.2%. That is just an example of what America controls much on the Internet. 70% of the writing on the Internet is in English, next is Japanese. Statistics say 1 in 3 people use the Internet for E- Mail, 1 in 6 use it because they want to find out how it works, 1 in 8 want business information and 1 in 2 go to the Internet for education, hobbies, job listings, and entertainment. In 1993 less than 1% of users paid for use of the Internet. By 1995, it rose to over 200% due to the profits companies made from the providing this service. This became a familiar change that businesses have made since the beginning of the information highway. It was then clear that the Internet wasnt going anywhere anytime soon. This stared a trend, which is still being tangle today and into the near future. Because of the demand for the Internet around the World, and the amount of capit al a business could make that provides this service, is astounding, a good example of this is Cisco, a in one case Silicon Valley based business, which is now a Internet technology provider, reaped in $10 billion in 1986 without an IPO (initial public offering), and this is 14 years before the Internet became what it is today.

Police Brutality: Black Lives Matter Essay -- Use of Excessive Force, R

A father purchased a toy gun as a birthday gift for his new son. His son went outside to play and and encountered a police officer who shot him seven times. This incident occurred in Sonoma County in October 2013. A similar incident occurred in November 2014 when Cleveland police killed a 12-year-old boy carrying a toy gun. Use of excessive speciality by police is common in impoverished black or brown communities.The website,, defines police brutality as Police brutality is a civil rights violation that occurs when a police officer acts with excessive force by using an amount of force with regards to a civilian that is more than necessary. Excessive force by law enforcement officers is a violation of a persons rights. Excessive force is not subject to a precise definition, but it is generally beyond the force a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use low the circumstances (Police Brutality Law & Legal Definition,2013).Cases of brutality from people, who are supposed to protect against it, have existed even when the United States was a jolly new country. The burdensomeness by people in power, even the U.S. Constitution excludes Illegal persons as three fifths of a person, which includes slaves, immigrants, and Native Americans. Another example of oppression by individuals in power would be during the Indian Removal Act of 1830, millions of native peoples were removed from lands that they had been living on and cultivating for generations. Although many kinsfolks had tried to fight this removal, the Cherokee tribe had fought this act through the court system, which had granted them to stay on their land. The United States President, Andrew Jackson, disregarded the courts decision to gra... ...vidge, A. (2013). Hundreds rally statewide against police brutality in awaken of Lopez death. Available at http// Brutality Law a nd Legal Definition (2013). Available at http// King Beating and Riots. CNN documental (Full length). (2011, March 6). YouTube. Available athttp// Brutality Statistics. (2011, April 13). Cop Block. Retrieved December 18, 2013, Available athttp//, B. & Dewan, S. (2007, April 27). Prosecutors Say Corruption in capital of Georgia Police Dept. Is Widespread. The New York Times. Retrieved December 18, 2013, from http//

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Essay --

There are several different definitions of macro environment depending on what aspect we are referring. Macro environment could be defined as some(prenominal)thing outside of business such as the economy, technology, and the power of natural and artificial. These factors are often uncontrollable. In Macro environment, m whatever factors will imply the decision-making in any organization. To overcome and analyze these factors organization can categories it in to PESTLE model. The macro-environmental or external factors of KFC can be identified by using PESTLE analysis, which stands for economic, technology, licit and political, social - demographics and natural environmentala)EconomicEconomic factors represent the wider economy it includes economic growth grade, levels of employment and unemployment, costs of raw materials such meat, petrol, energy, herbs, and steel, interest rates and monetary policies, exchange rates and inflation rates. These may also vary from one coarse t o another. Hence, the economic factor depends on all these factors and upon a country as well. Thus, in a way the influences of economic factor are major and could be said as one of the most profound influences upon any industry. Industries, which depend on selling products, which are not a necessity, but rather depending on luxury, would rarely be able to profitb)Technology What totality to technology is a question that depends upon two key factors firstly the adaptation capacity of an industry and secondly on availability of recent innovation. If we wish to browse it in a vast arena, it involves changes in information and mobile technology, changes in internet and e-commerce or even mobile commerce and it include materials development and natural methods of manufa... ...Its basic economy principle that corporations would usually have certain target groups, thus any that takes place within this group would in turn affect the corporation significantly.e)Natural- Environment Thi s factor usually involves availability of naturalResources and procedures or policy with regards to management of waste and etc. While this factor is not a key issue in all form of business, it plays a major function or role when it comes to mass production industries which lie heavily upon availability of raw materials. A prominent example would be uranium mining if the area of mining has, ceases in availability of such material then the existence of the mining company would be placed to halt. The remnants of multiple tin mining factories could be seen all over Malaysia, which is due to decreased availability of the raw material.

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Man in the Mirror

The death of Michael Jackson has given many fans and critics cause to return his work. The controversies that surrounded his life in the last decade made Jackson the subject of many jokes and was threatened to end his career in shame and obscurity. notwithstanding his untimely death provides an opportunity for us to look back at his musical career, and to celebrate his talents as a singer dancer and songwriter. Like other pop stars, Jackson wrote many songs about love and partying, but a number of his songs, such as Heal the World and We Are the World, showed a astute awareness of global issues such as poverty, hunger, and environmental conservation.This may seem contradictory to the questionable choices Jackson made in his personal life, so this is why Man in the Mirror may be his most personal and revealing work. With Man in the Mirror, Jackson reveals a deep inner-conflict and proposes a quarrel to himself and to his listeners that in order to change the world, mass must fir st change themselves. There are many contrasts in the song that reveal the social issues that concern Jackson. People without food, especially starving children, are mentioned in the song I see kids in the street, with not enough to eat.The problem of homelessness and people with not enough money to borrow or loan is also discussed There are some with no home, not a nickel to loan. This is in contrast to Jackson himself, who is of course wealthy enough to bear Could it really be me pretending that theyre not alone. Ironically, though the song is broad(a) of imagery of mirrors and reflections, it is Jackson who is unable to see. Early in the song, he sings Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs.Therefore, the journey he takes in the song is from blindness to being able to see the harsh realities of the world, as well as his own irresponsibility. The mirror in the song, or, more accurately, his own reflection, is a symbol of a part of himselfthe part of himself tha t is not aware of the problems in the world. Indeed, he even speaks to his reflection as if it were another person. Im asking him to change his ways. Forces of nature and the changing seasons are also treated as human beings, personified to show that they also care little for people in need. They follow the pattern of the wind ya see, Cause they got no place to be. Other objects are also used to symbolize the pain that exists in the world, such as A broken bottle top and willow. By the end of the song, Jackson can no longer ignore what he sees in himself and in the world. He gives himself and his audience specific instructions on how to make the world a disclose place. If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make that change.

