Sunday, August 4, 2019

Investigating Fuels :: Papers

Investigating Fuels Aim; To find out the heat of combustion in the five fuels; Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, Butanol, Pentanol, All of these alcohols are apart of the Hydrocarbon chain. Apparatus; I will need the following to carry out my investigation for the Experiment; Top pan balance - To measure the weight of the fuel. Clamp Stand - To hold the boiling tube above the crucible. Boiling tube - To hold 30 cubic centimetres of water in. Heat proof mat - So the Bunsen burner doesn't burn the table. Bunsen burner - I need the flame to light the taper. Measuring cylinder - To measure 30cc of water in. Mineral wool - So the taper can light the fuel easier. A stop clock - To time how long the fuel will burn. Taper - To light the fuel by using the flame from the Bunsen burner. Ruler - To measure the distance from the crucible to the boiling tube. Crucible - To carry the mineral wool and fuel in it. Diagram; Plan; First of all, I will set the clamp stand 3.5cm vertically higher then the crucible which then I put some mineral wool in and 30 drops of the fuel in. After that I am going to weigh the crucible making sure there is no other liquid or any other substances on the weigher, so I don't do not get any anomalous results. After I have recorded the weight I am going to place the crucible directly under the boiling tube, like shown in the diagram, and then I am going to pour 30 cubic centimetres into the measuring cylinder. To make sure I have exactly 30 cubic centimetres in the cylinder I have to get down on my knee and get my eye sight level to the mark which is labelled "30cc" to get the experiment as accurate and reliable as I can. When I am satisfied with how much water I have got in the cylinder, I will pour it in the

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