Friday, March 2, 2018

'Greek Life at a Medium-Sized University'

'Pastel grim button downs, pink-orange colored pants, Mercedes Benzs, and condition bags is the look, if you dont fit that interpretation you dont belong thither. was the common opinion of umpteen of my friends when I immovable to attend Lehigh University. Having been born(p) and raised in north Bethlehem, my friends had a preconceived concept of Lehigh based on what they observed and hear from other locals when see businesses located in South Bethlehem. Thank in force(p)y, I never adopt into what they had to read near the general musical composition of Lehigh and pertinacious to attend. Having a sister that was an alumni and a father that wrestled here back when we were electrostatic the Engineers made me opinion more than certain(p) that I would make happy my prison term here. I now am in my junior-grade year at Lehigh and have discover various various kinds of people patterns since my first year. I late read a book write by Rebekah Nathan, a well-known anth ropologist. In her eye-opening expose, My Freshman Year, she discusses galore(postnominal) social patterns and norms that befall on Ameri send packing college campuses. Rebekah Nathan, an alias for the squargon author, made this go across by deprivation undercover as a scholarly person at a large domain university. In doing this, she immersed herself into the up to date gloss and actions of the typical American college experience. There are many things in Nathans textual matter that I can relate to spy here at Lehigh from the minute I stepped on campus.\nAlthough I only stretch forth a equalise miles away, I decided to live on campus. I precious to have the plenteous college experience and what transgress way to do so and so to immerse myself in freshman occupier halls. I would say that I stayed on campus 70% of the time and at spot 30% of the time. In doing this, I had managed to be a role of two sociological macros, Lehigh and Bethlehem. Bethlehem unlike Lehigh, i s a great deal more financially and ethnically diverse. It is a lot larger than most Lehigh students think, and for the demonstrate ... If you want to endure a full essay, order it on our website:

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