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Deception Point Page 16

For the next sixty seconds, Marjorie Tench outlined why the President would be sending her to the CNN argue instead of some lowly campaign staffer. When Tench was finished, the President could only stare in amazement.Once again, Marjorie Tench had proven herself a political genius.18The Milne Ice Shelf is the largest solid ice floe in the Northern Hemisphere. Located above the Eighty-second Parallel on the northernmost coast of Ellesmere Island in the mettlesome Arctic, the Milne Ice Shelf is four miles wide and reaches thicknesses of over three hundred feet.Now, as Rachel climbed into the Plexiglas enclosure atop the ice tractor, she was grateful for the extra windbreaker and gloves waiting for her on her seat, as well as the heat pouring out of the tractors vents. Outside, on the ice runway, the F-14s engines roared, and the plane began taxiing away.Rachel looked up in alarm. Hes leaving?Her current host climbed into the tractor, nodding. Only science personnel and immediate N ASA support team members are allowed on-site.As the F-14 tore off into the sunless sky, Rachel felt suddenly marooned.Well be taking the IceRover from here, the man said. The administrator is waiting.Rachel gazed out at the silvery path of ice before them and tried to imagine what the hell the administrator of NASA was doing up here. extend on, the NASA man shouted, working some levers. With a grinding growl, the machine rotated ninety degrees in place like a treaded army tank. It was in a flash confront the high wall of a snow berm.Rachel looked at the steep incline and felt a ripple of fear. Surely he doesnt intend to-Rock and throw off The driver popped the clutch, and the craft accelerated directly toward the slope. Rachel let out a muffled cry and held on. As they hit the incline, the spiked treads tore into the snow, and the contraption began to climb. Rachel was sealed they would tip over backward, but the cabin remained surprisingly horizontal as the treads claw up the slope. When the huge machine heaved up onto the crest of the berm, the driver brought it to a stop and beamed at his white-knuckled passenger. Try that in an SUV We took the shock-system design from the deflower Pathfinder and popped it on this baby Worked like a charm.Rachel gave a wan nod. Neat.Sitting now atop the snow berm, Rachel looked out at the inconceivable view. One more large berm stood before them, and then the undulations stopped abruptly. Beyond, the ice smoothed into a glistening expanse that was inclined ever so slightly. The moonlit tag of ice stretched out into the blank space, where it neverthelesstually narrowed and snaked up into the mountains.Thats the Milne Glacier, the driver said, pointing up into the mountains. Starts up there and flows down into this wide delta that were sitting on now.The driver gunned the engine again, and Rachel held on as the craft accelerated down the steep face. At the bottom, they clawed across another ice river and rocketed up the next berm. Mounting the crest and quickly skimming down the far side, they slid out onto a smooth sheet of ice and started crunching across the glacier.How far? Rachel saw nothing but ice in front of them.About two miles ahead.Rachel thought it seemed far. The wind outside pounded the IceRover in relentless gusts, rattling the Plexiglas as if trying to hurl them back toward the sea.Thats the katabatic wind, the driver yelled. Get used to it He explained that this area had a abiding offshore gale called the katabatic-Greek for flowing downhill. The relentless wind was apparently the product of heavy, cold air flowing down the north-polar face like a act river downhill. This is the only place on earth, the driver added, laughing, where hell actually freezes overSeveral minutes later, Rachel began to see a hazy shape in the distance in front of them-the silhouette of an enormous white dome emerging from the ice. Rachel rubbed her eyes. What in the world?Big Eskimos up here, eh? the man joked.Rachel tried to make comprehend of the structure. It looked like a scaled-down Houston Astrodome.NASA put it up a week and a half ago, he said. Multistage inflatable plexipolysorbate. Inflate the pieces, affix them to one another, connect the alone thing to the ice with pitons and wires. Looks like an enclosed big top tent, but its actually the NASA prototype for the portable habitat we hope to use on Mars someday. We call it a habisphere.Habisphere?Yeah, get it? Because its not a whole sphere, its only habi-sphere.Rachel smiled and stared out at the bizarre building now looming closer on the glacial plain. And because NASA hasnt gone to Mars yet, you guys decided to have a big sleepover out here instead?The man laughed. Actually, I would have preferred Tahiti, but quite a little pretty much decided the location.Rachel gazed uncertainly up at the edifice. The off-white shell was a ghostly contour against a dark sky. As the IceRover neared the structure, it plant to a stop at a small door on the side of the dome, which was now opening. Light from inside spilled out onto the snow. A figure stepped out. He was a bulky giant wearing a black fleece pullover that amplified his size and made him look like a bear. He travel toward the IceRover.Rachel had no doubt who the huge man was Lawrence Ekstrom, administrator of NASA.The driver gave a solacing grin. Dont let his size fool you. The guys a pussycat.More like a tiger, Rachel thought, well acquainted with Ekstroms reputation for biting the heads off those who stood in the way of his dreams.When Rachel climbed down from the IceRover, the wind almost blew her over. She wrapped the coat around herself and moved toward the dome.The NASA administrator met her halfway, extending a huge gloved paw. Ms. Sexton. Thank you for coming.Rachel nodded uncertainly and shouted over the howling wind. Frankly, sir, Im not sure I had much choice.A thousand meters farther up the glacier, Delta-One gazed through infrar ed binoculars and watched as the administrator of NASA ushered Rachel Sexton into the dome.19NASA administrator Lawrence Ekstrom was a giant of a man, ruddy and gruff, like an angry Norse god. His prickly blond hair was cropped military short above a furrowed brow, and his bulbous nose was spidered with veins. At the moment, his stony eyes drooped with the weight of myriad sleepless nights. An influential aerospace strategist and operations adviser at the Pentagon before his appointment to NASA, Ekstrom had a reputation for surliness matched only by his incontestable lettering to whatever mission was at hand.As Rachel Sexton followed Lawrence Ekstrom into the habisphere, she found herself walking through an eerie, translucent maze of hallways. The labyrinthine network appeared to have been fashioned by hanging sheets of opaque plastic across tautly strung wires. The floor of the maze was nonexistent-a sheet of solid ice, carpeted with strips of rubber matting for traction. They pa ssed a implicit in(p) living area lined with cots and chemical toilets.Thankfully, the air in the habisphere was warm, albeit heavy with the mingled potpourri of indistinguishable smells that accompany humans in tight quarters. Somewhere a generator droned, apparently the source of the electricity that powered the bare bulbs hanging from draped extension cords in the hallway.Ms. Sexton, Ekstrom grunted, guiding her briskly toward some unusual destination. Let me be candid with you right from the start. His tone conveyed anything but pleasure to have Rachel as his guest. You are here because the President wants you here. Zach Herney is a personal booster station of mine and a faithful NASA supporter. I respect him. I owe him. And I trust him. I do not question his direct orders, even when I resent them. Just so there is no confusion, be aware that I do not share the Presidents enthusiasm for involving you in this matter.

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Promoting learning and development in the early years Essay

For a chela to develop and learn there are seven areas of eruditeness and increment located in the EYFS which are divided into ii groups, inflorescence and specific areas of learning. Personal and emotional development, physical development and communication and words. The prime areas are important as they lay the foundations for a tikes success in the specific areas of learning. He specific areas are learning are Literacy, Mathematics, arrest the world and expressive arts and design, which provide a lead of opportunities for sisterren to broaden their knowledge and skills.Personal and emotional development elbow room a nestling developing skills to be able to make relationships and bonds, having egotism confidence and self awareness, understanding that actions may affect early(a)s and be able to learn positive dispositions such as empathy. Physical development means a child moving, running, crawling, tike and major motor skills, health and self care. For a child to comm unicate effectively he/she volition be able to sustain attentive auditory modality and use language appropriate. For a child to use literacy effectively he/she will learn to read, write and listen to instructions.For a child to understand the world, he/she will understand that people have different beliefs, colour skin and religion, the world and technology. A child will as well as learn other childrens names, talk about family and friends. Expressive arts and design means a child learning to make things, being imaginative and use different materials. maths will enable a child to use numbers, counting, shapes and measurements. Each of the areas of learning and development are interdependent on each other because if a child lacked the skills needed in one of the areas the he/she would consequently struggle in the others.Personal, social and emotional development supports physical development as if a child who feels secure and safe will then be confident and motivated to move and test physical capacities. It also supports communication and language as it establishes rise talking, joint activities, a desire to communicate and express feels to others. Physical development promotes understanding the world as when a child takes a risk he/she will learn, for example gravity. It also promotes communication and language as a child will be able to use heir body language as well as words to express feelings or thoughts.Mathematics closely supports communication and language, literacy and personal, social and emotional development as if a child cannot read or write they will find it difficult to complete t claims, and if a child cannot communicate then they wouldnt be able to ask for help. This would then have a knock on affect to a childs confidence and emotional development. When a child is placed in setting, they follow the EYFS which illustrates different outcomes for child at different ages.These are called the early learning goals, the EYFS profile and the twa in year assessment. A early years learning goal is a target that a child should be achieving by the age of 5. Practitioners will also observe if a child is exceeding take aims or not yet reaching them, meaning they can then give them the required support. The early learning goals are found within the EYFS. A devil year assessment is carried out between the ages of two and three. Parents/carers/guardians are provided with a short written summary of the childs development in the prime areas.Within the progress check it focuses on the prime areas and identifies the childs strengths and any areas where the child is struggling or where progress is less than expected. An action conception will be made to address any concerns and the practitioner may include other relevant information in addition to the prime areas. The two year assessment must be provided in time to inform the health child programme, this will enable the health visitor to identify a Childs indicial needs accurately and fully at the health review.A EYFS profile provides the reception leader with a detailed picture of the childs knowledge, understanding and their abilities. All early years providers must complete the EYFS profile for each child until they reach 5 years old as The profile describes the Childs level of attainment at the end of the EYFS and identifies their leaning needs for next stage of school. A copy of the EYFS profile is given to the parents of the child so they are also aware of their childs progress and so the school can work with the parents to overcome any problematic areas.While in setting a child or young person development is monitored by assessors and recorded. Information about the child must be completed by observations on the child, which means 80% of these observations must be carried out during child initiated activities, this mean that if a practitioner has set up the sand pit for child to play in and one child then decides to take a car and by using his/her imagina tion to make the sand into a track and race the other cars this would be child initiated activates as the child has decided what he/she wanted to do without being prompted into doing so.Within the EYFS a childs learning and development are reviewed and documented using the early years foundation stage profile, this document provides a record of the Childs progress in each of the seven areas of learning. This will include all the outcomes from the two year assessment, the EYFS profile and the early learning goals so parents/carers/guardians, practitioners and teachers will be able to see what progress a child has made.As all child sometimes do not complete all the outcomes at the expected times for various reasons, change of nursery, family problems, disabilities, illnesses, communication barriers or age, this must be taken into account and were necessary give a child extra support to enable them to be ready to start school.

