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Reasonable expectation of privacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reasonable expectation of silence - Essay ExampleIt is also the starting point of analysis in determining whether or non a violation of the Fourth Amendment has occurred (Jones, 1997). The Constitutional principle reposed in the Fourth Amendment that protects the right to privacy of a citizen against un likely searches and seizures is triggered when (1) the citizen has a manifested subjective expectation of privacy, (2) and one that society is willing to accept as objectively reasonable. California v. Greenwood (486 U.S. 35 1988). However, the Supreme Court has come up with a long line of cases forge out exceptions to the rule and stating the circumstances where no search occurred as there is no violation of reasonable expectation of privacy.One of the first circumstances is that of false friends. This is embodied in the case of Hoffa v. United States (385 U.S. 293 1966), where the suspect had made some disclosures to a person he thought to be a union official, provided was in fa ct a government agent. Hoffa claimed that it was an illegal search and claimed his reasonable expectation of privacy. The argument did non hold, however, as the Supreme Court found that the government agent was in the suite by invitation and each conversation which he heard was either directed to him or knowingly carried on in his presence. (page 302).The entropy circumstance given by the Supreme Court is abandoned property, meaning that there can be no reasonable expectation of privacy where the evidence has been dumped in a public place and fair play enforcement agents slang managed to retrieve it. A good example is a gun that has been thrown in a garbage bin, and thus leaving it exposed to the general public or to a definite tierce party. That evidence can be rightly used against him.The third circumstance is physical attributes on display. The courts have held that there cannot possibly be an expectation of privacy when what is sought to be excluded as evidence is physica l characteristics that

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Essay on The Reconstruction Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

On The Reconstruction - Essay ExampleAccording to Foner (2012), the main pay off of reconstructive memory after the urbane war was to unite the people of American as one so that they could view themselves as a nation united together to bring about change and evolution in the American state. In this regard, there was the adoption of the 13 amendment in America which brought an end to thralldom and all the people of America were protected under the law. The blacks were given the right to participate in the voter turnout process and they could also be elected in the governments seats. This was as a result of the enactment of the civil rights act. The blacks in the southern states were also represented in drafting of the new constitution that gave them access to political institutions. Racial equality was one of the ways proposed by the congress to bring about democracy in the south. For the first time in the history of America, there was racial integration of both races in the con gress. For instance, the blacks from the metropolis of Albama got the opportunity of occupying seats in the congress this was an enterprise to bring about the interracial democracy. However capital of Nebraska idea was criticized by majority of the whites from the beginning of reconstructive memory whose main agenda was to rule out the supremacy of the blacks in government. In this case, the whites formed their own organizations as a way of ruling out the blacks office and participation in congress. Slavery in America meant that the African-Americans were cut off from their family ties but with the emergence of reconstruction they had the opportunity to interact freely with their families and they were also given the right to access educational institutions and churches which were majorly dominated by the whites. The inlet of reconstruction was in this case to ensure that the blacks enjoyed their rights the same way as the whites (Foner, 2012). In attempt to reconstruct the sout hern states, the whites posed a big challenge to the federal government. Among the challenges experienced during the process of reconstruction involved lack of cooperation from the whites in the south. It was observed that some of the officials elected in the governmental positions were not sufficient and so they could not deliver their services effectively. However the whites tried to intimidate the blacks and influenced them to continue working for them. With the capital of Nebraska success in reconstruction, his successor Johnson did not embrace his idea. In this case, the federal land was returned back to the owners forcing the blacks to surrender the land they had previously obtained. Johnson view on reconstruction was that the blacks had no role to play in government. He took keen interest on the whites and this made him to appoint them to governmental positions (Foner, 2012). A period of 1886 saw the introduction of laws and implementation of policies to moderate Andrew poli cies. Among the bills that were introduced in the house was the civil bill which gave the right of all American citizens to move part in elections this was regardless of race. This bill did not specify whether the blacks were given the mandate to vote. This created a constituent of debates between the congress and president Johnson as he was seen abusing the office and so a called for his removal with a vote of no confidence

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Health Promotion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health Promotion - naming ExampleDespite the fact that these health complications ar prevent adequate, they argon still a major contest in the modern world. By looking at some of the fixed and variable costs probably to be incurred by individuals with these complications, this paper has been able to come up with a rough estimate of the bonny costs likely to be incurred by individuals. Despite the availability of information both online and locally, diabetes and obesity are still a major threat in the twenty-first century. These are just some of the viridity lifestyle diseases. Healthcare provides often overcharge treatment services of these diseases especially those in the private sector. By looking at the average cost of treatment in the average society, we can be able to come up with a budget of the average cost of treatment. The budget may seem a bit inclined to the high class of people and disadvantage the middle and low-class people in the society. The main reason why this may be the case is that some of the equipment used to treat these diseases are rather expensive and rare. Additionally, these diseases are associated with the wealthy members of the society. Cost benefit analysisDespite the fact that progression of health services is non meant to be a business venture, it ought to be conducted in an economically sustainable way. In this case, the total benefits may not be quantifiable in monetary terms. All in all, the promotion process is fruitful since it helps the country save a lot and maintain health standards at bottom its territories. Worthiness of implementing health promotion activity based on the cost-benefit analysis The issue of whether or not to implement promotion activities remains to be a controversial matter. Health providers are torn between whether to conduct health promotion activities or not to (Tones and Tilford 2001). While these activities may be resource

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Interpreter of Maladies, Symbols of Love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Interpreter of Maladies, Symbols of Love - Essay ExampleThe tolerate triggers memories of the life they had together. It is a story of call uped and lost love. Shukumar and Shoba have taken to living separate lives in their possess home. He and Shoba had become experts at avoiding each former(a) in their three bedroom brook. (Lahiri 1999, p7) This thought makes Shukumar remember how it was before. He used to look forward to the weekends, when they simply spent time together. They would look into each others eyes and reach for each other, before they went to sleep. Their home started as a place where the fit spent time together and loved each other. They were expecting to start a family there.As Shukumar is preparing the evening repast he remembers the time Shoba would take care of the cooking. The pantry was always stocked with extra bottles of olive and clavus oil. (Lahiri 1999, p9) He thought about how Shoba would always go to the market to make sure they had enough sustena nce in their home. Boxes and jars of food filled the room to the point they thought grandchildren would enjoy the treats waiting there. When friends would come by she would cook grand meals that seemed like she was cooking the entire day. Now Shukumar did the cooking. He used recipes that Shoba had, with hand write notes stating the date the couple shared the meal. Shoba, at one time, nurtured her home with food and friends. She made sure that there was more than enough.During this time the neighborhood is experiencing scheduled blackouts. The dynamic of their relationship changes as they share secrets in the dark. Something happened when the house was dark. (Lahiri 1999, p23) They started to talk, after months of virtual silence. They open themselves up to each other, eventually confessing their biggest secrets. Shoba plans to move into her own apartment. Shukumar confesses that he held their son, something she didnt get to do. He promised that he would never tell her because of h is love for her, but the last few age show that he

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Planning and time scale Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

be after and time scale - Essay Examplemanaging the main risks as well as measuring the share intercommunicate performance and fin anyy providing appropriate project management period on how the implementation and armed proceeds support for providing VOICE services to VOs.Time is everything for this particular project. In that regard, here below is a institution of how the project management is to be done which includes the timescales (Kerzner, 2013 97). It is important to note here that though the project is hypothetic to be group work, each(prenominal) member of the group is mandated to play a specific role and thusly the planning here below refers to each member and hence the group.The group leader calls for a impact to do evaluations of the impact of the approach chosen on how compatible is the software to ISO 25000 SQuaRE Standards. This is done by every member where software product quality is thoroughly analyzed by each member and findings presented by each member in the group. The group then checks on all the findings presented by each memberEach member is allocated one service process that is affected by the VOICE project whereby he is required to outline every key activity that is required to execute that very service process within the organization.Cost benefit psychoanalysis begins and this is collaboratively done by each member of the group. This involves analysis of whether the change of the software is adding value to the company. For thoroughness, each member is given a specific area which he analyses thoroughly then gives then gives the findings to the group who then does fine analysis.The group leader leads the group into identifying and assessing all emerging issues which include all legal matters and any technical risks involved in the change. The group lays mass mitigation ways. Once the issues have been identified, the work is shared among each

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Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value Case Study

Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value - Case reputation ExampleThe number of subject matter experts significantly increased by involving L & D organizations in each line of credit unit. As the practiseforce is skilled through effective training, they can collaborate and die for attaining common business goals. There is consensus and commonality of goals and values in each strategic business units come through through training initiatives. Besides, Verizon leadership development program recruits best talents from colleges, and are presumptuousness 24 calendar month customized leadership curriculum which can result in high performance and operational effectiveness.2. According to Kreitner, organisational culture includes three layers like observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions and, culture change is possible only if the steering targets on any one of these basic aspects (p. na). In Verizon, the CEO Lowell Mc Adam desired to turn t ail towards adhocracy and market culture. Adhocracy culture in Verizon could be identified from dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative work place which is variable to new technologies. For example, prior to the rolling out of new technology 4G LTE network, a training of 60000 plus hours was given to Sales and service reps (Case Study, 258). For measuring the effectiveness of training, a pre training snapshot of success is defined with the attend of key stakeholders and business partners, and this pre-training snapshot is compared with post training snapshot. Through the adhocracy culture, when new innovations are introduced, workforce becomes flexible and creative to new changes.The move towards market culture could be identified from the result oriented work place in Verizon and focus in increasing share value. One of the prime goals of Verizon is to lead in shareholder value, and this is implemented through Leading Shareholder Value education program (LSV) which is led by CEO an d CFO of Verizon. In this program, senior leaders are placed in cross business units and teams, and they should

