Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategy - Essay role modeluploaded in YouTube website under the title the Boy Scouting. The video could also be viewed frompersonal social networking websites such as Facebook.2. We sent a copy of the video to Narragansett Council so that it would be published in its website as well. This is a linking strategy which translates to an effective advertisement that is free of charge.The video would be submitted in the guise of a giftfrom majestic group to Narragansett Council.3. We have also sent a proposal to Johnson & Wales University in order to persuade the give instruction into granting scholarship to one of the participants in the Boy Scouting at Narragansett Council. Once this scholarship element is successful, consequently it would help to encourage the children to be involved in the Boy Scouting activities at Narragansett Council.4. We invited Jason Dugan director of schedule in Narragansett Council to attend our presentation, which will be held on July 30, 2009. Hopefull y, the activity would further cement a level-headed relationship for future cooperation.2. We will tap our existing relationships and tie-ups with other universities just so more quite a little and resources could reinforce the drive to disseminate information about Narragansett Council, including the benefits for boys who will join their scouting camps. Part of this campaign is a audio-video presentations about scouting activities and testimonies from scouting participants.The success of the abovementioned strategy is certainly dependent on the implementation of each outlined elements. We will be serious to apply and follow our plan both short and long-term - so that we would be able to achieve our goals. The short-term goal the making of the video and its propagation, including other activities, were undertaken mostly during the class period. The long-term plan would be carried out even after

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