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Autism Research Paper

1 Autism is a genial, psychological, and physical condition that affects children and adults each y pinnule. many an other(prenominal) families charter dealt and be dealings with the struggles that accompany this disease. Autism merchant ship buoy affect a person in various meanss, and there are many several(predicate) forms that idler range from mild to severe. Autism stays with a person through knocked out(p) their whole life. It is believed that two to six of every thousand people on the Earth possess from autism. American psychiatrist Leo Kanner came up with the name Autism in the 1940s from the Greek word for self. Chez, 20) at that place is no known cause or treatment for this disease as of today, alone researchers are learning more every day. matchless parent described her child, saying, on that point was no joy, no sadness, no curiosity, no connection, nothing. (Seroussi, 28) There are many symptoms of Autism. These symptoms can be displayed as early as bir th, or as late as adulthood, but most cases at function in young children. These symptoms can too range in severity. Some cases are undiagnosed because of the subtleness of the symptoms, while others make it impossible for a person to run short on their own.Some of these symptoms can be mental, but most of the recognized signs of Autism are physical. There are alike many different kinds of Autism. There is Pervasive developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Aspergers syndrome, Rett syndrome, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD). Each of these come with their own set of symptoms, and affect a person differently. Most people middling clump all of these conditions together as Autism, but the scientific term for these syndromes is Autism Spectrum Disorders or Pervasive Developmental Disorders. 2The symptoms of Autism can be mental or physical. The mental aspect of Autism can hinder a child from being subject to communicate and interact with others. There ar e many combinations of the symptoms that can change a way a child interacts in many different forms. There are three main functions of a childs social life that Autism can affect. Autism can cause abnormal social interactions, abnormal communication, and/or restrictive or repetitive interests and behaviors. (Chez, 32) Abnormal social interaction comes in a variety of forms. There could be a failure to seek comfort in ones parent or a lack of eye contact.Some children wont respond to their name being called or wont want to play with other children. Most autistic children dont assure social behaviors necessary to interact safely and normally with others. This tends to lead the children into isolation. There is also a sense of abnormal communication linked to Autism. Most autistic children dont develop their langu succession as early as normal children would. Some children wont ever develop any type of communicatory language. They forget learn sign language, or other forms of hand gestures. They use facial expressions to communicate with others.Some children entrust talk endlessly about one subject, expiry on for hours and hours about the same thing. Autistic children tend to take words literally and speak very precisely. Some lose from echolalia, which is repeating what is said but not actually replying or responding to a question or statement. Finally, Autism can present with restrictive or repetitive interests or behaviors. Some children will bugger off an interest in one certain thing or subject. One child might have an obsession with clocks, another with airplanes, and another with calendars.A child could receive an interest in 3 anything you could possibly imagine. They usually spend all of their time nurturing this interest, and dont think much about anything else. They will also isolate themselves in that way. Some children suffer from repetitive movements such as hand flapping, rocking, or head banging. Some suffer from OCD, or obsessive-compuls ive disorder. They will do things such as placing all their toys in a row instead of playing with them, or organizing things to such an extent that slightly would find it unnecessary.Most Autistic children insist on everything being the same, and dont know how to react to any type of change. One parent described her child, saying, His screams sounded like a immaterial language. (Seroussi, 25) She also said her child suffered from obsessive clapping, patting his head, and touching the table constantly. Another child would sit and watch the family fishes for hours a day and would middling walk backside and forth on the gravel in the driveway. He sat and screamed for hours also. He also suffered from a lack of communication. He could never say what he wanted.He reasonable pointed and screamed. Another child cried constantly. He would cry when he didnt get his bottle. precisely that wasnt all. He would cry the second he woke up every single morning. He could cry for at least half an hour after every single nap he took, and nothing seemed to help ever. several(prenominal)(prenominal) parent of an Autistic child can relate to these stories. The symptoms of this disease can also be physical. Some children can suffer from various conditions such as reflux, insomnia, or ear infections. Few children will suffer 4 from glue ear which is an inflammation in the middle section of the ear.There is usually fluid ca-ca up that whitethorn or may not be infected. This can cause an excruciating earache. Some children will suffer from eczema, high fevers, or seizures. Others can have chronic nonspecific diarrhea or a language delay. It is believed that 40-50% of children suffering from autism also suffer from gastrointestinal reflux. Some may also suffer from chronic constipation. Some children may have constantly shaking limbs. It has been seen that some children will get autoimmune diseases. As you can see, there is an array of other symptoms that can accompany Autism .Some children can experience most of these, while others will experience barely any. Each case is different, and each family has their own way of dealing with these symptoms. There are many things that are believed to be causes of Autism, and many different types of Autism. Three main things that are believed to cause Autism are environmental factors, dietary deficiencies, and genetics. There is an abnormality in the development of the brain in Autistic children. All of the symptoms are too complex for one part of the brain to be able to cause them all though.It has been discovered that there are lower numbers of Purkinje cells in the brains of Autistic children. These cells are very important and vital to coordination of movement. This discovery may suggest that these cells may play a role in the planning or function part of ones brain. Scientists are currently tasteing to find out what part of the reduction of these cells causes all of Autisms many symptoms. Usually children wit h Autism are born with a smaller head 5 than normal, and experience great growth in their first year. This is believed to be an environmental cause of Autism.Some scientists think that if a pregnant woman is exposed to rubella (German measles) or other drugs it can cause a child to develop Autism. Some people would believe that since most Autistic children have trouble learning, they could receive a simple diagnosing of mental retardation. scarcely this is not so. Children who are mentally retarded usually present with a smaller brain size than normal. But most children with Autism have a larger brain than others. This suggests that even though Autism and mental retardation some propagation present together, the causes of both are completely different from one another.There are many different difficulties with diagnosing Autism. Some parents are believed to have a mental disorder, or their doctors dont believe them. They think they are overreacting to what is a normal childhood. B ut these parents know that there is something wrong with their child. Some parents will lose sleep and seem very anxious, leading the doctors to believe there is something wrong with them and not the child. One mother even suffered flashbacks. One parent said You cant compare him to Laura- she was so precocious. Boys talk later than girls do. Hes had so many ear infections.Alan didnt talk until he was three. My next-door neighbors son didnt talk until he was four. (source 2 p 23) There are many different factors in the diagnosis process that can hinder a family or doctor from getting the correct diagnosis. 6 Once a child has received the diagnosis of Autism, doctors sedate have to sort through all of the different types of Autism. Some children will suffer from Aspergers syndrome. They are characterized as being very fluent in language. They tend to have anxiety or seek attention. Some children can suffer from OCD or spelling of phonic issues.There can also be sleep dysfunction or epilepsy in these children. Most children will present with social awkwardness, anger issues or violence, or appear lost. Some will have a sensitiveness to touch or noise. Children with Rett syndrome tend to present with breathing problems. These can be very difficult for a parent to watch. Some will present with apraxia, lax looking arms or legs, or bluish arms or legs caused by poor circulation. Children with PDD-NOS tend to seem eager to make friends, but may not act normally around others. They tend to end up being very close with their parents.Most PDD-NOS children cannot read facial expressions or interpret the feelings of others. They also tend to have delayed speech. CDD is characterized by at least two years of normal development, followed by loss of language, social skills, and motor skills before age ten. It is important to note that every case is different, and some children can present with none of these symptoms, while others will seem to have all of them. There are many different ways to treat Autism. Some families will try to restrict a childs diet or change the types of activities they take part in.Others will try therapy. There is no known cure for Autism as of today, but researchers are working together to attempt at finding a way to get rid of this life changing disease. A child with Autism has several doctors. Most children will have a regular pediatrician, a pyschatrist, 7 a neurologist, a diatrician, and a developmental pediatrician. (Chez, 54) Each of these doctors plays a very important role in the treatment and management of Autism. One form of treatment for some families is diet. Some families will try to exclude certain foods or food groups from a childs diet.One mother said that even though she knew her son loved take out and cheese, she deicided to exclude any and all dairy products from his diet. These effects can be positive or negative. One family noted that when there was no dairy in their childs diet, they saw an improvem ent in eye contact. Another family saw that when they switched their child to pure cows milk, things took a turn for the worse. Another family noticed that their child lust wheat constantly. They decided to limit his amount of it, and noticed a slight improvement.Removal of gluten (a protein found in barley, rye, oats, and wheat) and casein (a protein found in dairy products), is what is known as a Gluten Free, Casein Free diet, or GFCF. There is no scientific research behind the hypothesis of GFCF, but many families have noted that it has correct many of the habitual behaviors. Some families believe that diet can be a main cause of Autism, and changing their childs eating habits can help to change their symptoms. The other option of treatment is to try some kind of therapy. Most families will try therapy at one point or another.Some will try behavioral intervention, where a child is rewarded for normal behaviors. There is also the option of behavioral analysis, where a doctor or therapist will observe a child and try to fix some abnormal behaviors. Some families will turn to drug therapy, which has been reported to reduce 8 some repetitive behaviors. Some children will be put on a regimen of antipsychotics, mood stabilizing meds, and/or stimulants or non-stimulants. Some families will try to cure their child through various immunizations. There have been immunizations of brain fluid and spinal tissue in the past.Sometimes serum samples can be used. There are a variety of treatments, but one thing is very important to realize. One type of treatment could work wonders for one child, but have no affect on another. Each child is different, and each case varies. Would I do anything for my child? What would I risk to save a outlanders child? Will I fight this thing, beat it down until it exists no more to torture innocent families? This goal will become part of my life, my daily purpose, my reason for living. I have no choice. I will be driven in a way that I ne ver envisage I could, and I will not rest until the beast has been slain. (Seroussi, 61) This quote shows how any family would do anything for their child. Autism is a social disease that affects hundreds of thousands. The affects of Autism arent seen in just the child though, as you can see. A family will also suffer. They will deal with the stress and difficulty of raising a child who at times cannot communicate, and will have many health issues. A family can be torn apart by this, or come closer together. In the end, its all about the love that said family shares for one another, and their precious child.

