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Womens career vs. marriage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Womens c areer vs. marriage - Research Paper ExampleIt is viable to reduce the social gap between men and women, by creating an environment that makes it possible to pursue their careers. The traditional society had norms and cultures that discriminated against women (Walsh, 41). It defined their roles as house wives, with the capability of doing less paying jobs as cleaners, or even secretaries.This made this group of batch to depend on their families, and marriage for social upward mobility. Career development also reduces the level of male domination over women. According to the traditional roach up, women and men had different jobs.The responsibility of women was to care for the family, and look after their husbands. The responsibility of men was to feed the family, and provide protection. These roles have not changed, even though women show up in their careers.This is be driving force it is deeply entrenched on the mindset of the two genders, and it would require a lot of ti me, and efforts to change this particular mindset. It is true, that in certain communities, men are frightened of career women. This is because they threaten their dominion, and authority (Walsh, 51). However it is advantageous for women to work, because they are able to supplement the earnings of their husbands, or the men in their lives.In all(prenominal) cases, financial freedom presents an opportunity to women to gain social freedom. They are able to care for themselves, they are able to resist abuse, and they have the capability of supporting their cause and visions of life. Despite the freedom that comes with financial security, men will still lay a claim over their lives, and try to influence them. However, career development leads to a better livelihood and shelter.It is wrong to assume that because of poor financial abilities of women, majority of them are homeless. This assumption is wrong, because the current global

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