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American History Ii

Urbanization ane of the wonders of the contemporary world is the influx of modern ideas and the chronic advancement of the quality of human lives . The contemporary ordering caters to the innovations on the lifestyles and ineluctably of mickle . Due to the inevitable changes in the inescapably of great deal and the knowledgeablenesss of their productive and innovative minds , they develop abodes that go over wad s needs . As a result , cities incur been created and atomic number 18 continuing to grow with the run of industrialization and modernizationCities render various advantages to its settlers . One of its main advantages is the procession of commerce . The degree of civilization and companionship existing in a country can be estimated done the residual of the population living in the towns and cities . In citie s , the polar aspects of the city is developed and improve . There argon alike flock offering the same trade and op durationte . Thus , there is interminable rivalry , which leads to improvement (Dana , 1848Cities were before founded by individuals who congregated for the purpose of discipline protection and defense . til now , in countries with well open up governments , men only fixture to settling in the urban payable to its advantages . The high exceed and affluence of the business proceeding in cities could not be found elsewhere . what is more , the subdivisions of customs offer various handle of exercise in different skills and talents (McCulloch , 1852As a result , cities became the aggregate(a) of political and economical freedom . In the medieval era , cities were surd by entrepreneurs who profited from the restrictions of the lords and the vassals Nowadays , cities are overly the center of the political and economic arena (Lachmann , 2002The exploi tation of cities also has cast out(a) impl! ications . The increasing concentration of the population in cities tends to congest the dwelling and cause little social and economic mobility . High concentrated places are also characterized by mendicancy due to the legion(predicate) structural factors in the urban environment (Gilbert , 2004 . In adjunct , the standard of living be postdates low , and people are having a difficult time in seeking for employment due to the numerous people seeking for jobs . Urbanization also poses a threat to the environment industries and factories continue to grow and come out that may bring substances and elements noxious to our environment (Gilbert , 2004Due to the growing problems brought by urbanization and congesting cities , the U .S . government began its attempts to address these problems through the carrying out of various programs which aim to help the citizens in the cities . They improved their health care and social welfare to help people without homes and employment . They al so strengthened the laws which aim to protect the people and the environment in the noxious effects of urbanizationReferencesDana , W .B (1848 . Merchants snip and Commercial review . New York Published At 142 Fulton StreetGilbert , M . A (2004 , April . to a greater extent than job creation : A case study of mandate zones and opportunities for economic mobility (Abstract presented at the annual meeting of the The Midwest semipolitical Science Association...If you demand to get a full essay, ramble it on our website:

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