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Lookin for love

The first personal ad I f und on craigslist had to do with the fair play theory Country guy smell for a good woman (PAIWV) First off I want to be straight up Im non looking at to rush into any(prenominal)thing serious. Thats what I would wish well eventually but only with the right one. With that said a little about me Im a young looking 30yo lily-white, no kids, 6 with fit/slender build. Im a mountain boy thru and thru but not your typical one. I dont listen to country, chew tobacco, drive a truck etc. But I do like my guns collecting/shooting, bein in the woods or on the lake, rock climbing, on and on.I also like working in my shop, my cars, woodworking etc. Im educated so I can hold my own talking about pretty much any topic. Also have a descent Job, nice house in the mountain and financially responsible. I dont want to ramble so Ill save it for acquiring to know each other. What Im looking for is a mature honest woman that has her stuff together. Drama free, no crazy ex bo yfriends or anything like that. anyplace between 21-35, must be fit/inshape and take care of yourself. Just a descent woman that has a good head on her shoulders and looking for the same.If interested drop e a line anytime(l). The equity theory is the idea that people are the happiest with relationships in which the rewards and costs experienced and the contributions made by both parties are roughly equal (pg. 300). This ad reflects this theory because the man who wrote this clearly states that he is looking for an equal partner. He wishes for her to be strong-minded not have to rely on him to support her financially. If a women had written this ad then things might have been written differently.A women would emphasize his needing to be financially independent but ould also put to a greater extent of an emphasis on how he looks, where he lives and what type of Job does he have. The second personal ad has more to do with the social exchange theory. I am a white man, 6ft, 185, very clean, dd free. I am searching for a white lady that has sexual relationships with black men but would like to have a white man that would support spoil her. I would never calculate her, she would be treated like a queen. Age and size is not a factor. Please get in touch, I am very real, it suppose to me very nice this week.I would like to hear from you and we can exchange pics and chat and possibly meet. Please put queen of spades in subject when responding. (2) The social exchange theory is the idea that peoples feelings about a relationship depends on their perceptions of the rewards and costs of the relationship, the kind of relationship they deserve and their chances for having a better relationship with someone else (pg. 299). This ad reflects this theory because the man is offering to not only support her financial but promises to spoil her if she meets his equirements.If a women were to be writing an ad like this she would be more subtle in her writing, for one should wo uld not come out and admit her past relationship experiences but she may try to allude to it. yet if she was actively looking for someone to take care of her financially she would most likely openly state that in her ad. Sex differences in attraction hold out but each individual person is looking for something different. What attracts you to one person may be a complete turn off to someone else. lookin for love.

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Renaissance in Middle Ages

In many eras, events happened as a reaction, and often an overreaction, to events of the prior era. In the Middle Ages, a proper education was extremely rare for the coarse people. As a reaction to the Middle Ages, in the early renaissance, there was a strong nidus on a classical education consisting of Greek, Latin, the classics, and art. As the population and economy grew and books became more readily available, people became disillusioned with the im mulish classical education, demanding an education in the lead to practical professions.In the early renaissance, emphasis was redirected from clerical to secular life. The secular humanist idea held that the church should not rule civic matters, but should play only ghostly matters. The church disdained the accumulation of wealth and worldly goods, supported a strong but limited education, and believed that moral and ethical behavior was prescribe by scripture.Humanists, however, believed that wealth enabled them to do fine, no ble deeds, that good citizens needed a good, well-rounded education, and that moral and ethical issues were related more to secular society than to spiritual concerns. Humanists paid close attention to classical studies because most of the humanist school of thought was based on Greek and Roman ideas. In addition to the study of Latin and Greek, a classical education consisted of scientific matters, government, rhetoric, philosophy and art.In the Middle Ages, the church discouraged education to keep people under the control of the church. tribe were guided by the teachings of the church and had little opinion to what was being told to them. Books were also very costly and were mostly written in Latin, an unfamiliar language to the common people. People were taught Greek and Latin so that they could understand the books available to them. In 1445, Gutenberg invented the printing press, making books more plentiful and therefore affordable for the educated lay class. They also began printing books in European languages.By the late stages of the renaissance, the population started to rise dramatically and the economy started to boom. With a larger population, more merchants and tradesman and otherwise people with practical skills were needed. With books more readily available, people demanded books in the many languages of Europe. As a result, the concentration in education focused on topical anesthetic languages, practical mathematics, science and trades.Although the renaissance reversed the practices of medieval times by restoring education in the classics and gave rebirth to independent thought, the masses demanded a redirection of education to practical and useful skills. The focus on humanism forced the Church to play a secondary role in peoples lives. Despite the changes in education and philosophy during the renaissance, Europe eventually molded itself into a well-rounded society.

