Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Personal reflection on learning Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal contemplation on learning - Term Paper ExampleThis paper explores my reflection on this routineicular aspect. The traditional method of teaching, which calls for a passive role from the part of the learners, has already been outdated and no longer considered the norm or the specimen for best teaching practices. What this means is that in the classroom setting such as in my Marketing class, students are expected to participate and be part of the learning process. Gone were the days when learners wait to be spoon-fed with the subjects contents. That is widely accepted as ineffective. There are evidences that could attest to this fact and that the conventional demagoguery has been interchange for the current more progressive approach in a logical progression of evolution in education. The prevailing idea is that learning should be experiential. The student, in concert with the teacher, explores and discovers concept and issues, which underpins a framework that is both engag ing and effective especially in terms of achieving learning objectives. Learning a marketing concept, for instance, is not well-nigh the assimilation of a conceptual explanation of the teacher but the assimilation through the discovery of such concept, as facilitated by the instructor. This is particularly more pronounce in the case of teaching or learning the marketing field. Marketing is all about relationships it is all about persuasion, information and experience. Our class learned this indirectly by simulating those processes. Such simulation could not take a crap transpired without the contribution of each student. For example, in doing activities like group works, I discovered that cosmos able to draw assigned tasks and roles are crucial in achieving positive learning outcomes. First, there was the structure we assign leaders and followers. Then, there was the negotiation. Say, I provide some inputs wherefore this student will be better in this task or this role, so the assignments are revised. Because of respect for other peoples opinion, we were able to lift conflicts that could have resulted to poor outcome. Instead, we effectively harnessed diverse perspectives. So it is imperative for students learning this field to be able to navigate through the learning issues and the socialization process involved and should not entirely rely on the source of knowledge or of an expertise. I also would like to cite the benefit of being curious. This worked for me especially when students are encouraged to ask questions, engage in a dialogue and discuss issues. There are times when lectures could be so silent, as yet participative the teacher encourages it to be. Then I ask a question or raise something thought provoking. And it contributes to making the discussion livelier and more engaging. Other students also do this and I found that we could only ask and raise issues, and participate better if we came to school prepared or knowledgeable. If I assumed a passive posture in the learning process, I would have contributed nothing to the manner by which knowledge is gained and internalized. More importantly, I would have encouraged an ineffectual learning environment. I would like to cite a theory we have learned as an example. The law of supply and demand is a pretty straightforward concept we have learned and a notion that is widely

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