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NJ Landfill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

NJ Landfill - Essay ExampleThe early operators were Anthony Amadei Sand and perplex Company, which remained in power to operate until 1976, when Gloucester Environmental Management Services, Inc. took over until its closure in 1980.The area of landfill was started run into with a very small area in 1963 it occupied simply 11.4 acres of the land in only two course of instructions time it was spread over 16 acres. In 1970 and finally in 1974 it cover 39.5 acres and 61.7 acres respectively. It was discovered by Solid Waste Administration (SWA) that during this later period of its military operation that many chemicals were dumped. The report also indicated deficiencies in sanitary landfill operating procedures, improperly covered area and need of control in preventing windblown paper. It all affected the Holly Run.Another survey conducted by SWA in the year 1977 showed that GEMS landfill did not meet the approved design specifications. The dispute broke between the two parties and later administrative order to end the operations was passed on September 1, 1977 it remained operative until November 1980.The coastal plain where the landfill is located is chthonianlain by Pleistocene, tertiary and cretaceous age sediments. The geological formations include the Bridgeton formation, the Cohansey formation, the Kirkwood formation, the Manasquan, the Naveskine, the Mount Laurel and Wenonah formation. Sources of contaminationOrganic solvents and several(prenominal) other industrial wastes and output have contaminated the surrounding area, ground water, surface water and air. Arsenic, atomic number 56 and lead are the major elements found and pesticides include DDE, DDD, and DDT. It is shameful to see that these water sources were the drinking rise for the neighborhood (NUS Corporation, 1986). Potentially responsible partiesThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in its efforts to take remedial deed against the GEMS landfill, identified parties (companies) that were responsible for the degradation and exploitation of the landfill which led to hazards for the community and the landfill itself. The names of the parties are as underGloucester Environmental Management Services, Inc.Owens/Cornings Fiberglas, Inc. E.I. Dupont de Nemours and Company Rohm and Haas Company City of Philadelphia, Gloucester township Richard Winn David EhrlichAnthony AmadeiGeppert Brothers, Inc. and Curtis T. Bedwell and Sons, Inc.EPA invited these individual parties to volunteer their efforts in evaluation, design, bonnie up and redevelopment of the landfill area, in September of

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