Monday, July 29, 2019

Operations case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Operations - Case Study Example Discuss about the initial floor plan of the Waterloo Mongolian Grill and the proposed design. (Exhibit 4) There should be continuous collection of feedback from customers and complain should be addressed as soon as possible. The proposed changes on design of the second restaurant should be continued to be checked against the current restaurant and see if it is still viable. John Butkus who is the owner of Mongolian Grill Restaurant located in London, Ontario needs to make design decision for his second restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario. (Silk and Haywood 547). Despite the first restaurant being a success, he needs to makes some changes to the new restaurant to be able to accommodate many customers and reduce the delays while serving customers. The existing restaurant is small in size and cannot receive reservations. John wants to have a unique concept to outdo the other competitors. 1.) Immediately call a meeting with the staff of Mongolian Grill Restaurant and explain to them the major design decision that is need in the second restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario. Currently, Mongolian Grill Restaurant is faced with the challenge of limited capacity and low speed of customer service. (Silk and Haywood 548). The staff will explain to the new customers the features of Mongolian Grill. These features are creation of environment for entertainment and interaction, involving customers in the preparation of meal and a lot of food which is healthy and fresh. New customers will be explained about the three food preparation stations which are food bar, the sauce, oil and spice bar, and cooking station.( Exhibit 1) 2.) Take notes on the attendance of the customers during different nights, the average trips a customer makes during dinner and the average time taken by each customer to be served. As the interactions with the customers continue, the staff shall take notes on number of customers who come each night.

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