Monday, August 12, 2019

Customer Relationship Management-CRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Customer Relationship Management-CRM - Essay Example CRM includes various elements such as information needed to understand customer better, the process management required appropriate experiences to customers, software tools, and the training and change management elements (Kincaid 2003, p.37). CRM enables an organization to identify its target customers, maximize sale management, improve its relationships with customers through personalization, and identify customer needs among others. Successful CRM depends on the use of technology such as data mining to organize and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service among others. This paper explores customer relationship management particularly the data mining technique and its importance in an organization. Every business is highly dependent on its customers hence the need to understand and satisfy customer needs, and excellent customer service is an integral part of CRM (Brink and Berndt 2008, p.21) and it is all about being aware of the needs of the customer and respond to them effectively. CRM plays a leading role in business operation as it helps business executives to understand and respond to customer needs in a consistent and effective way. Customer information is the most important part of customer relationship management, and it serves as a critical component of building loyalty (Kincaid 2003, p.47). It is very difficult and challenging to manage countless customers and have many employees to communicate with each customer. Therefore, customer accounts provide necessary information about the customer such as the contact information, order history, and preferences among others. Customer relationship management software assists business executives to keep track of their contacts and schedules. Moreover, CRM systems help salespeople to keep track of customer interactions, and advances in technology have led to increased use of CRM systems

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