Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The technical procedures behind Peter Andrea's reality TV show on ITV Essay

The technical procedures behind Peter Andreas cosmos TV show on ITV in the UK - adjudicate ExampleA boob tube photographic cameraman,also known as camera operator,handles video cameras or films to record scenes for motion pictures,newscasts,live events and reality TV shows.As part of the camera crew,a cameraman works hand in hand with actors,reality show hosts,directors and other(a) members of fruit team in making both technical and creative decisions As part of the camera crew, a cameraman works hand in hand with actors, reality show hosts, directors and other members of fruit team in making both technical and creative decisions. Basically, cameramen records events taking place for broadcasting purposes.They do so by using technical aspects of lenses, zooms, filters and other various aspects to capture scenes as per the required standards. In addition, it is the duty of a cameraman to test, clean and maintain the cameras. In this vein, they must critically analyse differen t potential challenges likely to be faced during filming and give advice to other members of the filming crew on the appropriate lighting, set-up and angles to set-up the cameras (Shepherd, St. John & Striphas, 2006). A cameraman can work in different settings including proceeds studios, sports venues and television studios as well as in private events such as weddings. In this respect, the equipment used depends on the type of video being taken. For instance, filming live broadcast will mostly use nonmoving cameras while on the other hand recording involving motions that are recorded using track-mounted or stretch forth mounted cameras to capture scenery and movement. Further, cameramen perform video editing using variety of reckoner programs. This path that those who wishes to venture into this career must be knowledgeable not only on electronic, media production and computer hardware, but also possess soft skills for different computer programs. They should also be efficient worry solvers, creative thinkers and with ability to evaluate details analytically. In this regards, this paper seeks to explore cameraman career in a reality TV show. Equipment To produce quality photography and films as a cameraman, latest risque definition equipments are paramount. They should also be maintained to high standards. They include high definition camera for taking photographs and recording shows, and chimera sofbox for providing light. According to Livingstone (1990), Chimera sofbox is highly preferred due to its ability to nonplus beautiful soft light used to light presenters and interviewees. Other equipments include grip equipment for holding cameras, break kit with two headsets for sound recording, additional lenses and a van in the event of transporting the equipment. Academic prepare A bachelors degree is recommended for those wishing to venture in video and reality shows. cameraman career can be achieved by pursuing a degree in video production that tak es between two to four years. During this period, students are trained in-depth on sound and concept development, lighting, editing, storyboarding and more importantly motion graphics. In addition, the dustup covers video manipulation, basic editing, lighting and field production, sound for video and production management. Students can also train in use of software such as final get up Pro or Photoshop. Further, a student who wishes to further education can consider taking bachelor of Arts in Television Production. Through this program, students will learn theory, history and basic forms of production. In addition, course work could include sound and picture editing, media research, broadcast news gathering, broadcast writing, visual design, advanced television production, media law and telecommunications management. Even though a cameraman requires some form of training an individual evoke in this career should be eager to learn more and with the right attitude towards the pro fession. In addition, a career as a cameraman requi

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