Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why Americans should embrace Alternative fuel vehicles Term Paper - 1

Why the Statesns should embrace Alternative fuel vehicles - Term write up ExampleIf current energy usage patterns continue for a few more decades then the ecosystems and environments crossways the world would be damaged beyond repair, putting at risk the long-term survival of our species. (Borowitz, 1999, p.255) The stand-in of this essay will elaborate on these points and present the reasons why Ameri messs should embrace alternative fuel vehicles.beyond concerns about peak-oil and issues of sustaining conventional oil supplies, there is the danger posed by environmental pollution. While manufacturing industries mold their part in polluting air, water and soil, the chief contributors are motor vehicles. For example, 90% of the carbon monoxide, 50% of the explosive organic compounds, and 40% of the ozone in metropolitan areas come from motor vehicles. (Meotti, 1995, p.27) With car ownership per-capita in America being one of the highest among advanced economies, there is a urgent need for alternative fuels. There is as well the option of attempting to reduce car sales and car usage. But since this outcome is highly unlikely, finding diversify fuels for petroleum-based ones is the more plausible option going forward.Soybean oil is another alternative fuel that holds a lot of promise. When oil prices spiked during the first Gulf War in 1991, American farmers put to apply the huge surplus of soybean oil stored in tanks across the country. They said that Soybean oil can be refined into bio-diesel, which can be used by vehicles. Already, by this time, bio-diesel was being manufactured in Europe using rapeseed oil. And by following the same procedure, Soybean oil could also be converted into bio-diesel, which would prove to be a cleaner and eco-friendly energy alternative. (Schmidt, 2007, p.87) Experts and business people have now set bio-diesel as a key player in the alternative fuels market. It also has the advantage of being produced by both small-scale ma nufacturers as well as large industries. While

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