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How Technology has Affected Nurses Research Paper

How Technology has Affected Nurses - Research Paper ExampleSo she leave al wizard nutrition all the data about a particular uncomplaining in the computers so that others butt joint usage this data and respond properly. Impatient vexation is provided by a team of support lag that rarely meets as a group but is in constant communication. Each team outgrowth is dealing with multiple patients and wangle management tasks with many information transfers and patient hand offs that must be reliable and coordinated if make do is to be effective safe and timely(Turisco & Rhoads, 2008, p.3) According to Rantz et al (2005), Technology has the capability to help address common problems encountered by sure-enough(a)er adults related to functional decline. Collaboration between Nursing, information processing system Engineering, and Health Informatics is likely on a path to improve the quality of life of seniors (Rantz et al., 2005, p.40). senior healthcare is a big problem everywhere in the world. It should be noted that many of the old people may lose their functionality partially or fully during their end of life situations. Nurses may tone lot of problems while managing such(prenominal) patients. Better technologies can help nurses immensely in dealing with such cases. Lots of new technologies are currently in place to assist nurses in their profession. Distant care is one area in which technology helps nursing profession immensely. For example, it is possible for the nurses to delectation home dialysis equipment to mixed bag the blood of the patients in their home itself. Better communication technologies with the help of internet enhance the two communication theory between the patients and the nurses. For example telecare technology is currently used extensively in America to provide care to the needy people even from a distant place. Technology has greatly influenced the evolution of... As the raillery declaresclinical information systems, electroni c health records, drug retrieval and delivery systems, personal digital assistants, medical devices etc are some areas in which technology helps nursing profession in one way or another. Charting and documentation are other areas in which technology helps nurses immensely.From the report it is clear that impatient care is one area in which technology helps nursing professionals. It should be noted that impatient care is provided by a group of support staffs including nurses that meets rarely in person. For example, nurses are working in shifts and therefore it is difficult for a nurse in the previous shift to give all the feedbacks about a particular patient directly to the nurse working in the present or future shifts. So she will feed all the data about a particular patient in the computers so that others can use this data and respond properly.Lots of new technologies are currently in place to assist nurses in their profession. Distant care is one area in which technology helps nu rsing profession immensely. For example, it is possible for the nurses to use home dialysis equipment to change the blood of the patients in their home itself. The influence of technology on nursing care can be visible not only in the cases of patients with chronic diseases, but also in the case of patients with minor diseases like fever. For example, earlier nurses used glass thermometers for recording the body temperatures of patients.

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Pentagon Museum of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Pentagon Museum of Art - Essay ExamplePlace and time are ii texts. So my personal Pentagon Museum of Art is both a place and a long sequence in time.My hiding place is located on the roof of a Midtown Manhattan building. It is a light blue pentagon-shaped edifice with a yellow elflike door as its only entrance. I retreat in that junior-grade space of paradise during my off hours. After work in an ad agency as a copywriter, I come over here to relax, to take a nap, to resume writing my first novel, or to take a look at its surrounding white-painted w all in alls each one holding in its climb up a masterpiece work of art by Salvador Dal and Pablo Picasso. They are my favorite painters so I placed 5 of their paintings on the tailfin skirts of my private Pentagon Museum of Art right on top of a metropolitan apartment building in New York.My Pentagon is an arts Pentagon, not a military one. I find myself at peace with my own self here. Its a metalinguistic feeling that I enjoy to the max. I displace lye on the bed. I can write my novel. I can watch closely at the paintings. I can read a book. I can listen to music. My favorite music. My favorite books. Intertextuality. Intratextuality. Extratextuality. alone of them merge within my own self. Intertextuality among the paintings. Intratextuality inside my novel. Extratextuality with the surrounding environment that feeds my urgings for creating a different and distinct humankind of my own. The text becomes a sign, and according to C. S. Peirce the sign can be an icon, a symbol, or an index. Intertextuality can be an icon, intratextuality an index, and extratextuality a symbol. I have decided to make everything in all out of my hiding place. My Pentagon Museum of Art. My little piece of paradise on Earth. Here there is no place for luxury. Everything is common and simple. there is a fridge by the door. Five windows on each side of the pentagon. There is a computer circumvent in the middle of the room with its corresponding PC on top. Five paintings of two master artists of all time Salvador Dal and Pablo Picasso. There is a small bed by the top vortex, between the two top sides of the pentagon. A nice sound equipment with the Sony trademark right by the side of the computer table. There is an executive rotating chair in front of the computer table. Here everything is interconnected. Thats part of the hyperlinking of the objects. One leads to the other. I can go in a matter of seconds from the radio to the computer, from the chair right onto the bed. And I can resile from my bed in order to take a fresh look at one of the Dals Christs. Texts are interwoven in my mind as well as in this little retreat of powderpuff and peace. Every text has its rhythm, and I find meaning in the rhythm of this small building with five walls and a quiet sound of the music in my ears. That is Bob Dylan playing with The Traveling Wilburys. At the determination of the Line. Yes. At the very end of the l ine I find a melody filled with amity in the creativeness of my life. I find meaning in each and every white wall with the paintings hanging like sovereign pieces of wonderful signs. Picasso and Dal share with me their meaningful creatures of their minds. Dylan does his part beautifully notification Blowing in the Wind. Like a Rolling Stone is coming up after that tune. I keep writing on my clone PC. My first novel is taking

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Operational Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Operational Scenario - Essay ExampleIn a focus on justice criterion, rules atomic number 18 imposed and enforced fairly and impartially so that there is twin distribution of costs and benefits among individuals, too protects the interests of the less(prenominal) powerful and underrepresented individuals (Livingstone 2009). Thus, the best ethical decision criteria that can be used in addressing the problems in spite of appearance the prison would be a focus on justice criterion. This is because using justice criterion protects the interests of the less powerful and the underrepresented individual. Justice criterion is best in protecting the inmates from the prison staff. The first group enamor shows that the prison staff uses punitive approach toward the inmate population. This shows that the inmates are been abused by the staff, which could be the intellectual why there has been a lot gang-related violence in the prisons. It is also clear that racial individuality is the bigg est problem among the prison staff. Hence, use of the focusing on justice criterion would ensure there is equal distribution of duties and responsibilities among the staff without regards to race. However, focusing on justice criterion can affect productiveness and novelty because it encourages a sense of entitlement that reduces the ability of an individual to take risks. 2. Within a prison, military operation and sociable locating norms are likely to be norms that reinforce consistency among staff. How is this likely to affect overall job contentment? What effect provide it have on employees who are not conforming in personality? In every organization e.g. a prison, it is crucial to have group norms in ordination to ensure productivity and development of the organization. As stated by Chevalier (2007), norms are acceptable or unacceptable standards of mien that are shared by all members in a group. They are mainly created in order to facilitate group survival, avoid embar rassing situations, make behavior of individuals more predictable, and to express the values of the group. The performance norms determine how group members should be engaged in their work i.e. how quickly they should work and produce (Livingstone 2009). Their main purpose is to govern levels of individual effort. The social arrangement norms are created in order to influence the promiscuous social interactions within a group such as meeting after work social groups or lunch social groups. Thus, these norms are likely to promote overall job gaiety and productivity within a prison. According to Daft and Marcic (2008), performance norms promote sleaze which is essential for productivity of the group. The cohesiveness and productivity of a group depends on the performance norms. For instance, if the performance norms are high, a group will be more cohesive and productive, but if the performance norms are low, productivity will also be low. As stated by Robbins and Judge (2010), indi viduals who conform to group norms experience more positive emotions referable to conformity hence result to positive work attitude and job satisfaction. Moreover, the social arrangement norms enhance day to day interaction of the prison staff, the supervisors and the inmates thus, promoting job satisfaction. What effect will it have on employees who are not conforming in personality? The personality of an employee determines how they behave, think and feel about their job satisfaction or jobs. The attitudes of

Music assignments Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Music assignments - engagement ExampleBy rigid vocal orchestration it is meant the seconds and thirds are 3rd (Me i.e., 3rd stemma from the expel note) and 5th (So i.e., 5th note from the root note) derivatives. Instead the vocal accordance is created by the creative blend of different note progressions altogether. This kind of vocal symphony is more predominant in putzal presentations for case a violin line playing on the background while a main instrument or voice is reciting the main written material.This secular motet is in many ways different from the sacred chants that we earn listened to in the past. It has a polyphonic texture and also a varying duple, triple meter. Rather it doesnt strictly follow a particular meter just sticking to a metronome rather. It has complex harmony sections giving rise to minor 7ths and minor augmented chords. It is also rich in melody and has a shifting root note, which means that not one root chord or root note can be identified, that st ays as the reference through show up the song. It is less structured and more mellifluous having complex phrases, grace notes and touch notes. It easily falls under the category of sacred choir melody rather than periodic and rhythmic chanting. The timbre is also quite different through the synthesis of sextuple voices forming the instrumental base and giving the composition a reverberating and continuously flowing tonal background. The composition also has chromatic note progressions and chromatic tonic change of chords.Berliozs Symphonie Fantastique is a Symphony Concerto involving the biography of a story musically through the caper and conversation of instruments created by different notes. Climax is brought out through the high pitched and rhythmic progressions of violins. The quick succession of notes or straight-through notes brings the effect of a drama and a peak of emotion. Smetanas The Moldau on the other hand is a Symphonic Poem meant for

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Narrative about a fictional town named McMinden Essay

Narrative about a pretended town named McMinden - Essay ExampleThe following flight clearly shows that migration is prevalent in the town of McMinden McMinden is a small city in the farm belt, with a population of 20,000, along the Gilligan river. German immigrants began populating the Gilligan river valley starting time in the 1880s, along with other white settlers moving west from Kentucky and Indiana, as well as a few black settlers from the South. The concept of sociological perspective is being followed generally in the town as it is followed everywhere in the world. In our general life it is seen that if an Asian migrates to United States then he tends to hire the same perspective as being practiced in United States. The division of social classes was non broad enough in the previous times as it has become now. The prestige of individuals was not judged upon by their level of wealth but it was rather inherited or attained by their reputation of righteousness. fountain exis ted in the olden times too but it generally was categorized for limited individuals. Nowadays it is seen that motive is abruptly managed by a lot of individuals. All these individuals are key players in the decision make of the society. Social classes can also be witnessed in the town of McMinden as shown by the following passage The richest part of the town is a subdivision built around Lake Elmo.

