Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Divorce in Canada: Facts, Figures and Consequences.

It is easy to misinterpret and misunderstand facts ab away divorce. To lay reveal with, often of the media that informs us is American. As a result, we often concur American facts and erroneously apply them to the Canadian situation. We do demand to go bad Canadian from American facts. Second, official statistics occlude divorce atomic number 18 roughtimes confusing and erroneously interpreted, level off by a few scientists themselves. And, third, when research knowledge and official statistics are published, radio, TV, and paper people often play to report on some selected pieces of information and consequently whitethorn inadvertently blow them out of proportion. Furthermore, media people may uncomplete have the time nor the spot to provide the necessary storage area of the context and other burning(prenominal) facts which are essential in the explanation of the information they selectively provide. UNDERSTANDING THE NUMBERS. Is it true that one out of every tw o marriages breaks up? Definitely not. This business approximately one out of every two marriages breaking up comes to us straight from the U.S. where the rate has constantly been higher than our own. Moreover, even for Americans, the claim exagge range the rate of divorce which stands at 44 percent. So what percentages of marriages do break up? Frederick and Hamel (1998) cautiously guess that almost one in every three Canadian couples (31%) who married in 1991 will eventually split up if the 1991 divorce judge prevail. Are divorce rates expiry up or down? Statistics Canada presents us with the future(a) rates of divorce throughout the years: Years         # of divorces          place per 100,000 pop.         Rates per 100,000 Married couples 1921         558         6.4         N/A 1941         2,462         21.4         N/A 1961         6,563         36.0         ! N/A 1968         11,343         54.8         N/A 1969         26,093         124.2         N/A 1981         67,671         271.8         1,174.4 1985**         61,980         253.6         1,103.3 1986         78,304         298.8         1,301.6 1987***         96,200         362.3         1,585.5... The tables were supposed to be in this research taste with statistics in it.. Sorry about that.. I dont know how to engage it. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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