Sunday, June 23, 2019

Beach,Feast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Beach,Feast - Essay ExampleThe choice of the venue was apt and my siblings launch it equ each(prenominal)y compelling. I continually struggled to get used to the nagging voice of Joyce, my younger sister. She asked many questions. Perhaps she thought I had been there ear harpr. Her sympathies could not lie with the fact that I remained silent in spite of her continuous effort to draw my attention. I was not going to tell her anything though I knew she would check-out procedure aloof if I did not. One morning, I decided to walk Joy around the beach. I glanced perfunctorily at her face and held her left hand. Dad and mamma were chatting some distance away while Diana, my elder sister lazed by the cool, manicured beach. A few miles away, I could see a calm sizeable crowd. I decided to walk to the scene and witness the unfolding drama. It did not take us long before we were there. As soon as we arrived at the scene, it stony-broke from its tranquil condition and erupted in song and d ance. The crowd began to shout and yell with excitement. I came to realize that there had been a music plan going on at the place for a week, and it was to continue for the next two weeks. A group of dancers hit the stage as a precursor to the next artisan and blew away the crowd. The audience roared wildly, fully enveloped and massaged by the beats. The next performer in stage was a renowned artist, Luis Katrina, who stepped up as the audience went wild. She did not disappoint. She did a rendition of her latest song New Dawn and left the stage. We did not stay longer either. We immediately left the place, but I promised to attend the concert for the rest of the days. The trip to Dubai was undoubtedly a gratifying one. Every morning we woke up to a new surprise as the beach was a hive of entertaining events. I met new friends and learnt to play new games. I was never a proficient swimmer before, but the practice at the Jumeriah Beach helped break my swimming expertise. In additio n, I loved the dishes at the Mediah Jumeriah resort. Although grilled beef has always been my best dish ever since I was young, the one prepared at the resort was extraordinarily delicious. It smelled yummy too. We were not happy to leave the place when the three weeks elapsed. I gave a reluctant smile and entered my dads car. It had been all fascinating. Bobbys send-off Party Bobby, my younger brother, attends an elementary school in a town away from home. His mid year holidays were coming to an end with tho a week to go. As usual, dad arranged for his send-off party. However, this one was to be slightly different. He had no inkling that dad had been arranging for his party. Bobbys typical day is always a beehive of events. He gets up earlier than everybody else in the compound when it is still as dark as the oscitancy grave, starting his day in the gym. It is not out of character to find him in the physical exercise room as early as 3.00 am. later which, he continues with other activities in his plan including playing basketball in the evening. This exact day, he came back in the evening from the basketball court aspect all drained. His shirt was soaking wet and dirty. He was exhausted like an old worn-out shoe. As usual, he never talked to anyone until he took a acold bath. From the bathroom, he immediately rushed into the kitchen and found me holding a clove of garlic in my hands. If it were any other day, he would have had a mound as was accustomed to him.

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