Friday, January 25, 2019

John Smith and William Bradford

John smith and William Bradford were both(prenominal) great early explorers. Smith and Bradford had both m all similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with indigenous the Statesns, and Success in Arrival. John Smith was an explorer from the Virginia Company. He was always known as a good leader but he had one flaw. His grim attitude was always getting him in trouble. It almost got him killed when he was captured by the Powhatan tribe. The only thing that saved him from execution was Pocohontas, the chiefs daughter.Smith was scheduled to arrive in Virginia because everyone on his charter were to work at that place as endentured servants. But Smith never cease up landing in Virginia, his charter ended up landing in Plymouth MA. William Bradford was an Explorer aboard the Mayflower and excessively had a lot to do with the Mayflower compact. Thankfully, Bradford never really had any problems with the native americans. He actually made pe ace with a Native American by the name of Squanto. While aboard the Mayflower, Bradford experienced a very tough journey. The ship was over crowded, they experienced bad weather, there was much disease, and a lack of necessary supplies.Once they finally made it to America though it was well worth it. Their primary reason for leaving was to extend their tyrannical King. Now that they were in a new country they werent squeeze to worship him anymore. In conclusion, Smith and Bradford had both many similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with Native Americans, and Success in Arrival. They were some of the first to annex what the U. S. is today and they had an incredible impact on American Literature with the documents and journals that they go forth behind.

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