Saturday, November 9, 2013

Upcat Test

Students name: Je homosexual Salvador Book Report no.: 1 age:08-05-11 Title of the book: Epic of Gilgamesh (Poetry) Name of compose: Stephhen Mitchell zero(prenominal) of pages: 304 Setting: The time is circa 2700 BC in Mesopotamia, a solid ground between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian disjunction incorporating oftentimes of present-day Iraq and portions of southeastern Turkey, eastern Syria, and southwestern Iran. The action takes objurgate in the Mesopotamian city-state of Uruk, just east of the Euphrates River and north of the Persian disconnectedness; in forests and plains; on waterways; and in the domain of mythological gods. The groundbrea superpower town of Tall al-Warka, about 155 miles southeast of Baghdad, is on the site of ancient Uruk. In the Bible, Uruk is referred to as Erech (Genesis 10:10). For circumstantial information on Mesopotamia, click here. Main Characters: ·Gilgamesh- Sumerian fairy and ruthless ruler who abused his power and subjected his people to oppression. ·Enkidu- gay/beast created by Aruru - the Sumerian creator goddess (at the request of the initiation of Uruk) to defeat Gilgamesh. ·Anu- creator god of the Sumerian pantheon, and father of the gods. ·Enlil- outlet leader of the Sumerian pantheon (Anu relinquished his power to Enlil at close to point), who was the inciter of the great flood. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
·Ea- god of the waterery depths of the Abzu who betrayed the pantheon by revealing to Utnapishtim that Enlil was to disgrace beneficence by a great flood. ·Ishtar- Sumerian goddess of cacoethes and sexual activity who attempts to seduce Gigamesh. Knowing he! r history of pestiferous and failed love affairs, Gilgamesh refuses her advances causing much strife for himself and the people of Uruk. ·Ninsun- start of Gilgamesh and priestess of the temple of Uruk. She helps Gilgamesh go steady his dream about a falling star, and makes Utu/Shamash protect Gilgamesh on his journey to the Cedar Mountains. ·The asshole of Heaven- god of the stars, affiliated with the constellation of Taurus. Inanna sends the Bull to...If you want to labour a full essay, enounce it on our website:

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