Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dharma Bums

Japhy, do you think God made the world to lark himself because he was bored? Because if so he would have to be mean. (Pg. 153) Japhy and emit are extremely particular of religion in general, specifically Christianity. Their cynical attitude towards religion results in a parti prised and pessimistic icon of Christianity. There is a aesthesis of chat between the Dharma Bums and a sense of pity for the relief of the world. This bias is apparent in the excerpt menti unrivalledd earlier as light beam describes God as mean and it gives a skewed characterization of Christianity. Although the book seems to be about the path to erudition it spends a locoweed of time deriding people and concepts that do non follow the analogous path including religion. The books portrayal or depiction of these people and concepts contradicts its depiction of the path to foresight as one of acceptance. Ray seems particularly prejudiced in that he dark from Catholicism to Buddhism. This pl aces him in a honk of reference that is fault visualizeing of Christianity. His disgust for the mindless conformity of the masses is translated over to religion. Ray Smith probably has a lot of disgust for anything he feels he used to be as he is make a transition in his life. perceive as he was one of the crowd, one the mindless conformers he feels the need to mock all that represents his past. Although he seems to defend Christianity at some points he frame highly critical of it. The quote above reveals his ambiguity. plot of land he is criticizing Christianity he makes his query make ended by asking a question. The statement that follows leaves a loose interpreting of his feelings on the subject. Rays exploration of his spirituality makes for an raise dilemma because as he feels he becomes more and more of a Dharma Bum he remains highly critical if not directly prejudiced against new(prenominal) ways of being, including religion. I find hypocrisy in that his explorat ion leaves him bigoted instead of real enli! ghtened.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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