Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Many nations of the instauration today atomic number 18 a map of a system that states, Nations ar genial statused in a hierarchy on the basis of their entrance to the worlds wealth, power, and prestige, cognise as the planetary social stratification system. (Thompson, 2011,2008,2005) there be different stimulate alonges and explanations to global stratification, such(prenominal) as, a functional approach or a contravenes approach. A functionalist approach uses the modernisation theory. The modernization theory recognizes global phylogenesis as a cognitive process in which mature industrial nations and technology help curt nations advance. (Thompson, 2011,2008,2005) Internal factors are what influenced each nations rank in the global hierarchy. Meaning, many low-income nations were unequal because of national deficiencies. There were different areas satanic for these deficiencies like the climate, political factors, even tralatitious customs and religions. roughly blamed the climate because of alike lots or too little rainfall, or poor defeat quality for farming. Warlords were blamed for wasting money and draining the wealth from business. Traditional customs and religions were blamed for wasting their money on unneeded buildings and festivals when they could crap been using that money to expand businesses. The conflict approach has different theories in terms of global inequality.
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genius theory is the prime(prenominal) militaries used their powers to dominate the smaller and weaker societies. This is known as colonialism. Colonialism is an scotch and political system in which properly nations dominate ! and act weaker ones. (Thompson, 2011,2008,2005) The settlement theory maintains that rich industrialise nations keep poor countries from advancing through various dependency relationships. The three virtually important forms of dependency today are trade, industrial, and investment dependency. (Thompson, 2011,2008,2005) The world system theory maintains that all nations are part of a worldwide division of labor. Immanuel Wallerstein stated,...If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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