Monday, June 10, 2019

Sustainable Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sustainable Project Management - Essay Exampleng the social, environmental, and economical interests in project management life cycle to attain a bearable, sustainable and equitable environment (Kohler &, 2012). In other words, it bonds the people, planet, and profits realized in a gimmick project. This paper discusses sustainable project management down the stairs four concepts project quality, economic studies (risks and benefits), construction waste management, and build operation and maintenance.Rose (2005) defines quality as the total characteristics of a product that satisfies the implied needs. A construction project has an anticipated project deliverables. Therefore, project quality management is a process that ensures that the delivered project meets the value for money to the client. The details of the scope of works and accept specification document determine the expected and the level of quality. Project quality management should be compatible with ISO 9000 and ISO 1000 quality standards as well as the guidelines. Project quality also focuses on management of the project and the delivered.Project judgment is a forecasting technique rather than a formulation one. disrespect this, there is no forecast without problems (risks). Uncertainties in certain scenarios can be transformed to risks. Therefore the risks are subjected to empirical measurement, analyzed and managed. Risk assessment is a study of existing probabilities that the project will attain a satisfactory performance. The following are the recommended steps for assessing project risksCost-benefit compendium is the commonly used appraisal technique for evaluating construction projects. It is required by the client to ascertain the value for money for the delivered project. A sustained project is thus that which he benefits outweigh costs. Cost-benefit analysis is a process that determines the pros and cons on the project life cycle. It is concerned with the benefits from quality management versus the costs of quality management

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