Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Letter to a Soldier - Life in the Trenches

To Cousin Nicholas,\nI gull heard whispers of your decision to place down the war in helper of our country. I pray that you acknowledge how proud we all be of you and your decision. Id like to share near words of wisdom with you that whitethorn save your life and elapse you hope for the rough and lush months to come.\nYou are going to be fighting in trenches. You pull up stakes begin to loathe these places as much as I do, if non more. I provoke spent weeks at a time in these holes in the ground, forced to maintain their ceaseless disrepair and panicing for my life every iodin second. The number of challenges that you result verbalism just from the trenches leave alone confusion you. Often times it is not the enemy fire that threatens your founding and sanity, but it is the quality of the trenches. You for arrest have to suffer by dint of all kinds putrid smells, dreaded rotations, constant screams from wounded men, and episodic insanity.\nThe rain is constant and miserable. For months at a time it would rain and we would not see the cheer for days. The torrential downpour result not only ruination your mood, but also your trenches. The manure becomes a persistent, terrible problem. You will be constantly repairing the falling mounds and digging yourself out of holes you make. At points in the war the peeing in the trenches rose so high as to rule out us from sleeping for veneration of drowning and we would have to wade finished a meter or more of irrigate for an absolute day. Walking becomes an enormous working class as you sink to your ankles or more with for each one step. You neer feel fully rest enough to fight, but fear and adrenaline end up taking oer eventually. The water also festers disease and bacteria because of the blood and excrements that end up washing away each day.\nMortar fire is a constant presence on the battlefield and when a trench mortar hole is made next enough to the trench you will have to take i t over and attempt to dig to your trench. Be wary however because umpteen a man has died in these mortar ho... If you want to get a full essay, site it on our website:

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