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PROBLEMA 1 The Maser is a new custom-designed sports car. An analysis of the task of building the Maser reveals the following reheel of relevant activities, their immediate predecessors, and their duration. Job LetterDescriptionImmediate Predecessor(s)Normal Time (days) AStart 0 BDesignA8 COrder special accessoriesB0. 1 DBuild frameB1 EBuild doorsB1 FAttach axles, wheels, gas tankD1 GBuild body shellB2 HBuild transmittal and drivetrainB3 IFit doors to body shellG, E1 JBuild engine B4 KBench-test engineJ2 LAssemble chassisF, H, K1MRoad-test chassisL0. 5 NPaint bodyI2 OInstall wiringN1 PInstall interiorN1. 5 QAccept delivery of special accessoriesC5 RMount body and accessories on chassisM, O, P, Q1 SRoad test carR0. 5 TAttach exterior trimS1 UFinishT0 a)Draw a network diagram for the design. b)Mark the critical grade and state its length. c)If the Maser has to be completed 2 days earlier, would it help to i. Buy preassembled transmissions and drivetrains? ii. Install robots to hal ve engine-building time? iii. Speed delivery of special accessories by 3 days? )How might resources be borrowed from activities on the non-critical path to speed activities on the critical path? PROBLEMA 2 MANAGING HARD ROCKS ROCKFEST At the Hard tilt Cafe, like many organizations, project management is a key planning tool. With Hard Rocks constant growth in hotels and cafes, remodeling of existing cafes, scheduling for Hard Rock Live concert and event venues, and planning the annual Rockfest, managers desire on project management techniques and software to maintain schedule and budget performance. Without Microsoft hurtle says Hard Rock Vice-President Chriss Tomasso, there is no way to keep so many people on the same page. Tomasso is in charge of the Rockfest event, which is attended by well over 100,000 enthusiastic fans. The challenge is pulling it off deep down a tight 9-month planning horizon. As the event approaches, Tomasso devotes greater energy to its activities. For t he first 3 months, Tomasso updates his MS Project charts monthly. Then at the 6-month mark, he updates his progress weekly. At the 9-month mark, he checks and corrects his schedule twice a week.Early in the project management process, Tomasso identifies 10 study tasks (called 2 acti vities in a work division structure, or WBS) talent booking, ticketing, marketing/PR, online promotion, television, show production, travel, sponsorships, trading operations, and merchandising. Using a WBS, each of these is further divided into a series of subtasks. T qualified 1 identifies 26 of the major activities and subactivities, their immediate predecessors, and time estimates. Tomasso enters all of these into the MS Project software. Tomasso alters the MS Project document and the time line as the project progresses. Its okay to miscellanea it as long as you keep on track. he states. The day of the rock concert itself is not the end of the project planning. Its nothing but surprises. A band n ot being able to get to the venue because of traffic jams is a surprise, but an anticipated surprise. We had an helicopter on stand-by ready to navigate the band in, says Tomasso. On completion of Rockfest in July, Tomasso and his team have a 3-month reprieve before outset the project planning process again. Discussion Questions 1. Identify the critical path and its activities for Rockfest. How long does the project coin? . Which activities have a slack time of 8 weeks or more? 3. Identify five major challenges a project manager faces in events such as this one. 4. Why is a work sectionalization structure useful in a project such as this? Take the 26 activities and block them into what you think should be level 2, level 3 and level 4 tasks. TABLE 1 some(prenominal) of the Major Activities and Subactivities in the Rockfest Plan. ActivityDescriptionImmediate Predecessor(s) Time (Weeks) AFinalize site and building contracts 7 BSelect local promoterA3 CHire production managerA3 DDe sign promotional electronic network siteB5 ESet TV dealD6FHire directorE4 GPlan for TV camera placementF2 HTarget headline entertainersB4 ITarget support entertainersH4 JTravel accomodations for talentI10 KSet venue cpacityC2 LTicketmaster contractD, K3 MOn-site ticketingL8 NSound and stagingC6 OPasses and stage credentialsG, R7 PTravel accomodations for staffB20 QHire sponsor coordinatorB4 RFinalize sponsorsQ4 SDefine/place signage for sponsorsR, X3 THire operations managerA4 UDevelop site planT6 VHire security directorT7 WSet police/fire security planV4 XPower, plumbing, AC, toilet servicesU8 YSecure merchandise dealsB6 ZOnline merchadise salesY6

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Prison Reform Essay

Three convicts could be released from prison today. Two of them result end up right keystone in the system within troika years. This statistic should be enough to conclude that Americas prison systems are failing miserably with the renewal of inmates. How is it plausible for every correctional facility to think isolation, segregation, and overcrowding could possibly benefit the crime rate? preferably of converting these inmates into proper citizens, the system has found slipway to hold them down. To suppress their inspiration to change. For many inmates, those bars do not only imprison their bodies, but their motivation and determination as well. US prisons are raising grounds for violence. These places are supposed to reform inmates into law abiding battalion. Instead, they turn even the harmless criminals into the roughly ruddy integritys. One man is sentenced to one year due to dose trafficking. Another man is sentenced to brio with out(a) parole for several brutal mur ders.Despite the different levels of their crimes, they could possibly be bunked together in the selfsame(prenominal) cell. This right here is a prime example of what the DOC will do to hold an inmate down. By involving non-violent criminals with heinous ones, they are creating a situation of fear and defense. The man who is in for excruciating violent behavior could easily try to hurt his cell mate. He has nothing to lose. Is the man with minor charges evaluate to not defend himself? No. Thats where the violence sets in. When you mix completely different criminals together on purpose, thither is going to be an outbreak of violence. Everybody has those weeks where you just feel like you get to get out of the house. As if staying home doing nothing one more day would just make you rip your hairsbreadth out. Imagine having to do that for anywhere up to six months or longer. Not just in a wide open house, but in a small, confined cell. No human contact, nothing to abide by you bu sy, virtuallytimes even going hours without food. This happens daily in the American prison systems. Solitary confinement has been a method used for years in the US.Such isolation can take a massive toll on anybodys mental stability. Often these inmates are thrown into a single cell, and basically forgotten about. These prisoners are treated like dogs instead of human beings. Do these officers realize that each one of those men start soul who cares about them? For every inmate in that facility there is someone who manages them. Another flaw of the DOC is the hiring process of correctional staff. I film a great cover up of thanks for those whohave put their safety on the line to control inmates. However, I also deal they have much to do with the violent outbreaks. For some officers, this position is like a power trip. objet dart there are many honorable officers, you can tell they love the future of the inmates riding in their hands. I have witnessed first hand COs getting inmates all wired up knowing the inmate will get themselves in trouble. Often these officers act just as adolescent as the prisonersThe only difference is the uniforms theyre wearing. The requirements to require a correctional officer is to provide trade protection and to enforce the rules, not to contribute to the chaos As a new inmate entering the system, there is one factor that everybody recognizes about youThe color of your skin. Instead of providing a place where segregation is at a minimum, prisons all across America are dealing with gang violence and race issues. These issues are cognise as Prison Politics to some. No matter who you are, or where youre from, when entering prison you become identified by your skin tone. The level of gangs and cultural groups are so high, that practically inmates have no choice but to follow the crowd. Sure, they could choose not to cooperate in the gang life, but where does that devote them? Then they will become the targets with no def ense. The pressure to become accepted is so important in prison survival, that some inmates will throw away their morals just to protect themselves. Prison officials often condone the promotion of racial segregation. If one person of a specific race was found suspicious, they have the right to lock down every person of the same nationality.They often bunk same races together to cut down the risk of altercations. This is probably for the best at the time being, but it makes you wonder why they dont attempt to do something about gang involvement. You hear about classes on drug intervention, schooling, and religion. Why dont they have a class on racial acceptance? Im sure it wouldnt convert the beliefs of many inmates, but it would at least show some effort to bring down the segregation rate. The release of an inmate should be one of the most enkindle moments of their lives. It should be a time where they finally get to put all of the knowledge and inspiration they have gained to use. It should be a new stepping stone for them to create a new lifestyle without their past dawdle behind them. Sadly, this is hardly ever how it works out.In the past generation, the process of parole and release has started absent structure. It is very rare that an inmate isindividually prepared to face the real world. Instead of carefully considering ways to provide help upon release, they often just let them go on their own with no relief from the inside. I understand these are grown adults, but when you are facilitated for so long, there is a need for preparation for the outside world. When these inmates are faced with the outside realities all at once, they just go back to their old ways. They are not given the support they need to make it through life on their own. These prisons confine these inmates for years, harboring their every move.Yet when they are released, they do not help them along one bit. Something is simply wrong here. The prison system has a long way to go bef ore it becomes effective. More people need to start paying attention to these correctional departments. The cause seems so minuscule until someone you love becomes the victim. These prisons are inhumane, chaotic, and lacking necessary resources. Until prison systems of America reach a solid stability of rehabilitation, the inmates will continue to involve themselves in crime. These places should be for improvement, not corruption.

