Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Minds Journy To God

Bibliography of Saint Bonaventura 1221-1274: Saint Bonaventura was an Italian theologian and philosopher. He was innate(p) Giovanni Di Fidanza in 1221 in a region of central occidental Italy called Latium. altogether the names of his parents, Giovanni Di Fidanza and Maria Ritella are known of his childhood. As a native of Tuscany, Giovanni Di Fidanza studied at the University of Paris and entered the Franciscan recount in 1943. He too became the seventh subgenus Pastor universal of the Order of Friars Minor and was known as the primal Bishop of Albano. In 1482 he was canonized by Pope Sixtus IV and a little over a century posterior declare a Doctor of the Church in 1588. He is also known as the Seraphic Doctor whose collections of books are named Pseudo-Bonaventura. He is credited with the works of The passs Road to beau ideal, reductio Artium in Theologiam, Biblia Pauperum, and the Breviloquium. John of Fidanza work was very valuable to philosophical syste m and is created as such. He believed in reason and confidence which was the parentage of his written discussions. He was a leader and had a authoritative approach lowstanding GOD. He died in 1274 under suspicious circumstances. The judicial decisions Road to God Bonaventura prelude describes boost to financial support Alverna where he desired to seek spiritual peace. This occurred cardinal long time after the blessed man; and in this national alludes to Francis. On Mount Alverna he meditated about how to ascend the read/ indite head to God. While meditating he see a miracle at the like place where Francis, the blessed one had also experienced a miracle. The miracle which occurred was of a winged Seraph in the likeness of the crucified. Bonaventura believed that the slew delineated the father himself contemplating and how he became crucified. Achieving divine intervention: In The Minds Road to God, Bonaventura explains how divine intervention is ac hieved through and through humility, devotio! n, crying and fervent prayer. Bonaventura further explains that prayer...If you want to get a practiced essay, order it on our website:

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