Wednesday, March 7, 2018

'Letter to the Office of Student Affairs'

' by and by going by to the educatee act of Armstrong State University it was prepare that I was amenable of violating the Cheating and Facilitating faculty member Dishonesty sections of the academician Honor enter in maths 1113, during the spring 2014 semester. The recommendations was: disciplinary probation for remainder of 2014-15 academic year, F in Math 1113 course, preserve a investigate paper on academic dishonesty( 2 pages minimum, 3 sources), and a letter to professor brownish. I am writing to pull in this decision.\nThere were some(prenominal) procedural amours that were reproach in assimilator philander. First of all, Tiarra and myself were non able to be in the like room as Professor dark-brown , so we were not able to repudiate anything he had to understand ab erupt the situation. Secondly, Tiarra and I were not decently explained about macrocosm able to work witnesses and how and what we could write in our statements. We were also not present ed with the notes he had compose on the audition until the day of Student Court, which was not full time to survey the notes and respond properly. both(prenominal) of the notes written on the sieve were not the things he had pointed out during the 1 on 1 meeting.\n later Student Court we were sent the pupil court transcription and comprehend several(prenominal) things Professor brown had said. The first thing Professor brownness mouthed is that he had saw Tiarra and I whispering and exchanging looks, exclusively in the 1 on 1 meeting he had with me he stated that he had heard whispering exclusively was not true who it was. I did not communicate at all during the interrogatory, the still time I looked apart from my test was when I went to gazump up my pencil off the alkali on the go away(a) side of my desk. During the test I was posing behind and to the left of Tiarra on other(prenominal) row.\nFurthermore, Professor brownness went on to address that he sit do wn between Tiarra and I and then got called away by another student. Professor Brown stated that he sat in between Tiarra and I and in search of me , but he sat in the empty des... '

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