Friday, January 24, 2014

British Coal Mines Character Sketch

Modern World History Major Project 1 Character Sketch | By Myles Menardi - 9/29/11| An informative essay from the view of a child kit and boodle in the coal mines during the first industrial revolution. | | My name is Finn Wilson. Im twelve years old, and Ive been working in coal mines since I was seven. This is going to sprout a raisearm to write, because I wear thint kick in oft measures measure between work and sleep to do anything precisely eat. mean solar twenty-four hour period in and day source out I work in a mine shaft, hustling bucket after bucket out of the mine, only to go through them looking for the coal we potbelly use. I dont mind it though. You see, without the extra income, my family would have a telling eon surviving. I have cardinal younger brothers, and virtuoso younger sister. None of them work yet, because of how hard me and my parents are try; still it is only a social occasion of time before we cant feed their develo ping appetites. mammary gland says well be fine, and that shorter or later I readiness even be able to make time for schooling, but I doubt that will happen. I draw my day by walking to the mines, and lowering myself subjugate the secretive shaft. In the mines its almost always dark. Vision is trim down to none, and breathing is even harder. The tunnels fill with poisonous gasses, which take more(prenominal) lives than I care to count. My father told me about how they bring a fink with them when they go deeper, and when it dies, they have to leave. He says if the bird dies, that were soon to follow. I know Im non supposed to bristle attached to the birds, but their chirping brightens the gloomy zephyr of the damp tunnels. Ive heard about air pumps to hold open the atomic number 8 flowing deep in the mines, water system pumps to take the water out of them when they flood, and even lanterns that wont set fire to the gasses! Unfortunately, we are stuck with breathing vil e air, removing the water in buckets, and ! twinkle our path with candles. Some newer equipment would be great, but the owner of the mines refuses to pass on up for it. He says if we want it, we have to...If you want to protrude a full essay, order it on our website:

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