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Speech ananysis

Communications Workshop Evaluating a Speech Speech Analysis Worksheet Content Purpose Speakers terra firma knowledge the purpose of this speech Is to rally hope for the citizens of Berlin. Influences (traditional, cultural, historical) JEFF is a historical influence. Listeners background knowledge I do not have much back ground knowledge upon listening to this speech. Deli very perennial conditions 1. Berlin 2. Let 3. Them 4. Come 5. Beyond Emphasized words/phrases 1 .There are both(prenominal) who feel out in Europe and elsewhere we can work with the Communists. Let them come to Berlin 2. There are some who say communism is the wave of the future, let them come to Berlin 3. All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride In the words ICC bin nine-spot Berliner. 4. ICC bin nine Berliners 5. Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free flavour the tone of this speech is firm well thoughtWord c hoice (positive or negative language) positive, JEFF wants to give the people hope. run of speech (fast, moderate, slow) Moderate, although the rate increases when he is short on breath. Appropriateness for audience, subject, occasion yes, I believe so because it has no vulgar language and the occasion and topic of this speech is rather inspiring. Eye contact moderate, aspect around a lot. Facial expressions he looks determined throughout the speech.Gestures hand gestures Pauses yes, to make his speech more(prenominal) meaningful and dramatic. Increases or decreases in speaking spate no not really, it is at the same volume throughout the whole speech. Overall Impression Speaker I think JEFF was a brilliant speaker. His word choice is incredible. The way he produces this speech is amazing. Speech I think the speech is understandable and very clear and it inspired many people and gave them hope as it was intended to do.

The Reality of the Moon Landing

During the 1960s, the Cold warfargon and the Vietnam War were in full swing, and tensions grew internationally and nationally. People began to lose trust in the moral and ethical behavior of the governing body activity. unity example of this distrust occurred following a major historical neverthelesst around the same measure period. With millions of people watching, a United States astronaut was televised setting keister on the mope for the original time.Some sunplowedics aspect that the stargaze source place was fabricated by the U. S.s desire to beat the Soviet Union in the Space Race however, the points made by these conspiracy theorists are mere speculation, lack solid express and leave to a greater extent than questions than answers. For example, lying rough the authenticity of the get came with excessively much of a assay of getting caught by separate countries. Those who claim the arrive never happened also stated that the slug landing place was filmed on a movie set, but they do non consider that the fussy cause needed to create such a realistic scene were non yet developed soundly rich at that time.If the slug landing was a falsehood, the lie would be an immense secret kept with great difficulty, considering the thousands of people who would be involved in the hoax. This paper will attempt that the moon landing did occur, and will also disprove the opposing side. There was not enough indigence for the U. S presidential term to stage the landing on the moon because that lie would encompass likewise much of a attempt and likelihood of getting caught by the world. Although hot seat Kennedy was under a lot of pressure to compete and exceed in the Space Race with the Soviet Union, that competition only served to motivate success.the Statesn pride and support for the U. S. infinite program was strong and would be even further bolstered if the U. S. would be able to beat the Soviets to the moon. According to the word Th e Decision to Go to the Moon, by Steve Graber, he states that The decision involved much consideration in the beginning make it public, as well as enormous human efforts and expenditures to make what became Project Apollo a reality by 1969. Clearly the decision to formally challenge NASA and the world with this undertaking was not made lightly.Kennedy, at this point, was kinda determined to prove that the U.S. did in fact possess the applied science and the ability to lead the world into blank space. President Kennedy, along with NASA, was determined to get a man to the moon, and he brought the American people together and join them under the common goal of beating their enemy by the end of the decade. Enormous efforts were underway as NASA and the government began constructing their plans. The success in putting a man on the moon gave the U. S. tremendous advances in technology, scientific knowledge, and improved economic and political advantages from the use of satellites.T hus, by analyzing the motives to either fake the landing or to in reality pull the landing off, the obvious answer was that on that point was little incentive to fake the landing and tremendous benefits to actually landing a man on the moon. The U. S. government obtained enough motivation to round the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade because they would fall upon significant benefits and not because they desperately wanted to beat the Soviets they also had no need to worry about the risk of getting caught since at that place was no need to to lie, thence, the U. S. did land on the moon.Some conspiracy theorists believe that the moon landing was faked because motivation to beat the Soviets to the moon was too strong to delay however the government agnise the other motivations similarly beating the Soviets, so the moon landing did occur. Both the U. S. and Russia were watching to each one other extremely closely, waiting for the other to place. In hi s bind Did NASA Fake the Moon Landing, Ray Villard states that a throng of citizens made a claim that The United States needed to cement its world leadership during the Cold War by pretending to pull off what really was a technologically im attainable stunt.But, the U. S. at this time did possess the correct technology and landing on the moon was not impossible because of the efforts put in by the technicians and scientists to create the necessary machinery. The U. S. also wanted to make their world leadership stronger, but they could not lie to achieve that goal because the Soviets were watching the U. S. and their every move during this time. If the Soviets were to find out the landing was a lie or was staged then they would easily expose the U. S. to the world.But, the Soviets did not deny the landing and recognised the fact the U. S.landed on the moon basic knowing we did actually possess the technology to go to space. This fact al one(a) provides secernate that the governme nt did not stage the moon landing. Even though the U. S. government did desperately want to beat the Soviet Union there was no reason to lie because the U. S. knew they possess the power and the technology to reach their goal. The government also knew that landing on the moon would bring more benefits to them, such as the advancement in science and a broader understanding of space, which would ultimately encourage them to not lie and follow through with their goal to get a man to the moon.With the support and the funds from congress and the backing of the citizens, the U. S. acquired a strong determination to get to the moon first. Even though the theorists claim the motivation was wrong to land on the moon and that the government lie to the world, there is too much evidence in support of the moon landing because we did hold the advanced technology and the correct motivation therefore the moon landing was not faked and did happen.The special effects at this time were not developed enough to stage a realistic moon landing and a film directed on commonwealth would not be able to fool the world, which means there would not be a likely way to fake the landing and the moon landing did occur. During the 1960s the science fiction genre was exclusively emerging and the available special effects technology was not nearly as sophisticated as today. For example, if the moon landing was created using special effects the moon most likely would not notion as real as needed and many people would start questioning the reality of the landing.In the article Villard goes on to state that at that time No microcomputers, digital-image appendageing, or 3-D animation software existed. The decades marge space film, 2001 A Space Odyssey, illustrates the pinnacle of special-effects capability in the 1960s. Even the film, 2001 A Space Odyssey include flaws in regards to special effects because of how underdeveloped they were at the time the movie was made. The claim is that the same manager who filmed the movie was also asked to stage the moon landing.If such were the case, one would expect that the two films should discipline similarities in production value, but the two sets of footage were both quite different from one another. Additional create that the landing was not filmed is provided in video of the astronauts walking on the moon the moonwalk is far too complex to be faked with the available special effects. In the videos, the men are almost floating at points- a feat that would be impossible to portray with the pull of gravity on Earth.1960s America did not possess the movie making capabilities needed to create a believable moon landing on a movie set, leaving one other possibility we actually did set foot on the moon. There are those that believe the moon landing was filmed in a king-sized Hollywood movie set, however, this cannot be true because the movie technology was not capable of such a task and there are clear counter points for each reason the critics say the landing was filmed, such as wherefore there are no stars so there are strong facts that the landing did happen.The critics claim with confidence that the scientific technology was not there to send a man to the moon but they fail to acknowledge the fact that we actually did not hold the technology to produce a realistic film of the landing. The fact of the matter was that because of the advances of top end scientists, engineers, test pilots, medical researchers, from across the rude and the test flights that orbited the Earth, we were able to get a man to walk on the moon for the first time.But, notwithstanding this knowledge, according to an article from International Business Times the condition states Some theorists allege that NASA officials approached Kubrick sometime in early 1968 and asked him to film footage depicting an earth ship landing on the moon and a space traveler walking on the lunar surface. While the claim is a strong idea, the gove rnment would not lie about the landing because they knew the many benefits that would come their way if they were able to land on the moon.The knowledge of what the country would gain pushed them even further to reaching their goal, as they eventually did. Theorists also say that since there was no stars in the photographs brought back, that proves Kubrick filmed the landing because there are billions of stars in space, yet not one star was in the photographs. But the landing took place during the lunar morning with the sun shining too brightly. Similar to the fact that we cannot see the stars from earth during the day, they cannot be seen while in space either they are too bright to be captured in a picture.So the fact that there were not any stars actually helps prove the moon landing was not filmed because that gives more reality to the pictures if thought about from a scientific perspective. Even though the critics accumulated possible theories as to why they believe the landing was filmed, each can be refuted with scientific descriptions, such as why there were no stars or why the flag was moving, and prove that Apollo 11 did land on the moon.If the moon landing never happened and the world was lied to, such a secret would be almost impossible to keep for this long, and therefore gives proofthat the moon landing occurred. Thousands of people would be needed to work on the staging- everyone from makeup artists to the director, and to this day not a single psyche ever come forward claiming the landing was a hoax or even hinted at the possibility. There were also thousands who were a divide of the actual moon landing. In an article from Balance-Today. org the author states, Including the astronauts, scientists, engineers and technicians, more than 400,00 skilled workers contributed to the Apollo project. To date, not one of them even hinted that the landings were faked.Again, there was no hinting or an accidental slip that we never actually succeeded in l anding on the moon and all of these people who were a part of the staged event would gain a lot of fame if they came forward with their story. The Soviet Union would also never keep the secret if they found out. The Soviets were looking for ways to hurt the U. S. and they would not think twice before exposing us to the world if they found out the U. S. government lied. Given human nature and the drive for power, fame, money and glory, it is simply unreasonable to believe a secret this immense could be kept for this long.Considering the fact that nobody came forward and confessed that the moon landing was a lie, then one can conclude the U. S. made the first man walk on the moon. Some say that the reason nobody confessed the landing was faked, was because the government menace and withdrawed people who would potentially leak the secret however the guess of the killings cannot be true because there were too many people involved, and since nobody hinted that the landing was a lie t he landing did actually occur.The theory of the governments murders is farfetched because of the fact that there were thousands who would know and would be involved in the process of not only the actual moon landing, but a staged occurrence as well. In the article Villard states that conspiracy theorists believe that The government scared and murdered potential tattletales, including its own astronaut heroes in a reprehensible assertion that the tragic 1967 Apollo 1 fire was rigged. However, despite the existence of treacherous and shifting governments, the democracy of the United States would never allow the government to carry out such an atrocity.As was becoming more and more the norm, the citizens would ask questions, and the media, along with other countries would also become involved. Also, even though the theorists say the government caused the Apollo 1 tragedy, that theory was proven wrong. After a thorough investigation the tragedy was determined to be caused by a spark f rom a short circuit in a bundle of wires, cursorily causing the fire to spread through the flammable materials. The impossibility was too big for everyone to believe the government could silence or murder anyone involved.There were too many people and too many benefits for a person who could claim they worked on the greatest hoax ever. Even though the theorists tried to come up with an explanation for why nobody confessed, the idea that the government killed everyone is impossible because the murders would be too obvious, which means there was no secret that needed to be kept and no need to kill people who knew, so the moon landing was real. In conclusion, there is too much concrete evidence and reasoning for the moon landing to be faked. The U. S.retained the correct motivation to get to the moon first before the Soviet Union because of the benefits that would come to them such as what the satellites could offer and the scientific discoveries they found. Pulling off the lie would h elp the countrys growing status in the world but they would not gain much more than that besides world able to say they finally beat the Soviets in the Space Race. The moon landing being filmed on a movie set is not possible either because of the lack of the special effects technology during this time.Nothing made on Earth would look real enough to be presented to the world, specially the realistic moonwalk since there is no way to float on Earth. Unlike what the theorists claim, we did possess the scientific technology to go to space and land on the moon because NASA and the government brought in the top end scientists and engineers to implement the task some say was impossible. The secret, if the moon landing was faked, became to enormous to keep and the government could not murder every person without the killings resembling genocide.Since nobody ever came forward with a confession there is nobody to prove the moon landing was staged. As a result, the theories that accumulated after the moon landing cannot be possible because of the scientific evidence and the fact that there were multiple moon landings closely following the first Apollo deputation which means we did possess the technology therefore the U. S. government did not lie and the country did land the first man on the moon.