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Atlantic Slave Trade and Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Atlantic hard worker Trade and Christianity - Essay Example213). After its abolition by the start of the 19th century, slavery materialized in the South as product of the trans-Atlantic affair. Christianity by then was already present because of the European settlers and colonizers in the sensitive World. Issues have been raised pertaining to the legality of slavery in the laws of God comp atomic return 18d to the laws of man and the society. From these things, a question emerges What is the bequest the Atlantic slave deal brought to the white and black Christians In order to address this question, this paper gives a background of the Atlantic slave trade including the main places who participated in the triangular trade. It also mentions the role of Christianity in assessing slave-ownership and slave trade in America.Nathan Nunn (2005) reports the total slave exports from Africa in the year 1410 up to 1913 as shown in range of a function 1. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade has t he highest African slave exports with a total of 12.7 one million million slaves. It is followed by the Trans-Saharan trade with approximately 3 million exports. The Red Sea and Indian Ocean trades have 1.3 million and 1.1 million respectively. He also showed the top African countries that have the highest slave exports in the same duration. Nigeria, Zaire and Angola are the three highest slave exporting countries with a total of almost 2 million exported slaves each (12 percent). (Nunn 2005)Figure 1The Triangular TradeAn important feature surrounding the trans-Atlantic trade is the triangular trade. In 1450 until the latter(prenominal) part of the 19th century, the African slaves were acquired by the European countries like Portugal from westbound Africa. The kings and merchants in Africa fully back up the routine because they got different varieties of trade goods like beads, cowrie shells, textiles, brandy, horses and guns. This process describes the first side of the triangul ar trade. From West Africa, the acquired African slaves were transported to the New World. This represents the middle or the second side of the triangular trade. This part of the trade was the pommel for the African slaves because they suffered malnutrition and new diseases en-route to the New World. After reaching the New World, the slaves worked on different plantations. The final products cotton, sugar, tobacco, molasses, and mirthful were shipped to Europe. This scheme is the final side of the triangular trade.1B. Main ActorsPortugalIn the year 1502, there were reports of the existence of African slaves in the New World or now the Unites States of America. Portugal was regarded in that time as the country that held a monopoly of African slaves for almost 200 years starting from 1440 up to 1640. The Portuguese played a major(ip) role in exporting the slaves from Africa during the span of time. For almost four and a half centuries, Portugal had exported an approximate number of 4.5 million African slaves accounting to 40 percent of the overall number.2Britain Britain also participated in the trans-Atlantic slave trade although later it instituted the banning of slave trade. In the early decades of the 18th century Britain was a key bargainer who transported 2.5 million out the 6 million

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The worlds scariest virus of all viruses Research Paper

The worlds scariest virus of all viruses - Research Paper ExampleViruses are the smallest existing microorganisms which may be made up of either DNA or RNA as their means of storing genetic information. They only survive and replicate inside host cells like those of tenders and flush animals. This paper is aimed at examining the list of top viruses that make water proven deadly in the world today and rase in the recent years. It also explains in brief the predisposing factors that favor the survival of these viruses, their effects in human bodies and the general effect of them in the world. Some of the viruses discussed, in order of their deadliness, include the Human Immune-deficiency virus, Ebola virus and the Rotavirus. This listing method may vary from one state to another, depending on epidemiology and environmental conditions of the state. The impact of these viruses on the working economy of the world is also analyzed, given the increasing trend in occurrences of vira l affections. innovation What would one say or think is the worlds number one killer of human beings today? Would they think its war, automobile accidents, or maybe even cancers? If one were to assume those answers, then that would be completely wrong. This paper the ordain try to prove that the deadliest things to mankind are viruses. In this paper, the author will list the top three killers of all times, specifically the number one deadly virus cognise to us as HIV. This paper will go into deep detail of the number one virus and its effects on the human beings body. ... The virus is introduced into the human body through mingled ways, including sexual intercourse, blood transfusion and congenital transmission from mother to child (WHO, 2013). Once the virus has realised itself, it survives and thrives killing the mentioned cells, damaging the infected persons immunity and leaving them more at risk of acquiring infections. Once the virus has destroyed ones immune system, the person is left indefensible to secondary infections and other opportunistic diseases. The majority of people infected with HIV develop AIDS at later stages of the virus progression. Once a patient has AIDS, tumors, and a number of infections, which are controlled by the CD4+ T helper cells, begin to manifest. Predisposing Factors There are various predisposing factors for the virus to establish itself in the body and mother a disease. Those at risk of contracting the disease are drug users who use needles to inject themselves, those who have multiple sex partners, and practice unprotected sex. Infants who are born to mothers who are infected by the disease are also at risk of contracting the virus. Once infected, the virus can last for even ten years before the clinical signs appear. This makes it more dangerous as one can poke out transmitting the virus to others unknowingly. The clinical presentation of the resultant disease varies, depending on the persons nutritional status and their immunity, from one person to another. The clinical signs include fever, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle pains, rashes and sores in the body, and headaches among others. To show the presence of the virus in the body, antibodies against the virus, which are produced in case the virus invade the body, are detected

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Analysis of Federal Courts Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Federal Courts - Article ExampleU.S. Magistrate Judge. Magistrate Judges are appointed to avail the U.S. District Judges with their court of law duties. They are authorized by the U.S. law of Title 28 of the fall in States Code. (Magistrate Judgeship, 2011)U.S. District Courts. District courts are the general courts in the United States federal court structure that hold in both civil and criminal cases. Known to be the court of law, court of equity, and court of admiralty. (United States Courts, 2011)U.S. Courts of Appeal. Court of Appeals is the courts that contrive the power and influence for intermediate appellate of decided court cases. This is also known as move courts. (United States Courts, 2011)U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court is nevertheless the highest court in the United States. This court has the ultimate appellate jurisdiction through the entire states and federal courts. This is also regarded as the court of the last resort. (United States Courts, 20 11)specialised Courts. Specialized courts are courts that possess entitlement of jurisdiction of the specified cases such as the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the U.S. Court of outside(a) Trade, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Tax Court. (Gale, 2011)Federal Judicial Administration. The federal judicial administration is smaller than the court systems in many states. Judge Russel Wheeler had described this as a product of accretion quite than specific design, but it is a system that members of the governance and administrativeConsequences of Federal Involvement in the deplorable Justice System. Federal law has overwhelmingly changed the nations criminal justice system particularly the last menses of the century.

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Borrowings in Classical Music Between Countries, Composers, Different Essay - 1

Borrowings in Classical Music Between Countries, Composers, Different Ages - try on ExampleThe opera Fidelio was performed in 1805 and was the only opera of L. Beethoven. 1805 was a watershed between German classicism and German Romanticism marked a new era in German music and dainty movement. The opera Fidelio belongs to German Classic era depicting domestic comedy and high seriousness of companionable landscape. The artistic movement of this age was open to every foreign idea, new or old, and interested itself in every accessible literature. It was partly because the artistic movement was not deeply rooted in the content life that it drew so much of its matter from foreign sources, until as critics have seen a rely for national originality began to arise, in advance of patriotism. It is obvious that the free use of the intellectual and artistic capital of Germans neighbors was an advantage, even a necessity for Germany in her backward condition these countries themselves had freely plundered tiptop civilization in their own day as every young literature must these in their incident made no secret of his immense debt to France and England. That the results of these borrowings were not always fortunate goes without saying Insel Felsenburg and Die schwedische Gr five have few of the merits of the work of Defoe and Richardson. simply what is perhaps peculiar to Germany in this matter of imitation is that the enclothe became so deeply rooted that even national pride could not affect it much, and came in fact, by a natural compensation, to claim this very receptivity as a national virtue (Breuilly, 2001). The German nation, narrowly confined geographically and politically disunited, cannot be expected to produce one, and, speaking just aft(prenominal) the French Revolution, Goethe hesitates to wish for the upheaval that would be required in Germany to prepare the way for classical works. But his words indicate that it is by no means certain that he would have disapproved of the Nationalism of advance(a) Germany if he could have lived to see it (Gagliardo 1991). He might have looked upon it as a necessary storey in the evolution of truly classical German literature.

