Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lookin for love

The first personal ad I f und on craigslist had to do with the fair play theory Country guy smell for a good woman (PAIWV) First off I want to be straight up Im non looking at to rush into any(prenominal)thing serious. Thats what I would wish well eventually but only with the right one. With that said a little about me Im a young looking 30yo lily-white, no kids, 6 with fit/slender build. Im a mountain boy thru and thru but not your typical one. I dont listen to country, chew tobacco, drive a truck etc. But I do like my guns collecting/shooting, bein in the woods or on the lake, rock climbing, on and on.I also like working in my shop, my cars, woodworking etc. Im educated so I can hold my own talking about pretty much any topic. Also have a descent Job, nice house in the mountain and financially responsible. I dont want to ramble so Ill save it for acquiring to know each other. What Im looking for is a mature honest woman that has her stuff together. Drama free, no crazy ex bo yfriends or anything like that. anyplace between 21-35, must be fit/inshape and take care of yourself. Just a descent woman that has a good head on her shoulders and looking for the same.If interested drop e a line anytime(l). The equity theory is the idea that people are the happiest with relationships in which the rewards and costs experienced and the contributions made by both parties are roughly equal (pg. 300). This ad reflects this theory because the man who wrote this clearly states that he is looking for an equal partner. He wishes for her to be strong-minded not have to rely on him to support her financially. If a women had written this ad then things might have been written differently.A women would emphasize his needing to be financially independent but ould also put to a greater extent of an emphasis on how he looks, where he lives and what type of Job does he have. The second personal ad has more to do with the social exchange theory. I am a white man, 6ft, 185, very clean, dd free. I am searching for a white lady that has sexual relationships with black men but would like to have a white man that would support spoil her. I would never calculate her, she would be treated like a queen. Age and size is not a factor. Please get in touch, I am very real, it suppose to me very nice this week.I would like to hear from you and we can exchange pics and chat and possibly meet. Please put queen of spades in subject when responding. (2) The social exchange theory is the idea that peoples feelings about a relationship depends on their perceptions of the rewards and costs of the relationship, the kind of relationship they deserve and their chances for having a better relationship with someone else (pg. 299). This ad reflects this theory because the man is offering to not only support her financial but promises to spoil her if she meets his equirements.If a women were to be writing an ad like this she would be more subtle in her writing, for one should wo uld not come out and admit her past relationship experiences but she may try to allude to it. yet if she was actively looking for someone to take care of her financially she would most likely openly state that in her ad. Sex differences in attraction hold out but each individual person is looking for something different. What attracts you to one person may be a complete turn off to someone else. lookin for love.

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