Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Growth of Internet Business :: essays research papers

Introduction The history of the net profit traces its roots to the unite States government. The original use of the information system was to maintain communication during the mothy war, with the Soviet Union in 1969, by the Department of Defense, incase of a nuclear attack or a major catastrophe. The National Science nates created the Internet based on the ARPAnet. The first mass connection was between the University of California Santa Barbara, Stanford Research Institute, the University of Utah and the University of California Los Angeles.Ray Tomlinson develops E-mail in 1972.The ARPAnet became obsolete in 1982, but the basis for the program is still used at the present time. The Web began in 1989it wasnt released to the world till the early 90s thats when it became the World Wide Web. In 1993 Marc Andressen created software for the Internet to publish text, images and sound. Andressen also introduced the first graphical Web browser, called Mosaic, still in use today. The Uni ted States runs most of the access to the Internet with 62% of all the routers, next closest is the United Kingdom with 5.2%. That is just an example of what America controls much on the Internet. 70% of the writing on the Internet is in English, next is Japanese. Statistics say 1 in 3 people use the Internet for E- Mail, 1 in 6 use it because they want to find out how it works, 1 in 8 want business information and 1 in 2 go to the Internet for education, hobbies, job listings, and entertainment. In 1993 less than 1% of users paid for use of the Internet. By 1995, it rose to over 200% due to the profits companies made from the providing this service. This became a familiar change that businesses have made since the beginning of the information highway. It was then clear that the Internet wasnt going anywhere anytime soon. This stared a trend, which is still being tangle today and into the near future. Because of the demand for the Internet around the World, and the amount of capit al a business could make that provides this service, is astounding, a good example of this is Cisco, a in one case Silicon Valley based business, which is now a Internet technology provider, reaped in $10 billion in 1986 without an IPO (initial public offering), and this is 14 years before the Internet became what it is today.

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