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Law,Ethicsand globaisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Law,Ethicsand globaisation - Essay Example , Tamanaha submits, â€Å"was the reflection of the divine order consistent with the good that intended to eliminate injustice and prevailed stability within society.† (2004: p 9) The same is applied with the present day legal systems prevailing in various regions of the world that have been articulated for the best interests of general public; fire safety law of the UK is also among such legal frameworks. Fire Safety Order 2005 UK: Fire Safety Law has been introduced for the security of the people from being victim to the breaking of fire, and training them regarding taking up immediate measures in order to avoid the grave consequences of the sudden fire eruption. â€Å"The purpose of the Fire Safety Act is to educate and encourage persons and communities to apply the principles of fire safety so as to prevent fires, preserve human life and avoid unwarranted property loss due to the destructive forces of fire.† (2002, c. 6, s. 2) Fire safety law encompasses commercial and business areas, which does not apply on residential areas of society. Fire Safety Order 2005 applies on the employer of some business premises, self-employed individuals having control of the premises, and organisations responsible for the maintenance of some specific building, area or premises. In addition, the law is also applied on the managers, executives, employees and persons responsible for look after of the premises. Sec 3 (a) and (b) define the responsible persons within a business place accountable for fire fighting and controlling. According to the provisions of law a responsible person means: Hence, the UK law delegates the entire powers to the private entrepreneur and state is somewhat free from fire prevention responsibilities. But it does not mean that the state stands as indifferent from the afflicted area altogether. On the contrary, it is the state that performs its obligations on the basis of assessment made by the responsible person defined in FSO. In addition, Section 4 of

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