Saturday, September 7, 2019

Org behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Org behavior - Assignment Example This concept has its pros and cons at the same time, while usually organizations would try to be the donor than receptor since it is based on considerable dependency on the other organization, on the other hand this concept allows using of resources and hence more options and possibilities of exploring possible new domains. This can possibly come in form of establishment of ventures and collations amongst different business partners and most organizations tend to increase their impact on the others and aim to contribute more than consume. 2-Explain the differences between centralization and decentralization and between standardization and mutual adjustment. What factors determine the ability to strike a balance between these mechanisms? There can be broadly two approaches towards steering the organization and its helm of affairs. While the centralized approach relies on the concentration of power and authority, usually to the top rank management. In such cases, the high ups in a given organization have control over the decisions, the dealings and negotiations conducted. In a decentralized approach, the balance of power is relatively even, and is not concentrated in one segment of the organization. Both the mutual adjustment and standardization fall under the umbrella of coordination, control and proper working within an organization and by the organization. The mutual adjustment entails to the working in group concept and sharing of load. The prime requirement of mutual adjustment is based on effective communication and acceptance and appreciation of efforts by the team members or other stake holders involved in a venture undertaken. Standardization on other hand is the setting of criterion based on the principles high productivity and effective and professional working environment. In such a case standardization can be focused on the work processes, the output desired and the other factors that

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