Saturday, January 26, 2019

Bosu Balance Trainer Essay

BOSU has used a few types of competitive advantages principles in order to shoot down copycat products. BOSU created a new product and locked in nodes and buyers by establishing alliances with trainers. BOSUs marketing strategy created market entry barriers.2. Information systems played a key role in BOSUs success. Fitness bay maintains a database of trainer data. It uses that database for email and postal correspondence as well as for other marketing purposes. Fitness Quest was crucial in the run of BOSU developing a successful marketing strategy. By Fitness Quest database of trainer data, BOSU was subject to establish alliances and lock in consumers and buyers.3. at that place are many ideas that could be used by Fitness Quest in order to develop its information systems. The main idea would be to service to strengthen ties between customers and between costumers and trainers. Trainers could share ideas about fitness classes for example. at that place could be also an avail able chat for customers, so BOSU buyers could participate in chat groups about how they like and use their BOSU trainers.4. Through trainers, BOSU was able to dissimilariate. BOSUs focus was on fitness trainers within the industry. This worked because the trainers believed the BOSU was the best product for giving customer value, which built a relationship between each customer and the product.5.1.enhance products and services2.differentiate products and services3.lock in customers and trainers4.raise barrier to market5.entry and establish alliances6. There are many differences between BOSU and Indo-Row since those are two completely different products with two different goals. BOSU product rivet on balance and Indo-row focused on total work out (it competes with other equipment-based forms of group cypher as Spinning). Indo-row is also moreexpensive than BOSU and there is no indicate competitor since the product is new in the market. The main threat Indo-row and BOSU whitethorn face is the possibility of competing with a copycat product in future.7. It would be already expected from Fitness Quest to send the Indo-row information to trainers and clients by database provided through email and mail. It would be also interesting to provide seminars and preparation for trainers in order to instruct them how to use the product (so they would be able to teach people how to get the best out of Indo-row). Customers and trainers group chats would be also a good idea, so they would be able to vary opinions about the product.

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