Thursday, September 5, 2019

Creating Marketing Value for Games

Creating Marketing Value for Games Products face a lot of challenges to succeed and keep its marketing value especially with the fast development and the huge types of products. According to Ulrich Eppinger (2008), to evaluate the performance of successful product development needs to follow the five dimensions, which are product quality, product cost, development time, development cost and development capability (p.2). Games are similar to any other product need to be successful and have a long life to compete with many other kinds. Games can be classified into genres such as toys, card games, multi-person games, electronic / video games and apps games. Every game of these genres follows the different strategy of development and has some features, which make it communal. To know the secret of success and longevity for each game we should study them with more details. Toys are most popular games and can be divided into many types. LEGOS are one of the most common toys, which have many geometrical shapes and colors. Several features make these toys are successful and have high demand by costumers. First, they are made of robust plastic material. This type of material is designed in many forms and colors, which gives the specialists high tolerance to develop this game by adding numbers, letters and figures such as cars, trains, and animals. Second, the low price cost is one of the important features, which make these toys are affordable for each consumer. According to the size, material, and the shape of sets, the LEGO has a different price. Third, these types of games are fit for male, female and for different ages. Usually, when parents buy toys from supermarket, they should check the age and gender, but LEGO is suitable for all. Fourth, they are safe even for small kids. Big pieces can be used safely because the kids cannot swallow them. Finally, LEGO group has development capability for the future to change the plastic material to be friendlier to the environment. According to Roar (2015), Today, the LEGO Group announces a significant investment of DKK 1 billion dedicated to research, development, and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials to manufacture LEGOÂÂ ® elements as well as packaging materials. Generally, the robust material, the low price, the gender, the safety usage and the future vision of development are the most important features, which have made LEGOS popular. Card games are one of the popular game all over the world.Poker and cards are common types of card games. There are several features, which make these games popular. First, they have many ways to play and every way has specific rules. For instance, in Iraq cards can be played by two or four players, each player plays with fourteen cards and must collect at least two pairs with three cards and the total number should be fifty- one. Also, in America, this game can be played in different ways such as gin rummy, blackjack, and bridge. Second, this game is considered as a commercial game. Many players get much money by playing card games either online or at famous cities. For example, Las Vegas is a famous city, which has many special places for playing poker. Third, they are very cheap and affordable everywhere. Card games can be bought for less than ten dollars for one package. Fourth, they have simple rules and easy to learn so, everyone can play card games. Even though a player doesnt have much experience can play and get much fun. Finally, they are not heavy and can be carried everywhere like public places, transportation, etc. Generally, the way of playing, the profit, the low price, the easy rules and the weight of package are most popular features, which have made card games have success and longevity. Multi-person games usually are played by tow or more than two person. Monopoly is one of the most popular Multi-person game. This game has some features that make it popular and success. First, Monopoly is designed to play by a team either among friends or family. For instance, to play it you need to persuade at least two and then should struggle to stay playing and eliminate the others so, it makes much fun and challenge among players. Second, rules of this game has been developed to be easy and simple for everyone. Although, it has a lot of pieces, papers, and the player should have some strategies, but it is easy to learn and play. Third, it is not expensive and sold everywhere. Even though monopoly has different edition such as classic and ultimate banking, but the price is very cheap. Finally, monopoly is played in many countries and in different languages. It is popular everywhere and can be different for every cultures. Generally, the design, development rules, the low price a nd country of origin are the most features, which have made this game successful and popular.

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