Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Community Service Experience

Being a volunteer member was the beaver experience Ive ever had. Through forth the community swear out measure my perspective has changed til now though it was only 30 hours of community table service. My community service place was at PACS, which is a place that sells some employ clothes, shoes, and otherwise useful squash at low prices to stateless volume or paltry volume. My job was to organize all last(predicate) the clothes and make clean it up (goods and processing). pull down though most(prenominal) of their stuff were used, we needed to clean it and only keep the scoop quality items. There were slightly 20 -40 volunteers total at PACS. Many people were impulsive to help others and they were real friendly. Since our customers were generally homeless people or poor people, I ca-ca learned how I sack up help the homeless people. Even though I quite a littlet help them with money, I realized that I buns use my little time to help them. Before I started my community service, I couldnt to the full understand other peoples situation. Honestly, I did not love them, especially those people who wear begrimed clothes and people who savour bad. However, while I was inspection and repair them, I figured it out that all people argon the same. It doesnt matter what their situations was or what they look similar. There argon no differences between homeless people and us. In Matthew 19:19, it says Love your neighbor as yourself. Also I learned how to be a domineering mortal in every situation. I was not fully thankful in my situation. I had few things that I scorned in my life. However, now I know that I am a blessed person just care others. divinity fudge has given us a great environment and we ar living through divinitys gift. Even those people who are starving, they are invariably fortunate unlike me. I felt embarrassed in how I felt like how I didnt like my life. I realized this because of the people around me while I was doi ng my community service. Some volunteers were disabled people and some of them were aged people, but they were always smiling and ...

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