Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Radioactive Lab

Aim: What is a one- fractional(prenominal)(prenominal) bread and butter? What is the to the highest degree young find or baring using half life? Procedures: 1.) There are 5 bags in the room. 2.) You and your congregation testament start at your assigned fossil; you train a certain amount of time at from each one commit. 3.) In the end you grass go back to a station if you must 4.) At your table open up the bag, one food colour puff is the isotope while the different colored puff is the putrefy product. 5.) Count the two and approximate the half life, record your calculations in the Report mainsheet. 6.) Complete the science lab questions when finished. Data: Report Sheet fossil NumberNumber of Parent IsotopesNumber of bring out down ProductsNumber of Half LivesAge of Fossil 1154521,408 gazillion eld 253532,112 million days 330100.52.25 trillion days 4252514.5 one thousand million historic period 54551/52.8 one thousand million years Fo rmulas: work out the number of half lives of the factor exampled and you get in the epoch of the fossil Questions: 1.) The fossils from oldest to youngest are 4, 5,2,1,3. 2.) 3 and 2 were very closing curtain in age. 3.) Fossil #4 came from the time just after(prenominal) the realiseation of the earth because Fossil #4 existed 4.5 billion years ago and the Earth originated 6 billion years ago. 5.) Yes, scientists can use more than one graphic symbol of isotope to image the comparable rock or fossil because any(prenominal) can form around the same time and close to cant. 6.) I would use Uranium 235 to date a sample that was estimated to be about 1 million years old. I would use Uranium 235 because Uranium is used to date back fossils from millions of years ago and because uraniums half life is proximate to 1 million than Thorium 232. closing curtain: A half life is the time required for half of the unstable isotope to pitch into a stable decay product. The around recent discovery using half life is! quaint Bones tack together in Wisconsin. The bones deport been dated to between 5,600 and 5,800 years old using half life. They were discovered in unsanded Hope Cave at Cherney Maribel Caves County Park in...If you want to get a full essay, separate it on our website:

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