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Problem gambling Essay

Gambling is something that people are cap able of enjoying once in a while, simply for others it hind end turn into an military action that is hard to control. Gambling is the act of risking money, property, or something of value on an activity that has an uncertain outcome. This terminate include, lotteries and bingos, card games, going to casinos, buying multiple kinds of tickets, making bets, and games such as pool, golf, or arm wrestling. Gambling can be legal as easy as illegal, any block out of maneuver managed by the government or by regulations set by the government is legal, and any configuration of gambling that is not managed by regulations is illegal. Gambling doesnt gravel one specific cause, and the cause can be different for everyone.People who possess bipolar disorder, Parkinsons disease and restless leg syndrome eat up been observed to develop an addiction to gambling. Bipolar disorder because exorbitant spending is known to be a symptom and can take form in gambling. Parkinsons and restless leg syndrome, because of the theory that the medications can increase the activity of dopamine in the brain as a culprit. Other causes can include, ablaze conditions, schizophrenia, mood problems, antisocial personality disorder, and alcohol or drug addictions.People who have problems with gambling usually spend a lot of clock doing so and dont leave much time for family, friends, and important events. Bigger bets begin to get placed and they happen more often, which can lead to emergence debts causing the person to borrow money from friends or family. Those with problems cant fully stop gambling but would rather cut back, and can also become regretful-tempered, depressed, withdrawn, or restless if they arent able to gamble.Gambling can have some very serious effects on the gambler, as well as those around him/her. Debt, bankruptcy, poverty, theft, prostitution, and suicide issues can all be side effects of gambling. Families with people tho se who have an addiction to gambling are more at risk of experiencing domestic violence and child abuse. And children of compulsory gamblers have a higher regain of developing depression, behavior problems, and substance abuse.There are many an(prenominal) reasons for gambling and usually it is for fun or excitement, to escape or forget problems, to win money, or to intent challenged. In Canada, gaming is the largestentertainment industry being the same size as movies, TV, recorded music, and paid sports combined. During 2007, 70.7% of adults gamble, and the most common gaming activities among Canadian adults are lotteries and instant-win tickets. About 3.2& of adults, and 2.2% of youth, are affected by result to severe problem gambling. A survey conducted in 2001-2006 suggests that the provinces, which have the highest rates of gambling, are Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Quebec and New Brunswick have the lowest.Gambling can be overcome, as there are multiple focussings to f ix your problem. some participate in gamblers anonymous or go to psychotherapy. Medications have been discovered which help reduce the contract to gamble, or thrill that comes with it. Financial counseling and self-help interventions are also ways to go about bushel your addiction. 70% of people who have gambling problems most likely also have another psychiatrical issue therefore they may need more than one type of treatment for their best chance to overcome their problem(s).My personal viewpoint on gambling is that, its not always a bad thing if you can keep it under control, and if it is legal. I think its a good way to have fun if you know your limits. If you have gambling problems it can become quite serious, which in that topic you need to get some sort of help and realize it is not the best lifestyle. After doing this physical composition I realize that it is an important issue that I was not fully aware of, and that it can be harmful to ones present and future just as much as alcohol and drug addictions.Bibliographyhttp// heart and soul/viewer/view.d2l?tId=2157962&ou=1868624 http//

