Sunday, January 6, 2019

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Once bitten in two focusings shy is a great, and fairly gross saying. It is an idiom that center if somebody is utter to be once bitten twice shy, it means that a person who has been price, or who has had something guide to them that was life changing in a not so desirable way then they will be furthest more careful the next prison term around. I think alwaysyone has go through situations such(prenominal) as this. Whether it be a direct you made where you ended up acquire cheated diverge out of some money, or a time when you got your heart broken by someone you thought would never hurt you.Either way it happens and makes a person suspect of trusting others for a long epoch, if ever again. As a fiddling condescension owner I watch experienced many situations in which I was the tooshie of somebody trying to pull the woollen over my eyes, and/or s combination me out of some money. At one sign in time a a few(prenominal) old age ago, I had a sm all(prenominal) wo rk party of people working(a) on a tele retrieve circuit for me in Rolla Mo. while myself and another crew piece were working on a different job in St. Robert.I trusted the crew members that I left alone without surveillance because they were all hard and honest workers, at least(prenominal) I thought they were. I had been departure this crew on the Rolla job for just about two weeks with very little supervision from myself. The only time I very stopped by there was to wander off more material, and take a quick look around at the work they were doing and all was well. That is until I got a call one afternoon from the asseverator that I was doing this job for.The call started with me digestting an ass chewing like I had never had before, and caught me totally off guard. afterward some time on the phone with this man I kind of count on out what was going on. It seems one of my crew members that I had been leaving alone on the job for a while was preparation to screw me ov er. They had been sabotaging my job in hopes that they would be able to show the contractor the meretricious work that was going on foot his back so that he would usher out me and hopefully hire them to replace me.Well, luckily I had known the contractor for years and after some smooth public lecture I convinced him that I would ratiocination the job personally and fire the member of my crew that caused these problems. So, the plan backfired for the sneaky crew member. Not only did they not get hired by the contractor, but they bewildered the steady job they already had. as yet though this situation didnt turn out all that badly for me, it compose caused me some friction with the contractor, and caused me to never have the same level of trust in my employees ever again.

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