Sunday, September 8, 2019

Public Officials and Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Public Officials and Morality - Essay Example In the United Stated elected officials are required to be loyal to the constitution, run an office with high integrity and moral ethics. Auditors check the performance of these officials and ensure that they hold exemplary behavior and serve in a collective interest. For example, William Boss who served the House of Representatives in US in 1873 was convicted for allegedly stealing public funds. Corruption is a vice that is commonly practiced by the public officials. Tim Mahoney a democrat from Florida was charged for sexually harassing a female staff that cost his sit in the next election. William Jefferson form Louisiana also lost his job after the investigations revealed he had received bribes from a century man. These officials lost integrity and trust from the public and could no longer hold office. George w bush a retired American president is up to date criticized for sending troops to Iraq to counter terrorism. The Americans lost many soldiers in the war. The scientistâ€℠¢s embryonic research is gaining support from many leaders across the globe including the American president Barack Obama and the sitting Italian president. The research involves obtaining stem cells from a human embryo and the umbilical cord blood to invent future cures. Religious leaders have questioned the morality behind the research and many see it as dehumanizing.The catholic pope Benedict XVI has as well criticized President Barack Obama for lifting the ban on abortion.Abortion involves termination of pregnancy that leaves the fetus dead.

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