Saturday, May 4, 2019

Project guide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

throw guide - Essay Examplecalculating your be estimating the benefits to customers and the limits on how untold theyre willing to devote and comparing your products, services, and charges to others that are similar i.e. with the competitors.Maximum current profit- here marketer estimate the demand and costs associated with alternative prices and choose the price that produces maximum current profit, cash flow, or return on enthronization (ROI).Product/service quality leadership- providing high quality services at high price especially targets premium customers. Here marketer believes in perfection with no compromise and thus offers his service at higher price.A price is being established on the basis of proclaimers own choice by following any of the above major objectives and also by the willingness of the consumers on how much they can pay, what are the substitutes available to them, is your competitor offering the same or better service that withal on a lower cost than yo ur service, you bear to evaluate and then set the price of the product.The price could be a low one so that you could attract and have access to a bigger audience. Or you could approach it from the opposite end charge a high premium so that separately service would generate a lot of revenue and you would not have to work the long hours nor have more over-head.For e.g. one of my friends is running a restaurant named as The Diners Park and has invested a major ballock of his capital for this venture. So earlier, with the fixed costs, it was getting really hard for him to generate substantial profit. The customers very much like the quality of food and ambience of his restaurant but it was the price of the food items which was the main refer of his customers and of his as well. He earlier took product/service-quality leader as an objective and thus set the prices higher than his competitors but provided a high class premium quality food and services. But after analyzing the unhu rt case he found that though

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