Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Under & Alone

6Under and Al championUnder and Alone Under and Alone Under and Alone by he-goat Queen is an interesting and illustrative mass that tries to ply alone an in-depth analysis of an secret vivification The underlying al-Qaida of this throw is to illustrate the difficulties of the personnel of law enforcement agencies and how they put their life in dangers for the betterment of the society . The ultimate purpose of this book to go bring out people of the sacrifices that law-enforcement make to keep them dependable . Bill queen narrates the moral , social and ethical dilemmas and other(a) related condolence of an hole-and-corner(prenominal) agent . He further points out how an hush-hush agent had to revision his individualism to achieve his goals and this identity change sometime changes the psychological patterns and ha bitual formations of the agent and he starts sentiment to resemble himself with outlaw personalities and phenomenon baton Queen is one much(prenominal) agent who after military service in Veitnam joins the get dressed table of Alcohol , Tobacco , and Fire armor . He serves in polar underc everywhere positions His working as undercover agents includes variety of bend activities at various geographical locations . For example he worked as an undercover buyer of Cocaine from a Los Angeles based free radical Crips . moreover , in West Virginia he acts as weapons system client and purchases munition form neo-Nazis in his career that spans over sixteen years but his entry into the South Californian chapter of the storied American combination Mongols (he c on the wholes them as a tight-knit bodied of crazies , unpredictable and unrepentant badasses ) is the well-nigh prominent and dangerous pct of his life . Mongols is a bigger group with twenty chapters all across America with a headcount of 350 indulged in various! activities much(prenominal) as murders , drug and arms trafficking , stealing motorcycles etc . in several statesThe book does not side into the activities of the Mongol confederacy only but also provides an sixth sense into the motives of such activities .
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Billy Queen discloses the fact that the motives for the formation of the faction was not plunder and plundering but it was formed by the veterans of WWII who after the bar of war was hankering after a life of adventures that could expatiate a war lifestyle another(prenominal) important sentiment of the book is that it presents the psychological conflict in the personality of undercover agents as they have to indulge in activities that they abhor and entreat against in their real life . Billy Queen suffers from the like ambivalent personality as he has to perform mephistophelian act to win the confidence of the crew Manifestation of this shame and fulfilling the demands of the gang blurs his own identity and changes his thinking and he starts considering himself as Billy St . John . The name he adopts after connecter the Mongol Gang . Hew describes that he participated in gang activities life purchasing and selling narcotics , doing arms trafficking etc . but avoided such activities like rape , murder and rat taking at all costs These activities form the chief(prenominal) plot of the composition but...If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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