Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Women of Opposites Essay Example for Free

Women of Opposites Essay Two famous people that are alike but also very different would be Britney Jean Spears and Norma Jeane Mortenson also known as Marilyn Monroe. I chose Marilyn Monroe because she is a true inspiration to me and other young girls today; though she got a bad name for herself she explained life in a way that one could understand through her famous quotes. Britney Spears is also an inspiration on young girls because of being a pop fanatic, an actress, and also a sex symbol. These are two people that I loved when I was younger and inspired me to act, sing, and dance. Norma Jeane Mortenson started using the stage name of Marilyn Monroe in 1946. This name did not become legally her name until 1956. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman who became an American actress, a singer, a model, and later on in her years known as a sex symbol. She was a wonderful person that was taken out of context and shaped into a person that she didn’t necessarily want to be. Although Marilyn became a huge success in the eyes of society and of her peers, she truly aspired to be known more for her acting and singing talents, rather than the sexy blonde in the white dress. Britney Spears was always very proactive when it came to anything dealing with music as a child. She started her career at a young age by the time she was eight years old she was taking her first steps towards stardom in auditioning to play a role on the television show â€Å"The All New Mickey Mouse Club† though she did not get the part she kept trying. By the time she was eleven years old her love for music and dance became real. This is when she auditioned again and received the role on â€Å"The All New Mickey Mouse Club† as the Mouseketeer the show was then canceled two years later after she received the role. She did not yet give up and was signed to a record label in late 90’s. Although there is a big contrast between Marilyn Monroe and the notorious Britney Spears most people from the start of Britney’s career have compared her to Monroe which creates a bigger contrast between the two. Britney Spears became a well-known celebrity a few generations after the Marilyn Monroe era but others still drastically compared her to Marilyn Monroe for being a hot blonde sex symbol. Marilyn and Britney are different in many ways besides the obvious facts that Marilyn became before Britney, the fact that they grew up in very different home environments and dealt with many personal conflicts and issues while growing up, also the way they became famous and well-known to the world are very different from each other. One huge example of the difference between these two celebrities was that In the 50s movie star’s careers were controlled by the film studios. Marilyn did not have much of a choice in the roles she played so she was always cast as the dumb blonde. The media loved her but like today they were very intrusive. Photographers hounded her but the publicity helped create her image that is why even today shes an icon. As for Britney she has had a choice in all aspects of her career and she makes the decisions to do what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. Although there is a similarity that they both share with the fact that they were both criticized and hounded by the media and the rumors that were created by it. There is still a small contrast in that similarity because Britney was able to survive all the rumors and speculations that she was surrounded by as from Marilyn who let the intrusion of the media and others take a toll on her life dramatically. Even though Britney spears and Marilyn Monroe have negatively impacted our generation they still have somewhat positive impacts on young women lives. Marilyn Monroe though she was a sex symbol she was still a very successful woman in her lifetime. She made her history though it may not have been the way she wanted to be known, but she is still remembered to this day. As far as Britney Spears she is known for her pop music for the most part, you do not hear about when she was an actor. Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe still inspired me to become the young women I have become today.

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