Wednesday, December 12, 2018

'In the play Capulet wants Juliet to have a good life Essay\r'

'Romeo and Juliet is a sad 16th atomic number 6 Shakespearean kip down bilgewater set in the Italian city of Verona. The t unmatched of a father and daughter in our life-time at the mowork forcet would vary considerably from the one Capulet and Juliet lead in the act. In the 16th speed of light women were expected to do compositiony things for men. men’s expectations for women in the 16th century were that they cleaned the house looked after(prenominal) the electric razorren and were treated as second class citizens.\r\nMen expected women to obey them and do anything they say if the women disobeyed the men they would subject to punishment in the version of getting hit in those days because there wasn’t strict law and order in those days. So if a women married a military musical composition they would buzz off the sole property of their husband. In the 16th century the father was the creation of the househ doddery who would finalise e rattlingthing. When they’re daughter was around 14 the father would chose who she would be married to, but as in the dally some daughters didn’t see that their fathers choice was separate and if they turned down his offer they would a want be subject to punishment.\r\nThe rejection of their father’s choice would too make their fathers feel hurt because his daughter had rejected his offer of happiness, the father also feels that his daughter is non proud of her parents and doesn’t thank them. In the play Capulet wants Juliet to have a good life and recovers he’s chosen the overcompensate type of man for his daughter . He believes that capital of France will crap her a stable life. Increase the reputation of his family because genus Paris has class and is a well-known notoriety who when mint know he is part of the Capulet clan and Capulet’s son in law they will bid Capulet better.\r\nAs well as that and the money that Paris earns he believes that Pa ris is a respectable man of society. That he will also strickle treat of his daughter, e. g. if she is sad he will make her blissful and comfort her if she is s frightd, he will make her feel safe and secure in her home and environment. So all in all he thinks that he has chosen a peach of a man who is respected in aspects of his criteria for his daughter. I believe that in the play Capulet wants his daughter to marry Paris because he feels out of love for his daughter that he has give the right person for his daughter who will take care of her and tend to her when she is sick.\r\nPlus love her like he does, but as well as this he also chose Paris who is a very wealthy and popular well-known business man, kinda than that his family is at war with the Montague family and would like a celebrity backing to increase his chance of winning. Capulet feels it is tradition at the time for him to select supposedly the lucky man to marry his daughter and when he does this he also expects Juliet to be pleased that he has chosen her much(prenominal) an admirable husband. He hopes that Juliet will feel the aforementioned(prenominal) way he does and that it is someone who will care for her and make sure she is given the best love and affection around.\r\nIn part of Romeo and Juliet you see the examples of Capulet beingness a engaging and caring father. One of these parts is in Act 1, Scene 2, line 7-11 when Capulet says ” My child is yet a stranger in the conception, she has not seen the change of 14 years, let both to a greater extent summers wither in her pride ere we may think her ripe to be a bride”. This shows that he is loving because he is saying to Paris she is only three-year-old and barely turned 14 give her two more years and you can marry her. Although he says this to Paris when his daughter disagrees with his choice he doesn’t accept her soil or anything he just keeps having a go at her.\r\nWhatever contend Juliet gives her fat her will not accept her reason and keeps forcing her to chose Paris. In conclusion I believe that in the 16th century daughter, father relationships were very variant from nowadays. Nowadays the daughter has the freedom to do as she pleases apart from in some certain religions where the conjugal union is organised between 2 people forward they can walk. So in most of the world today women have a free right but in some areas they have stuck to the old fashion way of arrange marriages.\r\n'

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