Thursday, June 20, 2019

From a decision making point of view, why are some costs relevant and Essay

From a decision making point of view, why argon some costs relevant and others irrelevant Give a detailed example of each - Essay ExampleOverlooking the irrelevant data in the assessment process moreover would greatly benefit the conjunction in saving time and effort (Averkamp 2012, p.1).For relevant costs, a company could for example be deciding whether to remove a product root or not. This product line could be accounting for about 4% of this firms activities. If the company eliminates this product line, the corporation officers will continuously receive similar salaries as before such that the expenses for the central office will not change. Product line managers plus others staffs working come outly with this product line however will receive a termination thus eliminating their salaries. According to Averkamp (2012, p.1), such eliminated salaries for individuals who worked directly with the direct line will be relevant in the decision-making process. If the salaries were $700 000 when the product line was operational and $0 in its absence, the $700000 savings is therefore relevant (i.e. relevant cost).Considering this said(prenominal) product line scenario, salaries linked to the officers are not relevant for decision-making. This means that whether the salaries amounts to $500,000 or $5, 000,000, they will remain irrelevant. The salaries will be similar in the forepart or absence of the product line. Averkamp (2012, p.1) noted that a decision-maker will need not know the expenses of the central office because they will be constant in the presence or absence of the product line. Previous years expenses will similarly remain

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