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An analysis of attempts deal with the problem of smuggling of human beings Essay Example for Free

An analysis of attempts deal with the problem of smuggle of adult male beings Essay1. foundingThere ar many factors that entice some people to use illegal means to present the joined States, the member states of the European Union and other countries. One of the illegal means is done pitying smuggle. Two of the main reasons argon pegged on social as well as economic ties. early(a) reasons could be the political instability, armed conflict, rapid population growth, environmental degradation, widening economic disparities between countries, and a worsening unemployment crisis in the Asia Pacific region are all a few of the reasons that have sparked some(prenominal) waves of homosexual smuggling activities. Human smuggling always entails people leaving their home country where their love matchlesss are waiting for them to send screen home money to fee for their familys daily expenses. For, serviceman being exhort to violating the immigration laws of their decision c ountries by first appearance through the smuggling channels because in gullion to acquire that elusive bag of gold offered in the destination country.In Congo, homophiles are disastrous to Europe by passing them off as musicians and dancers (Bafalikike 2003, 65). This bag of gold includes protection from dangers to their life digest home, employment, higher wages and a better life. Thus, these people are forced to leave their country of theme either voluntarily or even involuntarily to improve their life to secure their lives, to secure their families and friends and their properties back home (Hampson, and Hay 2004).2. export Operation-The OrganisationHuman Smuggling from China to the join States has a dogged history. This started with the coupled States interpretation of the term refugee in 1996. Consequently, the last ten long time saw the merciful smuggling of Chinese citizens has increased from a menial scale regional movement to a major world(prenominal) enterpri se (Kung 2000, 1271).The Chinese smuggling ne cardinalrk is run by big snakeheads that have institutionalized ne devilrks of small snakeheads, debt collectors and enforcers. With the good relationship with local Chinese g everywherenment officials, many snakeheads present themselves as philanthropists for they donate giant sums of bollocks upion money to improve their chosen home villages (Smith 2002).The smuggled humans do not perpetually meet these snakeheads but are only in communication with the snakeheads representatives or employees. Some of the smaller snakeheads are local Chinese residents who entice customers and collect down payments. In addition, droves of middlemen tour the human smuggles from one transport point to the next until they wee-wee their destination unify States. Upon arrival on the get together States shores, these human smuggles are then imprisoned by the tour guides until they pay their fees.The big snakeheads normally hire gang members to collect the human smuggles debts. However, on that point is no flagrant evidence that organized crime holds the strings in the Chinese human smuggling business (Ruddock 2001). Evidently, the Chinese human smuggling business is controlled by so -called enterpreneurs who are involved in some(prenominal)(prenominal) criminal activities(Jandl, 2004).The tour guides and entrepreneurs juicily talk to their hapless victims that they have to pay only a small monetary price in exchange for a richer life in the United States. Thus, the go outing Chinese victims endure the dangerous hold out by sea, air and land in insensate conditions that are worsened by the violent abuses of the enforcers (Chu 2000, 111). The entrepreneurs or Chinese smugglers charges very exorbitant fees ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 for each person for their human smuggling services. To ensure success, the human smuggles pay the smugglers gobs of money in exchange for expiration through the high seas. The Chinese smugg les then are not forced to as indentured servants in American nourishment services establishments or sweatshops to pay their smugglers. In fact, human smuggling has increased in alarming rate to a greater extent (ORourke 2002, p1).For, the smugglers immediately collect the human smuggles debts from the friends and relatives of the newly arrived Chinese human smuggles in full upon arrival in the United States. Consequently, the smugglers volition torture the human smuggles and inform the relatives that further malign will continue thus forcing their relatives and friends to pay the human smuggles debts if payment has not been made generally in one weeks time (Jandl, 2004).Usually, the Chinese human smuggles come from the Chinese province of Fujian.The smuggling networks starting the 1980s have already smuggled more than ten thousand Fujians into the United States. Fujian lies along the edgeal Mainland side of China which is the main Chinese shipping route for export and import of goods. In fact, Fujian is the birthplace of the founder of the Chinese Triad, San Lian Hui, which is the center of Chinese Smuggling. Human smuggling here was ignited when the state of war brought about by the Qing dynasty in the 19th century where thousands of Fujians fled the island to escape the war and financial hardships then.The main root system of the Fujian human smuggles are people living around Fuzhou City in the northern part of Fujian province. Here, several villages are housed many Chinese whose relatives are in the United States. The residents here are dependent on the money sent from their relatives in the United States. Unquestionably, money is the push factor that has forced many Chinese to illegitimately enter the United States. Along this line, many Chinese officials are being corrupted to suspend a smooth transfer of the Chinese smuggles right(prenominal) of China which weakens most levels of the Chinese society (Jandl, 2004).Further, one expert clarified t hat corruption of Chinese government officials plus the decentralization of the Chinese economy erupted into a massive unrest in the Chinese Society. Thus, this unrest increased the number of Chinese smuggled outside of China. The Chinese government could not plosive consonant the human smuggling because the Chinese officials in the smuggling areas were corrupt and cared more about the money they will receive through bribes than implementing the Chinese governments efforts to cut human smuggling in China.The ordinary Chinese citizen finds it an uphill climb in terms of procuring conk out documents to enter the United States. On the other hand, the rich, educated and professional Chinese residents can easily travel abroad including the United States and members of the European Union States. For, the Chinese government are very strict in giving out passports to Chinese people applying for permission to go abroad. Normally, the legal way to go the United States includes applying for a passport from their local village officials. Then, the visa and passport applicant will apply at the United States Embassy in Beijing or the Consulate in Guangzhou. After, the Chinese applicant must apply with the mankind Security Bureau for the final document needed to leave China. The final paper is the exit permit. However, there are many bureaucratic obstacles hounding the application in every step of the application process (Lubbers 2002).The human smugglers ply their trade by giving their clients bull documents and passage to the United States. Also, the lax immigration checkpoints in China and the trip countries until the United States have made human smuggling a very paying and happy encounter. For, the smugglers make lots of money in return for a happy arrival into the United States. In addition, other authorities offer high prices to give their passports to clients. In addition, Chinese government officials themselves pay the human smugglers to smuggle their familie s and friends into the United States at an obviously discounted price. The human smuggling travel passes through several transit points. There are dangers along bend of the way. The trip takes from a few weeks to even a year. The ride passes through Southeast Asian countries, Europe and South or Central AmericaThe human smuggles are at the mercy of the snakeheads and the enforcers.Not all human smuggling was successful. On June, 1993, the freighter gilt Venture ran aground in New York. It was discovered that more than three hundred Chinese smuggles were packed in 800 square feet of cargo space and had been at sea for more than three months with little food and water, no lifer preservers and only one ladder as escape route in case of danger. Upon discovery, an estimated two hundred Chinese smuggles jumped ship and swim across the literally ice cold New York irrigate ashore where more than ten people died from froze bite swimming in the freezing water. Ten of the migrants died enc hantment trying to reach the shore(Schneider, Steiner, and Romaine 2003). In addition, the early nineties saw xxx two ships carrying a total of more than five thousand Chinese migrants traveling towards the United States that were caught many stop over points in Asia, South America and Europe.After the Golden Venture Crackdown, still continued to brave the betting odds that were heavily stocked in miniscule fashion in the Chinese smuggles favour in look for boats. In fact, one United States INS officer stated that at any given point in time, thirty thousand Chinese are literary packed in sardine like safety device houses around the world waiting for that rare and opportune time to enter the United States through the discerning smuggle entry points. Importantly, any clear and fast distinction between human smuggling and human trafficking seems spurious (Skeldon 2003 p.1).In 1998, the United States INS service uncovered a criminal syndicate that focused on smuggling up to one hund red fifty Chinese people per month into the United States through the Canadian border (Smart, 994, p 98). The criminal syndicates network encompassed five continents because they earn lots of money in this illegal activity. The method was to smuggle the Chinese through Canada by giving them fake passports.The Chinese smuggles then were sent to New York City passing through the Saint Regis Mohawk land at Akwesasne. This was an American Indian Reserve the lies between the boundary of the United States and Canada. This smuggling was busted and thirty seven members of the smuggling ring were send backed. After the Canada bust, the smugglers focused their entry point through Mexico City (Cholewinski 1997, 4). Smuggling humans through Mexico had declined during the Great Depression of 1929 (Hansen 2006 Spener and Staudt 1998, null5). Recently, the Chinese smuggling ring is using Guam as its stop over point (Jandl, 2004).Furthermore, many human smugglers use commercial airplanes to deliv er their human smuggles so that the coast guard and the border patrol could not find them. Flying the human smuggles through the air lanes was more successful and comfortable as compared to the overly tight border patrols. The Chinese smuggles would wait an average of two months for their fake travel documents to arrives so they could fly to the United States passing through Asia, Europe and other transit points.It is difficult to estimate the magnitude of the human smuggles because of their discreet operations (Guiraudon and Joppke 2001, 107). When caught by the INS people, the Snake heads instruct their Chinese smuggles to say that they are applying for political asylum because they are escaping Chinas one child insurance insurance policy (Newman and Van Selm 2003, 9). Then, the snake heads hire lawyers to get the smuggles on parole and out of jail. After leaving jail, the Chinese Smuggles then disappear in the Chinese communities hide from espial. In reality though, the United States benefits from the cheap tote that these Chinese smuggles offer (Jandl, 2004).3. ProtocolsThe United States INS delay centers could not keep the overbulging Chinese human smuggles who come in droves and in regularly smuggled fashion. The current US jails could not keep the surge of Chinese human smuggles arriving. And, a Chinese woman was jailed by the United States INS in October 24, 1999 who gave birth in a United States Jail. The jail guards rushed the pregnant mother to the nearest hospital.Naturally, many human rights groups including the American polished Liberties Union have complained that jailing the human smuggles are a violation of their human rights.For, the jail was a approximate environment taking into consideration the hardships these Chinese had to face for three or more months inside inhuman ocean going containers. Despite the eighteen arrests of Chinese Stowaways in another ship in Seattle and the detention of more then two hundred Chinese human smuggles found in container vans bound for the United States and Canada, there are still more that have not be caught.The series of successful detection of the Chinese smuggles that were smuggled as part of cargo in ships is used by the United States INS as proof that they are successful in their endeavor to decrease or even stop the rampant(ip) human smuggling into the United States passing through the European Union countries, Asia, Canada, Mexico and the like.The difficulty in sensing the Chinese smuggles is because there are too many cargoes loaded in a Cargo ship. In addition, many of the shipping companies and their crew do not know if their ship is carrying human smuggles. In response, the United States INS are holding responsible the shipping lines if human smuggles are discovered hiding in their ships. To slowdown off the proliferation of human smuggling, the United States makes it a criminal offense for anyone to bring or to aid in bringing human smuggles into the United States. Likewise, it is considered a violation of the United States law if a person help in the smuggling of persons into the United States. In addition, any person who entices another to enter the United States illegally will be punished with the full strength of the United States law. The penalty for human smuggling could reach up to five years.In addition, the enticing human smuggler will pay dearly if his human smuggle dies on board. However, if the human smuggling is done on a large scale or business like basis, the penalty would be fifty dollars. However, these sentences will not stop the Chinese smuggles from entering the United States through sheer luck. The United States Congress in 1996 placed human smuggling and immigration related visa fraud as RICO predicate offense. The RICO approach focuses on the leadership of the smuggling rings and not on the smuggling middle men. The violation of the RICO protocol will give out a fine that may include imprisonment of up to twenty years (Jandl, 2004).The United States had partnered with the United States address human smuggling. However, the focus on the United Nations is on the human trafficking of women and children and alike white slavery. Combating human smuggling is a combined world wide effort. However, corruption of local governments officials in China and other countries had made the curtailment of human smuggling next to nothing. In reality, the detection of Chinese human smuggles are generally successful if someone secretly tips the border patrols on possible hideouts of the jail escapees (Kyle, 2003).Developed countries are trying to find ways to curtail human smuggling. However, they are against any policy that would reduce the demand for illegal workers. Evidently, the more there are strict immigration policies, the more will be the smugglers will to smuggle people because of the money involved (Kyle, 2003).

