Friday, July 26, 2019

Practical Lessons in Applying Accounting Standards Essay

Practical Lessons in Applying Accounting Standards - Essay Example Different genres of writing can, therefore, be used to convey messages to different types of audiences for the achievement of the author’s objectives. For instance, shopping lists are used to remind shoppers on what to buy as journals are used to deliver information to the public about particular topics. The right choice of the media is dependent on the understanding of the audience. In an attempt to develop a good understanding of rhetorical analysis, I analyzed a financial report by Bruce Pounder entitled â€Å"Practical Lessons in Applying Accounting Standards†. The case study by the accounting editor carries practical lessons that target accountants. The author got the idea of publishing the work after getting in an online discussion with colleagues about the manner in which the United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) need to be applied to specific real-world situations. The publication presents the thoughts and refined discussion consensus of Pounder and his colleagues on the issue. He addresses the key questions they had discussed in their online discussion and the three main points that he thinks are core to arriving at such a conclusion. Although â€Å"Practical Lessons in Applying Accounting Standards† targets accountants who are already engaged in the accounting field, it is also helpful to those pursuing careers in accounting and business-related fields. The author discusses fundamental concepts that would prepare learners for the real world of accounting practice. In addition to providing insightful knowledge and skills that the author has in the field of accounting, he alludes to theories and researched frameworks of other equally knowledgeable accountants to provide a comprehensive look at his subject. This essay focuses on some of the rhetorical appeals and strategies that Pounder uses in his work.  

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