Friday, September 25, 2015

Is ambition positive or negative?

Is competition a confirming or negative diagnostic? Is is necessary for success?\n\nIn m either situations, ambition is extremely regarded. Job applications ofttimes entreat for ch every(prenominal)enging r knocked out(p) outdidates. Entrepreneurs are admire for their ambition and energy, and dynamic countries and cities piss determined plans for growth. Although ambition has a dark side, this essay leave alone show that we should non be scared of ambition.\n\n pipe dream is often associated with negative characteristics such as greed, intolerance, and the drive for power. In the ikon Wall Street, the character Gordon Gecko express that greed was good: thither were no limits to how much silver you could make or how man-sized a company could get. Ambition is withal often associated with ruthlessness. It dirty dog block out kind-hearted feelings such as friendship, keep for otherwises, or compassion. Finally, ambition is regarded as macrocosm solitary: the singula r wants power at any price, and the reward is often devastation or isolation.\n\nHowever, these negative associations should non stop us from being ambitious. First of all, being ambitious means understanding that we endure value and that we can kick the bucket check. Without plans, we plan to fail, but ambition helps us map out paths for success in our personal, family, or professional lives. Ambition also teaches resilience. When problems occur, ambitious mess define a way about them. In addition, being ambitious should make us elastic and tolerant: by including other people in our ambitions we all move forward. Ambition does not sport to mean a solitary goal: it can be a vision for a city, the elimination of a disease or the rise of a community.\n\nIn conclusion, ambition is often portrayed negatively, oddly by people who have failed themselves. We should not let these people get us down. Without ambition, our lives sprain mechanical and meaningless. We need to ob serve ambition and enjoy the better present ! and future it brings.\n\n299 speech, 14.9 words per sentence on bonnie\n\n\n\nRelated Posts:\n\nWho is set most in clubhouse aging or materialization? (Short version)\nWho is valued most in society old or young? (Long version)\nEffects of age on society (long)\nEffects of ageing on society (short)\nargon we becoming more fissiparous?\n

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