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Process Paper Essay Example for Free

counterchange Paper EssayOne of the most important skills that we must learn in life is to change a flat get into. When riding a bike, it is also important to carry tout ensemble the tools at all times. When removing the rotate from the bike, use a bike wrench to loosen the nuts or the quick stop mechanism. Loosen the stop to get the front wheel off. For the rear wheel, the wheel must be sportsmanlike of the chain. Remove the harass from the rim by wedging the tire prize underneath the tire and pry the lever upward to lift the tire away from the rim. Keep the lever in place and slide some other lever underneath the tire and work your way around the rim until one edge of the tire comes free of the rim. Locate the metal valve that is used to inflate the tobacco pipe. Push the valve stem up until it no longstanding protrudes through the rim. Hold the valve stem and the tube and pull it out of the tire. Insert the valve stem of the new tube into the hole of the rim. Ins ert the edge of the tire onto the rim. Use your fingers to slide the tube between the rim and the tire as you work around the rim. Use the tire levers to put the last part of the tire onto the rim. in one case the entire edge of the tire is inside the rim, use the pump to inflate the tire to the recommended pressure. Put the wheel back on the bicycle by reattaching the nuts or quick release mechanism. Reset the brakes and replace the chain. Check if the wheel is properly aligned by spinning the wheel hard and allowing it to round of golf freely. Lastly, when the wheel spins cleanly, give it a test ride.ReferenceFiedler, D. (2007). How to Change a Flat Tire. Retrieved January 18, 2008 from http//bicycling.about.com/od/bikemaintenance/ss/flat_fix.htm

Narrative Essay Example for Free

Narrative EssayWhen joining the armed forces, you n perpetually rather know what will happen or what to expect next. It brush off be an amazing or a grue several(prenominal) journey, hardly it depends on how you want it to be. At the beginning the journey might seems scary and intimidating, unless as time goes on, you soon get use to the lifestyle and limit a great take from the experience. Before I joined in November 2008, I was going through a marital problem, I was weak, intimidating, and I brook no one or where to turn to. I applied for job in so many devotes with no luck, due to me moving to the States three years onward applying for the jobs, giving birth, and likewise I was a staying home mom going to school. But as time went by I couldnt take it any longer, so I decided looking in to joining the military. When I joined, I wanted to be independent, strong, care for my young woman, and to learn something new without being intimidated by anyone in anyway. I actual ly entered the Basic Combat preparedness on the 15th of November 2008, when the plane dropped us at the South Carolina air port and, the bus took us from there to Fort Jackson.The bus finally pulled up outside the in-processing building in Fort Jackson South Carolina by 1230am. all in all I could think about was my little girl, how she was sleeping, what was she thinking about when I left, did she cried herself to sleep, can I stay without my daughter for a day, and what in Gods name I rightful(prenominal) got myself into. We were all tired and sleepy, some of us looked like we arouse been deprived of sleep for a week, only we all came there for a reason. As the bus driver open the door a male drill sergeant stepped into the buss, and started howler and yelling at us to get off the bus.I never saw people who have been sleeping and look so tired to move that fast, just e very(prenominal)one was scrambling all over each separate looking for an exit, because no one want to be t he first to get chewed up. As we stepped out of the bus, we make two lines, one with the girls and one with the boys. As we stood there, I was scared, nervous my heart was pounding so fast, because I have never been in that position before in my life. I felt like my get by tense up, which made my head feels like it was about to fall of my body, but I was telling myself that I can do this, and reminding myself of the reason why I was here.We were out there for thirty minutes before they put us in a room, and sat us round off according to our numbers, and were we came from. We were given a book called the smart book, which mean it has to be with us all day, and learn what the book says. It was intense we had to learn so many things throughout our stay in Basic Training. We got our pt uniform (Physical Training gear) that aboriginal morning, and we went to sleep by 215am. It was a scary and crazy experience. I slept but we had to wake up about 6am, because we have to go through so many in-processing.I was so tired, my eyes were puffy, and hurt, my ankles hurt, but I have to toughen it up. We had to get tested for diseases, eye testing, and a number of other things. in all those time, I thought about my little girl a lot, I cried every day, because I have never been separated from child since I gave birth to her, and that was the first time I have ever been away from her. I wondered what she was doing, how she feared, if she was eating the way she was supposed to, how much she missed me, even though I was only gone for 6 days, I felt so alone without my daughter.We had to wake up very early in the morning by 0040, stood in parade rest, in the cold for 4 hours with just pt pant, long shirt, and jacket. That did not help with the cold, because it was so cold, that my fingers were frozen, I could not felt it moving. We have no phone privilege during the reception, because we were being baby sit by the drill sergeant most of the time, and when I said being baby s it, I mean being smoked, pushed up, sit up, floor rocate, you name it, but you cant let them see crying, because when they, you will be sorry for shedding a tears.All this time we were at a place called reception which was for 4 days, but we spent 6days, where all the well-heeled ends with our paper work were dresse. The actual physical training was done at a different place in Fort Jackson. The sergeants were still very tough on us. About a month into the training I found myself used to the routine, even though the journey was tough, I endured everything. I hated pt, because we ran a lot, and my ankle hurt, but I kept pushing myself.My pt sucks at the beginning, but my sergeant wont let me fail, because she was always on me, devising sure that, I do not fail. I failed my first pt, second pt, third pt, but I passed at the end, with a good percentage. Before we knew we were making friends, looking out for each other, laughing together, and getting ready to graduate to go to AIT. W hich is Advance case-by-case Training? But there were some ladies who cannot stand each other there were time of argument, gossiping, jealousness, but we all live under the same roof and trained together.I endure the most dreadful road match, training, being smoked by my drill sergeant, and the long pt. Most times, I broke down and cried, because I thought that was a punishment, but looking back today, it was a training that was mean to give up my life and others too. I become a very strong and independent woman, whom no one can intimidate no matter. I can stand up for myself in any situation, and I dont let anyone take advantage of me.

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Workplace Motivation Essay Example for Free

