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'Importance of Literature Essay\r'

'Literature reminds us of stories, epics, sacred scriptures and classical plant flavour of the quaint and youthful times. Literature is defined as the body of scripted working of a language, period or socialisation, produced by scholars and researchers, specialized in a given field. wherefore is belles-lettres important? Let us see. As stated in the quotation by C. S. Lewis, literature non besides describes reality but handlewise adds to it. Yes, literature is not merely a picture of reality; it is rather a value-addition.\r\nLiterary whole caboodle be limnings of the thinking patterns and social norms prevalent in confederacy. They are a depiction of the different facets of super acid man’s life. Classical literary works serve as a food for apprehension and a tonic for imagination and creativity. Exposing an individual to levelheaded literary works, is equivalent to providing him/her with the finest of educational opportunities. On the another(prenomi nal) hand, the lack of exposure to classic literary works is equal to depriving an individual from an opportunity to grow as an individual.\r\nProse, poetry, drama, essays, fiction, literary works based on philosophy, art, history, religion, and kitchen-gardening and also scientific and legal writings are grouped under the category of literature. Creative nonfiction of the ancient times and literary journalism also f only under literature. Certain extremely technical writings such as those on logistics and maths are also believed to be a stir up of literature. Some of the great literary works like the Bible and Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, among others, provide society with the guiding principles of life.\r\nAncient poetic works by poets like Homer, Plato, Sappho, Horace and Virgil, Shakespeare’s sonnets and notable poetry by W. B. Yeats, John Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson and William Blake are timeless. The Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, A write up of T wo Cities, James Bond serial are some of the best-selling books of all time. The Adventures of Pinocchio, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Winnie-the-Pooh were some of the greatest works in children’s literature. The relatively recent Harry Potter series made record sales across the mankind and carved a niche for J.\r\nK. Rowling. However, a intervention about children’s authors would be incomplete without the reference book of all-time popular authors like Aesop, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and polarity Twain. It is through reading such great literary and poetic works, that one understands life. They help a soul take a closer look at the different facets of life. In many ways, it hind end compound one’s perspective towards life. Lives of brilliant achievers and individuals who perplex made a valuable contribution to society, are sketched in their biographies.\r\nThese works give the readers an insight into the lives of these towering pot, while a lso serving as a bible of ideals. Literature serves as an enormous culture base. Research works by famous inventors and literary works by notable scientists often distinguish stories of their groundbreaking discoveries and inferences. Ongoing developments in the fields of skill and technology are documented so that the founding can turn in about them. Several ancient scriptures relating stories of human evolution and narratives of human life in those times, have been of tremendous help to mankind.\r\nThus, literature has forever and a day served as an authentic source of information from all around the world. True, languages are the building blocks of literature. But the count of literature cannot be restricted to only perusing languages. In fact, literature cannot be confined to an educational curriculum. A degree in language and literature is perhaps unable to provide one, with everything that literature can offer. Literature, is definitely, much more than its literary mea ning, which defines it as ‘an friendship to letters’.\r\nIt, in fact, lays the foundation of an enriched life; it adds ‘life’ to ‘living’ Literature is also a rule to express public opinion in signifier of genres. It is also a part of tradition, one we run low on to our future generation. It tells us of our rich culture and gives us a sense of pride in our country. Literature is the lighthouse of any culture and to bash any culture better we must know its literature as it gives us a lawful picture of the culture and its development. The extant remains of the literary texts of earlier civilizations throw light on our past tense and gauge our development.\r\nLiterature enriches the mind and reading as they say makes a man perfect. Today in that location are books available on a form of subjects, books meant for education, books meant for entertainment and books meant for self- development. There is a book for separately one`s choice. Al l said and done, literary enlightenment of a society is the true neb of its development and progress and India is a land with a rich literary heritage and one that people all over the world look up to for guidance.\r\n| artwork is an extremely private sapidity, yet, it is meant to be divided with the public. Society, as a whole, examines the art produced and has the right to approve, disapprove, acknowledge, ignore, congratulations and abuse it. The public or society has not remained constant over the years. In the time of the Renaissance, for example, only a select few were â€Å"society. ” They commissioned art, were patrons of the liberal arts and their artists. Today, almost anyone can share in the experience of art. They can attempt to create, view and act as a critic.\r\nDoes art make the world a better place, or is it quite useless? This is a very ancient riddle, and no one has work it yet. A similar question †has art very had any impact upon society? Has it fashioned or molded minds? Has it shaped opinions and altered how people feel or think? Is it practicable in or relevant to society and its individuals’ daily lives? Art reflects life. It is a portrait of history, whether it is history of the current moment or an event in the past or something of the imagination.\r\nArt has captured an event, clarifying its existence and representation to society. The portraits of the French transition by David, Benjamin West’s portrayal of the death of General Wolfe and Poussin’s recreation of the infraction of the Sabine Women all strive to provide a version of historical events. Society, in turn, can postulate or reject these portrayals of true events. Sometimes, as in the case of Goya’s depiction of the French behavior during their conquest of Spain, art inspires a deep evil of a certain nationality. |\r\n'

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