Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ethics memo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

moral philosophy memo - Essay ExampleInstant messaging might be considered as a showtime of enhancing the productivity of Texas technologies. This is because IM imparts the employees to perform multiple tasks in an effective manner. However, a major issue linked with this mark is that the security and privacy risks as well as legal issues of the employers can be made an change magnitude subject of exposure. it should be concern that if no strict policy is not put into practice, the Texas technology would impression in a lack of control over their employees and inevitably into a disastrous end for the company. A major concern is that the most of the employers are un aware of the pervasiveness of the use of instant messages within the company. This is mainly because the employees at Texas technology are set up IM accounts without the knowledge of the company.In order to put a gimmick to this issue within the Texas technology it is important that effective policies should be enfo rced and the employees should be educated on the matter. Certain guidelines for stamp down and suitable personal as well as business use mustiness be enforced and set so as to ensure that the employees are utilizing the feature of IM in a professional manner at Texas technology. By educating the employees regarding the proper IM usage will lead to minimized employers risk. collect to the fact that the IM accounts are an easy target for hacker penetration, the technology should be in place because this is allow the identity of the person they are in communication with to be confirmed. The employers must be made aware of certain legal issues which result from using the instant messaging within the company.Closing it can and then be summarized that the use of instant messaging certain employees consider as a type of suss out can result in disastrous effect for the company. This can be done by appropriate IM management. Defense against liability for the behavior of the employees on IM can be accomplished

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