Workplace motivation EssayIn this paper, I testament examine numerous motivational strategies that affect productivity in a workplace. An separate will include an explanation of organisational efforts to improve performance, employees resistance to increasing productivity and satisfaction, and managements philosophy of motivation and its practices in the workplace. Motivation is one of the single driving factors in ones work performance. Organizations take this very hard and to waste time, and energy and the expense into training someone who is non proceedd. unavoidably Theories, Goal-Setting Theory, Equity Theory and antepast Theory are the four specific theories that are used in motivational practice. In addition, I will identify and analyze the implications of applying any two motivational theories not authoritatively used in my selected workplace and how they will influence both management and employees. Organizations are invariably looking for ways to extend produ ctivity, especially in the growing warlike environment.It is a known fact that when employees are unsatisfied with their current ancestry, productivity decreases, tension builds up in the work environment, and morale is low. Most organizations arrest motivational programs that fork up useful tools to increase motivation, and reduce employee turnover. There are many strategies that are used to influence employee inscription and these are indispens sufficient motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is ones personal development, possession over their work without fix.Whereas, extrinsic motivation is having external incentives, pay bonuses, time off, these are some super C strategies used to motivate and individual to complete or do a task. I work for a organization mostly based on customer service and to provide nursing care for long residents and rehabilitation following a hospital stay and assisted living communities. As an employee, I am a member of the n ursing staff department. Some of the motivational strategies used at Trisun are competitive salaries, health benefits, sign on bonuses, and employee perks.Recently, their census has been very low, so now employees have to take nightlong lunches or downsized. Thus, they want employees to work shorthanded but at the equal time still have the same responsibilities. This tactic only makes employees frustrated and un do to be productive. Only when you reward employees, they bring to pass happier, stay longer, and reach much productive at the workplace. Many organizations fail to recognize that cash is not the biggest factor in motivating employees.An engaged employee comes in early, reaches out to other employees, smiles, and has great customer service. On the other had you have an disengaged employee and they come in late or absent, and doesnt want to be bothered with and most always leaves right at five. Successful business should have only one kind of employee, engaged. The proc ess is to reward, recognize, and proceed those behaviors among employees. If you dont recognize those behaviors, you wont arse around them back. People recover that more money is better than a closer parking space. That is not always true.Depending on what you do, even the smallest perk stooge be bigger than a bonus and would be more valued. There are whole ranges of factors that motivate stack. Many organizations have surveys to find out what really motivates employees and learning their values. Are they motivated in intrinsic or extrinsic theories, do they like more money, status, rewards, or do they value what people think of their work instead. Management can sometimes be pulled in opposite directions, so it is good that other employees see you working hard and are recognized by your supervisors.The two motivational theories that are not used in practice in this workplace were the Goal-setting Theory and the Cognitive Evaluation Theory. Cognitive evaluation conjecture is the event in which affects individuals feelings and self-determination will affect their intrinsic motivation. By using this theory, it will help employees feel self-determined, competent, and intrinsically motivated. Secondly, Goal-setting Theory was not used in the workplace. This theory explains that individuals are able to reach a defined objective.Sometimes this is a reward in itself and primarily a polishs ffectiveness is implemented by three factors specificity, proximity, and difficulty. Another theory self-efficacy will enhance an individuals to achieve the goal. By using the self-efficacy, it will give positive feedback and have impact on applying the goal-setting theory in management and increase productivity. The most noted theory would be Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. The Needs model is where each need is set on a basis of the strength of need. The human take are physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem, and Actualization.Physiological need is the graduate(prenom inal)est strength and is essential for survival. These form every human motivation and carry out more than any other human need. Motivation Strategies The highest levels of motivation for employees are individuals who empower workers, have an strong rewards system, redesign jobs, and create a more flexible work environment. Empowerment is to design the worker to become more responsible and encourage accomplishing a given task. Providing an effective rewards system is to reinforce employee behavior and the reward is when outcome is positive for the individual.There are two ways to receive rewards Extrinsic rewards are uncouth in the workplace, which are pay bonuses, promotions, time off, and verbal praises. Intrinsic rewards gives people a natural high when completing a job. It gives them a certain personal development and self-control over their work. Managers need to perform that all people are different managers must provide a range of rewards, time off, recognition, and promo tion. Redesigning jobs is a concept that will help employees not get bored with their everyday routine.One attempt would be job enlargement, which increases the job tasks decreases boredom. Job rotation is a practice which people can do different tasks and at the same time be exposed to new interest in the workplace. Job enrichment in any case includes tasks with more responsibility and authority. In todays busy world employees value their personal time. Therefore, having a flexible schedule always helps employees needs. A full-time job is 40-hour workweek, so most employees get three days off which benefits the individuals lifestyle and give more leisure time and lowers commuting cost.Lastly, job sharing and twinning is when one full-time job is split between two or more people. Job sharing involves working only half a day, thus organizations benefit by employing people who wouldnt otherwise be a unable to work full-time. In this paper, I explained different motivational strategie s that affect productivity in the workplace, and analyzed two theories that are not in affect at my job. I explained organizational efforts to improve performance. By applying these theories and strategies will influence both management and employees to be motivated and be more productive at the workplace.

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Heineken Environment Analysis Essay Example for Free

Heineken Environment Analysis EssayThe talk terms power of suppliersThe suppliers of raw(a) materials to Heineken Company are mainly farmers. Therefore, the threat for power of supplier is high. The bottle supplier for Heineken is provided by Heye Glas Nederland which is in full supplied the green bottle for the worldwide distribution of Heineken beer.In the past, Heineken kept only 33% its stake in Heye Glas in order to secure the supply of high quality export bottles at a disgrace cost to meet the needs for demand but now Heineken has kept 100% stake in 2002. Beer is produced by water, barley, hops and yeast. These ingredients are supplied by farmers. Heineken also mentioned that competition for agricultural products from the biofuels indus campaign that is affecting their costs.The bargaining power of buyersThe buyers in this industry cook many choices as there are many companies help beer. This will increase the choice of the customer and hence the threat for power of buyers is high. For example, for serving customer at the pub, there are a lot of beer sets for them to fit their taste such as Guiness, Carlsberg, Tiger. Therefore, buyers now have a choice to choose the one they like. As a result, choosing of customer for what kind beer they want to subscribe will bring threats for Heineken.The threat of potential revolutionary entrantsNowadays, an explosion of smaller brewers has entered the merchandise during the past ex that making the industry much more competitive. Heineken is one of the largest brewers in the world and they have to share merchandise with other brewer. The barrier in the beer market is low. Therefore, the threat of potential new entrants for Heineken is high. This will fare Heineken considering to ca-ca innovation or uniqueness into their product that tummysustain competitive advantages in the beer market.The threat of interferesBeer is a kind of beverage which contains alcohol. However, people can switch to drink wi ne which also is alcohol drink. clients taste is not similar so that they have right to choose what they want to enjoy, so this will affect the beer market as well as Heineken Company. As a result, the threat of substitute for beer market is high.The extent of competitive rivalryHeineken has achieved the economy of scale in the market especially in Europe. It holds about 30% of market share in European beer market. Since the beer market is growing, so the competitors will try to attain their growth targets. The large brewer like Heineken tends to enforce their own strategies to the beer industry and due the economies of scale they will produce higher quality and unique products which can make their own place in the market, hence keep themselves growing to achieve their target. Internal analysis of the federationAnalysis the resourcesTangible Since Heineken see that their jell and equipment is a key for company production, they invest so much in the infrastructure to make sure th at their operation is working efficiently. For example, Heineken have four breweries in Russia, all those use KHS Till plant technology. This equipment at Heinekens packaging can processes 50 fifty kegs in addition to 30 liter at an output of up to 140 kegs an hour. As a result, the two-lane machine can work out with one racking, six washing and sterilizing stations.Intangible brand name is most valuable asset of the Heineken Company, they has reinforced this name Heineken with premium brand. The company recognizes that brand is very important key for them to expose a inviolate presence globally in the beer market so that Heineken have a lot of marketing activities for its brand name. Furthermore, branding is also a highly defensible competitive advantage for Heineken this would bring strength to companyexpansion. Hence Heineken Company can stretch their production internationally and add more money for company. instruction capability Heineken implemented a number of new initiat ives in the area of leadership development in 2004. One is a new leadership competency model that defines behavior expectations from all senior managers at Heineken. The model takes Heineken company ambitions and values as a starting point and translates these into the leadership behavior required from senior managers.With marketing differentiation using different message within normal media advertising can also have differentiating effect. This differentiation will bring strengths for Heineken. When most advertisers are pursuing essentially the beer market with the same message like showing gregarious groups of males in public houses having an enjoyable night out. In the other hand, Heineken managed to differentiate its beer by using a series of advertisements employing humour and the caption Heineken refreshed the move other beers can not reach.Organizational structureIn 2005 Heineken announced that it was created a new shed light on management structure, this would drive and s upport growth as a global organization. In order to touch base functions, operation and finance in a more effective way, the company create a new more streamlines Executive Board. Hence change would lead to create strengths for operating regions and global functions. Furthermore, Heineken has grown intimately over the past four years. The new structure is better suited to the present organization and ensures hot decision-making. In the beer market where the consolidation process is accelerating and rapid introduction of innovations is essential, this is crucial to the achievement of Heinekens farseeing term ambitions.CultureHeineken is proud of they are one of the worlds great beer companies. Hence their socialisation will reflect the company view and values. These values create so many strengths for company to develop their environment within thecompany. Heineken based on the value that they respect their employees, business partners, customers, shareholders and all others who are committed to the company. Furthermore, Heineken make life more enjoyable by bring enjoyment to life, they also encourage this nub value within the working places and atmosphere within the company. In addition, company has a fundamental effect in the concept and delivery of quality, it is also reflected in their other activities such as their social and habit policies. This will create benefit and value both for Heineken and their reputation. As a result, these values define Heineken incorporate culture and working methods which help company to do the business successfully.

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Chick-fil-A Customer Service Essay Example for Free

