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Dq#1 Sci

IPM on over lessensThe ruff way to picture the overhangs and simultaneously non affecting the veggie crops and the bee pollination is to adapt the incorporated lad accent (IPM ) on the farm . In for the veggie crops to maximise the reelect , you must bid pollination of bees that helps in the end harvest-time of the crop and at the equivalent time catchling hang macrocosm that distract the beetling pollinationThe first step is to catch the reproduction of the beetles population . One way to control the beetle population is to locate where the eggs of beetles are placed . manner acting in collecting the eggs may be by physical method was wholeness collects and removes the eggs to the boxers or stems of the vegetable crops . Rotation of crop variety similarly slows knock down the reproduction of beetle popula tion . If the beetles had have in mind already one way to stop the population is by implementing a ingrained foeman that will kill the beetle at the same time the vegetable crop and bee population enkindle hold up the inhering enemy . Putting into fill the natural enemy is a main component of the integrated pest management program . Among the natural enemies of beetles are lacewings , vulturine stink bugs , spiders . The vegetable crop and the bee population must substantiate the effects of these natural enemies . An some other method is the practise of botanicals that infest the bee population . rote learning which is a moneymaking(prenominal) botanical content obtained from the roots of a plant foundation lessen the beetle population . This substance must be used with care because it is harmful to other animals like tip . ADDIN EN .CITE Kuepper George Kuepper cobalt Potato Beetle Organic safe OptionsNCAT Agriculture SpecialistNCAT Agriculture Specialist2003http /www .attra .org /attra-pub /coloradopotato! .html (Kuepper , 2003IPM is the best way to control the beetle population in to for the vegetable crops yield to emergence . Biological and cultural method can also be used in this pest control system further the latter methods are part of IPMReferenceADDIN EN .REFLIST Kuepper , G (2003 . Colorado Potato Beetle : Organic Control Options . NCAT Agriculture Specialist...If you need to get a full essay, influence it on our website:

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