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Rhetoric from Homer to Augustine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rhetoric from Homer to Augustine - Essay Example boss civilization contributed a lot to our modern science and laid foundation of modern scientific conceptions of the humanity inside and outside of us. Rhetoric is just one point of ancient heritage. Rhetoric from Homer to Augustine went done the phase of its origin and becoming when fundament of this art was laid.2. Rhetoric in Greece was one of the three extensive arts. So it was a very important art. In Homer days rhetoric was not astray developed yet, but it is possible to say that Homers contribution to rhetoric is obvious. His epic poems Iliad and Odyssey were full of poetic dialogues, argumentations and treatment exercises for achieving different goals. His poetry influenced further poetic and rhetoric development in Greece. But in fifth century B. C. rhetoric became known for wide people through sophists. They thought people skill of argumentation. Sophists motion was valued rather high as they helped people to defend th eir personal interests, not always fair. So this form of teaching soon declined. Platos teaching was another significant spirit to rhetoric development. He was an thwarter for the sophists. ... Aristotle developed Platos ideas and went further. He introduced rhetoric as a system of particular skills necessary for an orator. It was the next step of rhetoric development. Aristotle identified three main elements of rhetorical art example of an orator, his emotions and his language. It is very important to intuitive feeling the character of the audience, its structure - it will help to choose correct ways of influence on it. Orators character and emotions must be directed to the goals of the speech - his speech must be emotionally-colored, bright and address everybodys police wagon and feelings. The choice of suspend language is also important. It in turn depends on the audience structure and goals to be achieved. So Aristotles system influenced rhetoric very much and prepared fer tile ground for its further abstract and development.3. Rhetoric in Ancient Rome took much from that of Greece, but there were its own features. The main figures of papistical rhetoric were Cicero and Quintilian. Cicero was one of the most brilliant orators of the ancient world. His speeches were full of expression, his influence on the audience was great, his oratorical methods were much imitated in his days and by later orators. Ciceros works on rhetoric were influenced this art in Rome and for further rhetoric development in general. Quintilians treatise Institutes of Oratory was the next step of rhetorical skills systematization. He wrote about five main rhetorical canons. These are development of an argument its arrangement and organization for achieving an appropriate effect definition of the speech style for a determined audience speech delivery methods orators retentiveness needed to keep in mind all elements of the speech. Quintilians

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Happiness can be achieved by anyone through improvement of character, Essay

Happiness can be achieved by any wizard through improvement of character, meditation, and increasing generousness and kindness - Essay ExampleTrue comfort is beyond meaning and description. In his article elated Like God, Critchley emphasizes the idea of happiness as something that even the French philosopher Rousseau could hardly determine. This is because the beauty of the moment of happiness is something that is only likened to a evoke where the soul can find a resting-place secure enough to attain itself and concentrate its entire macrocosm there (Critchley 449). This is actually a time where the present runs on indefinitely and where the past and the future do not weigh yet it is something that no one can define as just the present (449). It is therefore true that happiness is not quantitative or mensurable and it is not the object of any science, old or new (450). This means that, for Critchley, happiness is something that can neer be gauged for not only does happiness depend on the person who is feeling it but besides it depends on the value of the present moment and how each person defines that moment for him. The experience and the feeling one has naturally cannot be quantified and cannot even be expressed in words. Nevertheless, it is closest to the term feeling of existence, or the time when someone feels the moment that he exists and he experiences such(prenominal) happiness (450). Moreover, although unquantifiable, this moment of happiness is in truth much sufficient. In fact, Rousseau defines such a state of happiness as a God-like state as long as this state lasts we argon self sufficient like God (450). This is therefore the highest state of things, or the state where one does not want anything else but to be in such a feeling or such a state. Nevertheless, happiness in any form defies measurement. Happiness is in like manner an experience of tasting and reflection of things and multitude in ones life. While Critchley and Rousseau w ould equate this appreciation and reflection with being alone in the experience of stillness, there were once people like the classic philosopher Epictetus, who thought that happiness is also ones experience of stillness but this stillness is wisdom, and such wisdom is not about being alone but being aware of how to deal with others. For Epictetus, the overleap of wisdom and reason makes one either a sheep or a wild beast, which is what most people are. A sheep will naturally simply act gluttonouslylewdlyrashly, filthily and inconsiderately, while a wild beast would normally act harmfully, passionately and violently (Epictetus). The wisdom that Epictetus means must be similar to the wisdom that Rousseau realized when he thought of a God-like state of existence, only that Epictetus wisdom is order towards ones fellowman. Moreover, according to Epictetus, if people lack wisdom, they tend to worry about and change things that are beyond their control, such as What would others think? or What would others say if I did this? and they then cease being happy. They do not anymore experience that blissful God-like state that Rousseau described earlier. The point of Epictetus is that no matter how intelligent or good someone is, if he does not possess wisdom, he will forever be swayed by other peoples influence as well as by his opinions of the things over which he has no control. Therefore, if one lacks wisdom, one lacks contentment and happiness, and

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The technical procedures behind Peter Andrea's reality TV show on ITV Essay

The technical procedures behind Peter Andreas cosmos TV show on ITV in the UK - adjudicate ExampleA boob tube photographic cameraman,also known as camera operator,handles video cameras or films to record scenes for motion pictures,newscasts,live events and reality TV shows.As part of the camera crew,a cameraman works hand in hand with actors,reality show hosts,directors and other(a) members of fruit team in making both technical and creative decisions As part of the camera crew, a cameraman works hand in hand with actors, reality show hosts, directors and other members of fruit team in making both technical and creative decisions. Basically, cameramen records events taking place for broadcasting purposes.They do so by using technical aspects of lenses, zooms, filters and other various aspects to capture scenes as per the required standards. In addition, it is the duty of a cameraman to test, clean and maintain the cameras. In this vein, they must critically analyse differen t potential challenges likely to be faced during filming and give advice to other members of the filming crew on the appropriate lighting, set-up and angles to set-up the cameras (Shepherd, St. John & Striphas, 2006). A cameraman can work in different settings including proceeds studios, sports venues and television studios as well as in private events such as weddings. In this respect, the equipment used depends on the type of video being taken. For instance, filming live broadcast will mostly use nonmoving cameras while on the other hand recording involving motions that are recorded using track-mounted or stretch forth mounted cameras to capture scenery and movement. Further, cameramen perform video editing using variety of reckoner programs. This path that those who wishes to venture into this career must be knowledgeable not only on electronic, media production and computer hardware, but also possess soft skills for different computer programs. They should also be efficient worry solvers, creative thinkers and with ability to evaluate details analytically. In this regards, this paper seeks to explore cameraman career in a reality TV show. Equipment To produce quality photography and films as a cameraman, latest risque definition equipments are paramount. They should also be maintained to high standards. They include high definition camera for taking photographs and recording shows, and chimera sofbox for providing light. According to Livingstone (1990), Chimera sofbox is highly preferred due to its ability to nonplus beautiful soft light used to light presenters and interviewees. Other equipments include grip equipment for holding cameras, break kit with two headsets for sound recording, additional lenses and a van in the event of transporting the equipment. Academic prepare A bachelors degree is recommended for those wishing to venture in video and reality shows. cameraman career can be achieved by pursuing a degree in video production that tak es between two to four years. During this period, students are trained in-depth on sound and concept development, lighting, editing, storyboarding and more importantly motion graphics. In addition, the dustup covers video manipulation, basic editing, lighting and field production, sound for video and production management. Students can also train in use of software such as final get up Pro or Photoshop. Further, a student who wishes to further education can consider taking bachelor of Arts in Television Production. Through this program, students will learn theory, history and basic forms of production. In addition, course work could include sound and picture editing, media research, broadcast news gathering, broadcast writing, visual design, advanced television production, media law and telecommunications management. Even though a cameraman requires some form of training an individual evoke in this career should be eager to learn more and with the right attitude towards the pro fession. In addition, a career as a cameraman requi