Chick-fil-A Customer Service canvasChick-fil-A president Dan Cathy greeted employees at the newest Charleston argona eatery with a Bible verse, a prayer and a message round doing business the Chick-fil-A Way. Most people recognize the famous Chick-fil-A cows and their misspelled pleas to Eat Mor Chikin. entirely not everyone may be aware of Chick-fil-As queer way of doing business. With a focus on quality food, superior guest assistance and dedicated employees, Chick-fil-A has built a restaurant empire. Another detached restaurant opened Sept. 29 on Dorchester Road near the Ashley Phosphate Road intersection in North Charleston. Two days in the beginning the opening, new employeesc all in alled team members in the Chick-fil-A worldserved dinner to their family members and listened as Cathy explained the importance of smiling and treating customers with honor, dignity and respect. Chick-fil-As mission, he said, is to glorify God by macrocosm a faithful steward of what is entrusted to us. Sandwich history Cathy is the son of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, who entered the restaurant business in 1946 when he opened Dwarf Grill in an Atlanta suburb. It would be another 20 years before the world was introduced to Chick-fil-A.In 1961, Truett Cathy accepted oddment pieces of chicken breast from Goode Brothers Poultry. The poultry confederation provided airlines with boneless, skinless chicken breasts that would jeer in the plastic trays used to serve food on airplanes but had plenty of leftover pieces to sell. Truett Cathy had considered adding chicken to his menu and decided to take the poultry company up on its offer to take the leftover pieces too big for the airline trays. Truett Cathy spent months perfecting the recipe and figuring out the best way to fasten the chicken quickly.After four years, he had a boneless chicken sandwich. According to Chick-fil-A history, Truett Cathy originally called it a chicken steak sandwich but began depen ding of something that could carry a trademark. The best cut of a steak is the fish fillet, so why not call the sandwich a chicken fillet, he thought. The name morphed into chick fillet and eventually became Chick-fil-A (with a capital A to emphasize quality). The premier(prenominal) Chick-fil-A opened in Atlantas Greenbrier Mall in 1967. The first freestanding restaurant opened in Atlanta nearly 20 years later.The restaurant has continued its incredible growth, expanding heavily into the western United States, introducing a eat menu and healthier menu options. The Chick-fil-A Way Certainly Chick-fil-A isnt the only quick service restaurant to make billions, but what sets Chick-fil-A apart is the companys corporate philosophy, its emphasis on values, customer service and treating employees like family members. Dan Cathy attributes the companys success to his 84-year-old father, whom he describes as a tremendous influence, a patriarch and Moses figure in the family and in the co mpany.Thanks to his fathers influence, Chick-fil-A has stayed the course, Dan Cathy said. Despite the many potential distractions, the company stays focused on its recipes, hot food, clean restroomsthe things that are master(prenominal) to customers. Interestingly, Dan Cathy refers to his company as being in the hospitality businessnot usually the first description that comes to mind when thinking about fast food. But Cathy said the idea of being in the hospitality business began when his family opened its first diner. Thats our heritage, our root, he said.When the focus is on the customers and employees, success will follow, according to Chick-fil-As philosophy. Its all about the people, Dan Cathy said. You cant have great tasting food until you have a sober relationship with your employees. Chick-fil-A offers $1,000 college scholarships to its employees, having awarded about $20 million during the past 30 years. The company also has a unique agreement with its operators, provid ing franchisees with the chance to sublease a restaurant for $5,000. Each month operators pay the corporate righteousness 15% of gross sales and 50% of net profits as a franchise fee.Operators are assured a minimum annual income of $30,000. The company continues its long-standing tradition of being closed on Sundays, so employees can spend time with their families and attend a worship service. Despite opportunities to go public, Chick-fil-A remains a private company so it can retain control over its key values. Chick-fil-A has proven a business with values and principles can do well. And not just survive but thrive, Dan Cathy pointed out. In 2004, Chick-fil-A achieved sales of $1. 74 billionan increase of 13. 8% over 2003.The company is opening 61 new restaurants this year, and customer satisfaction scores are the highest they have ever been, Cathy said. The company will introduce milkshakes to its menu following(a) summer. And a spicy chicken sandwich is being tested in the Tamp a, Fla. , area. Family ties have local roots Operating the new Dorchester Road location is Daniel Dickerson, whose family has been operating Chick-fil-A for years. His father was one of the first Chick-fil-A operators, and his brother, Patrick Dickerson, is the operator of the stand up Pleasant Chick-fil-A.Raised in Charleston, Daniel Dickerson previously ran a store in Ocala, Fla. Dickerson said he looks up to the Cathy family and also tries to hump up to the legacy his own father left behind. Dickerson oversees 72 part- and full-time employees at his North Charleston store. Many of the employees are teenrs, and Dickersonfollowing a company traditionemploys students who are knotty in their schools and extracurricular activities. Chick-fil-A promotes involvement and works around students schedules.Dickerson said he would rather have 20 students with less availability than students who arent involved in their schools. At the family night celebration, Dan Cathy assured the parents of the many teenage employees their children would be working in a supportive environment. If grades arent maintained, students work schedules could be cut back. From providing scholarships to remnant on Sundays, Chick-fil-A continues to do business its own way, based on principles Truett Cathy instilled in the company more than 50 years ago.In 2002, Truett Cathy published Eat Mor Chikin Inspire More People, a book that explains Doing Business the Chick-fil-A Way. Truett Cathy opens a chapter on priorities and commitment by recalling when a reporter asked him how he would like to be remembered. Cathy responded, I think Id like to be remembered as one who kept my priorities in the right order. We live in a changing world, but we need to be reminded that the important things have not changed, and the important things will not change if we keep our priorities in proper order. Holly Fisher is the supplements editor for the Business Journal.

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Coens’ No Country for Old Men Essay Example for Free

Coens No rude for older workforce tasteMcCarthys renowned novel, No Country for grizzly Men was superbly handled by the duo directors, Joel and Ethan Coen in their adapted version for the screen, angiotensin converting enzyme of the most praised films of 2007 of the same name. The moving picture had the format of a crime thriller. skilful like the novel, the film underwrites with the exciting adventurous plot of land of a drug deal which goes incorrectly and the cat- and- snarf drama among the three study characters of the novel, Llewelyn Moss- the friend, Anton Chigurh- the antagonist and the old man Sheriff Ed Tom bell who supervises the investigation. in the first place getting into the main discussion whether the film version has done proper justice to the novel or non, it is important to know some of the basic details of the novel itself. No Country for experient Men gets counted among the finest works by the American author, Cormac McCarthy. The horizonta l surface revolves round the incident of an illicit drug deal in a remote location, United States and Mexico Border in around 1980. there are four major characters in the novel apart from Carla Jean Moss, the young wife of Llewelyn.Llewelyn Moss, the protagonist is a welder who is the victim of the deal and Anton Chigurh is the antagonist, the psychopathic character with eyes Blue as lapis. At once glistening and tot onlyy opaque. desire wet stones (McCarthy, Cormac. No Country for of age(predicate) Men. 2005) dark brown h tenor and dark complexion. In short, Chigurh is non a pleasant character. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, the old man is a World War II veteran who is asked to carry egress the investigation of this drug deal. It is he who has to experience the horrors of numerous crimes and murders. He tries his crush to solve it and his reminiscences form thePage 2 core part of the narration. Carson Wells is the fourth man who gets into the action. He is the former lieutenant Colonel from Vietnam War and a nonher hitman who has been specially hired to retrieve currency from Chigurh. more or less of the sassys report is being narrated in third person which is interrupted by the first person reminiscences from Ed Tom Bell. The novel comes up with the tokenish dialogue however McCarthy could create the mystical air which the readers make whoopie most. According to the critics, Anton Chigurh is one of McCarthys most memorable creations. Chigurhs relentless loyalty to recover the bullion made him the most unusual character of the plot. He is ready to eliminate anyone who comes in between Moss and him. He knows his job and he is loyal to it. His use of homemade weapons like coffee- can silencer or air driven cattle gun make him even more interesting to the readers. Sheriff Bell, the old man is so non suitable for the mission he has been assigned. The modern era is in need of another vicious man to combat the psychopath like Chigurh. The novel ends with the revelation of the harsh truth that the old custody forget not find an ideal sylvan to live in this modern era.The novel is an keen crime thriller with the revelation of the biggest truth of the mercenary civilization. (The formal Web Site of the Cormac McCarthy Society, No Country for Old Men 2005). The Coen brothers did a brilliant job as far as their handling of the appointation of No Country for Old Men is concerned. The pic is based on a well crumble script which focuses on the episodes of the novel. The setting of the film is exactly the same which the readers adopt Page 3 visualise while reading the novel by McCarthy. The first scene of the film introduces us to the desolate country side of West Texas. taunt Brolin is Llewelyn Moss in the film who plays the perfect manipulation of a tragic protagonist who is chased by the psychopath Anton Chigurh, acted by Javier Bardem. The Coen Brothers did not forget the use of the unique weapons by Chigurh. A captive bolt pist ol is shewn to the viewing audience in the scene where Chigurh strangles a deputy of Sheriff. The celluloid involves lots of shooting, hiding sequences, driving and running scenes to keep the pace of the crime thriller in tact. The objective was that the viewers must feel the pulse of the thrill. The real man of the plot is surely Sheriff Bell acted by Tommy leeward Jones.Lee Jones did a wonderful job in the film playing the aging man who could not find an ideal country to live in. He realizes that he is not suitable for to twenty-four hourss era. The main characters serve as the loose ends of the mystery that revolves round the drug deal. It was the task of Coen Brothers to tie up these loose ends in such a fashion that the viewers get the antecedent of the novel. The objective of McCarthy was not to show the shooting skills of these characters but the consequences of exercising free will, game of chance and the predestination.The film version succeeded in inducing the link bet ween fate and circumstance into the minds of the viewers. The motifs of the novel like predestination, chance and free will or the ironic relation between fate and circumstance have been finely weaved in the scenes of the movie. Chigurh decides his religion by flipping coin and this episode has been used by both the novelist and the directors to show the immense importance of the theme of chance in life. Scott Foundas wonderfully summaries the end of the film in The Village Voice, In the end, invariablyyone in No Country for Old Men is both hunter and hunted, members of somePage 4 endanger species trying to forestall their extinction. (Scott Foundas, Badlands, Village Voice, Nov 6, 2007) A. O. Scott of New York Times comments Bell, Chigurh and Moss occupy the screen one at a time, almost never appearing in the frame together, even as their fates become ever more intimately entwined. ( Scott, A. O. 2007-11-09, He Found a Bundle of Money, And Now theres inferno to Pay, New York Ti mes Performing Arts/Weekend Desk1) This was the objective of McCarthy and Cone Brothers and they succeeded in better-looking a proper shape to this mission in their film version of the same novel.Even Roger Ebert states that the movie demonstrates how pitiful ordinary benevolent feelings are in the face of implacable injustice in the Nov 8, 2007 form of wampum Sun- Times. In short, it can be said that the film is the perfect edition of the novel with actually little alterations. It captures everything from the mystery of the plot to the unique portrayal of the characters to the claustrophobic urban night to the mid day open shift of the desolate land of Texas.Cinematographer Roger Deakins shot numerous landscapes to signify that the film is not about any heavenly redemption but earthly sin which is devoid of any churchman intervention. The novel has been brilliantly adapted in the film and masterfully altered to serve the purpose. The critics have pointed out that each and e very dialogue and scene has been taken from the pages of the novel. Thus, Coen Brothers did not allow the critics to raise the issue which one is better, the novel or the film version. Both can be considered to be a single creation.The movie highlights the theme of fate which actually picks up the man who is going to die next. It is a game of mint and the characters are Page 5 mere puppets in the hands of the same although they think they are deciding the following actions. Coen Brothers could deliver the message of the death of society and evil cannot be defeated which McCarthy wanted to show in his novel. It is not about the death of any particular individual but the death of the human society. The great actors should as well be credited for the success of the film along with the directors.They delivered their best natural performances. entirely like the book the film is quite violent and bloody and thus it immaculately reflects the essence of the archetype source. The Coen B rothers knew that casting is the most difficult task for the making of No Country for Old Men. Sheriff Bell is the soul of the movie and the directors were pretty serious about the selection of the actor for the role. They picked up Tommy Lee Jones and succeeded in their mission. The directors knew that they were in need of a truly great actor and Lee Jones being a Texan was the most suitable for the job.But the task for selecting an actor for the role of Moss was even more difficult. Ultimately Coen Brothers found the actor Josh Brolin, the breakthrough screen actor who could understand the reason why Moss was introduced in the plot. Josh Brolin played his natural role in the film. Now, the Coens were in search of Chigurh, the dark character lacking the ace of humor as portrayed by McCarthy. Bardem was chosen after his immense success in originally Night Falls and The Sea Inside. Thus, casting was done brilliantly by the Coen Brothers to deliver the message of McCarthy. exclusive ly the major actors and actresses were nominated either for the Oscar or Emmy Award including the Scottish actress, Kelly Page 6 Macdonald who was chosen for the role of Carla Jean. ( hearing with Joel and Ethan Coen in Emanuel Levy after the film was premiered in the Cannes convey Fest 2007) The Cannes review states Cinematographer Roger Deakins captures everything from mid- day open- sky vistas to claustrophobic night time urban action in timing and tension, No Country for Old Men is one of the most suspenseful films the Coens have ever made, which says a lot.Cormac McCarthys novel has also been impressively well- adapted- improved and altered, but nonetheless full of McCarthys clear, concise yet poetic voice. With all of the seemingly standard- issue thriller plot devices in the piece-money, guns and trouble- theres dim chance that some cleverness not catch the smaller, subtler themes of No Country for Old Men, which would be a shame this is a story about death, not just murder this is a story about want, not just money this is a story of principle, not just pursuit. . How we live, how we die, what we regret, what we fear.(Rocchi James, May 20th 2007, Cannes Review No Country for Old Men, Cinematical. com) No Country for Old Men was not the first venture of Coen Brothers as far as handling a crime thriller is concerned. In fact they are quite specialists in this genre. They handled the same genre in Blood sincere 1984. Joel wrote the story and it had the same kind of Texas setting as in McCarthys novel. It was all about A shady Texas detective (M. Emmet Walsh), on the trail of an adulterous couple, is smarter than everybody else in the movie but not luckier, as he realizes when his handPage 7 gets stuck on a window ledge. ( be among the 10 Best Coen Brothers Moments by TIME in an article by Richard Corliss) Blood Simple was not that popular as No Country for Old Men. But it is quite evident that Coen Brothers were not freshers when they took up the stor y by McCarthy for a successful film version of the same. In Fargo 1996, Coen Brothers filmed the story of a car salesman who hired men to kidnap his own wife for a sum of cardinal thousand dollars. The crime ultimately led to a chain of murders and an investigation process.Coens managed to get seven honorary society Nominations for this film and won the Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress Award. The film also earned positive chemical reaction at the Cannes Film Fest 1996. Thus, Coen Brothers had already mastered the art of filming a crime thriller plot by the time they ventured into No Country for Old Men. No Country for Old Men is definitely a film of better quality than Blood Simple and Fargo. This film bagged three British Academy Film Awards, four Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay along with two Golden Globes.But the film No Country for Old Men is not comprehended by all. Some critics are not happy with the film version of the novel although the film is the accurate adaptation of the same. The reminiscences of Ed Tom Bell at the beginning of each chapter of the novel are wanting(p) in the film. The viewers admit that the movie is interesting and they were impressed by Bradems performance but they complained that the entire film is very Page 8 slow paced, and the ending is incredibly abrupt and soundly unsatisfying. (Film review posted by Melissa Niksic on 3rd Apr 2008 in amazon.com) The film wrangle has to be different than the language of the novel simply because these are two entirely different media of expressions. There was almost no music in the entire film. The objective was to deliver the message through the silence. It is unbowed that this is not a movie for everyone. Those who love to watch crime thrillers or are well introduce with Coen Brothers style, they will surely love it. Otherwise, the movie is too much about chasing, murder, blood and pursuit. But we cannot cens ure the directors for that because that is what is there even in the novel.Although Coen Brothers have altered few scenes and ignored few chapters from the novel, that really did not affect the message that need to be delivered. Every director chooses the scenes that will contribute to the development of the plot and ignore the ones that are not relevant. The objective is to give a proper shape to the novel and Coen Brothers have definitely done that with wonderful casting, superb cinematography, and their techniques to weave the intrigue plot of a crime thriller, minimum dialogue and minimum use of music.The film raises important theological questions regarding Truth and Justice and Judgment. It would be wrong to criticize the film as a misinterpretation of the novel rather it has given a new dimension to the concept of the death of society highlighted by McCarthy. The movie is indeed a fine adaptation of the novel with slight pardonable alterations to suit the language of film. We can draw the veil of this discussion as it was summarized by Ryan Parker, The Graduate Theological Union in the film review for No Country for Old Men in JRF, Page 9The Coen brothers ability to weave comedy and drama of the utmost seriousness, along with spot- on casting and flawless performances have all resulted in one of their best films to date and for sure one full of fodder for theological discussion. (Vol 11, No. 2 October 2007) Page 10 Work Cited Interview with Joel and Ethan Coen. Emanuel Levy. Cannes Film Fest 2007 Melissa Niksic, film review, amazon. com, posted on 3rd Apr 2008 McCarthy, Cormac. No Country for Old Men. 2005 Richard Corliss, Ranked among the 10 Best Coen Brothers Moments.TIME Rocchi James,Cannes Review No Country for Old Men, Cinematical. com, May 20th 2007 Roger Ebert. Chicago Sun- Times. Nov 8, 2007 edition Ryan Parker, The Graduate Theological Union in the film review for No Country for Old Men in JRF, Vol 11, No. 2 October 2007 Scott, A. O. He Found a Bundle of Money, And Now Theres Hell to Pay, New York Times Performing Arts/Weekend Desk1. 2007-11-09 Scott Foundas, Badlands, Village Voice, Nov 6, 2007 The Official Web Site of the Cormac McCarthy Society, No Country for Old Men 2005

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A Christmas Carol Essay Example for Free

A Christmas Carol EssayAs proved by in Scrooges words and source the Ghost of Christmas Past has had a positive reach on the transformation in his character. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge another see to it of Christmas, a view in which Scrooge had never encountered before in the past or present, a view into a pitiable familys domiciliate in this case his clerk Bob Cratchits house. They watched as they dined and because sit pulse the fire. Scrooge asked if Tiny Tim will live which indicates to the reader that he has a slight feeling of contrition as he is partly to blame for paying such a low wage. The Ghost says that if the futurity is unaltered he will die however then uses Scrooges own words against him saying if he be like to die, he had better do it and decrease the surplus population. Hearing these words he hung his head with guilt. He had learnt a lot from that visit and had come to his senses about the poor realizing that they lived every twenty-fo ur hour period going hungry, wearing rags, some were ill but couldnt afford treatment. The theme explored during this scene was guilt. The Ghost then takes him to his nephews house where a Christmas party is underway.When they played music all told the things that the ghost had shown him, came upon his mind and he gradually softened. Through that if he could have listened to it often, years ago, he might have cultivated the kindness of feel for his own happiness with his own hands. This shows that his past experiences with the Ghosts have had a great impact on his character as the sound of music softened and brought kindness to his heart realizing his past mistakes. He reacts in a very different publicner compared to his own when everybody starts singing and dancing, he joins in without a care in the world singing and dancing, joining in with the fun.However being in a shadow he couldnt be seen or heard. The Phantom then shows Scrooge two children both wretched, frightful, hideo us, miserable ragged where devils lurked from his robe. They were the children of man symbolizing mans Ignorance and Want. Scrooge was told to beware before it vanished. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has been made the close to the most frightening of all described as a phantom moving silently concealing his construction and form in a deep black garment. They first went and overheard a conversation between a group of businessmen.They were talking about Scrooges death. They commented on his legacy, however concluded that he left it to his company. They talked about his funeral, not caring at all. One queried whether they should make up a party and volunteer another replied I dont mind going if a lunch is provided. This shows that Scrooge was a very uncared for person. Scrooge understands that if he changes he could change the course of his future. He tells the spirit that he will change and honor Christmas in all his heart. In the last chapter Scrooge was overcome with joy when he realizes its Christmas day.He tells a passing boy to buy the prize turkey and send it to Bob Cratchits. He went out wishing everyone a cheery Christmas as they went by. He sees the charity workers and tells them to come back later where they will receive payment. He went to his nephews house and joined in the party sharing happiness and joy. The next day he got in early catching his clerk coming in late. Bob thought he was going to get open fire instead Scrooge raised his salary and promised to help his struggling family. From this it shows Scrooge was able to redeem himself in every possible way in contrast to the past.From there on Scrooge kept Christmas in his heart and was a changed man. In conclusion the moral in which Dickens is trying to elicit in his readers is in my opinion that It is never too late to change your ways. You should be kind to yourself and others. Sharing Christian values in every possible way. Dickens shows the differences in society between the rich and the poor and how we should help others to benefit all. Especially highlighting the views and opinions of the poor and how they feel because many people arent aware of these factors.