Tuesday, November 12, 2013


There are only two ways of communicating, verbally and nonverbally. Communication is an act of interacting with the speaker and the listener but is it truly that simple when it comes to communicating with the foe sex? In Deborah Tannens Sex, Lies, and Conversation, she discusses how manpower and wowork force encounter complications due to having different expectations of communication from the foeman sex. Tannen addresses two ways that differences in body language mingled with men and women can cause communication problems by having men absent eye contact and concentration while women would exhibition their tending by being more(prenominal) intimate and responsive. The frontmost thing that Tannen pointed appear more or less the differences between men and womens body language is that men have the tendency to ply their attention by inadvertently perceive in a more indirect manner. For instance when Tannen presented a scenario of a college kil ling woman necessitateing to have a conversation with her swell she told her boyfriend she wanted to talk to him, he would lie polish on the floor, close his eyeball, and put his arm over his face. This signaled to her, Hes victorious a nap, (Tannen)this leaving the women of having the impression that her boyfriend is not earshot or is uninterested in what she wants to discuss which can bakshish to more frustration and argument.
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Although Tannen besides pointed out and defended that the boyfriend is very listen to her by affirming, But he insisted he was listening spear carrier hard. Normally, he looks aroun d the room, so he is easily distracted. dup! licity d avouch and covering his eyes helped him deoxidise on what she was saying. In my case, whenever I want to speak to my own boyfriend about a problem he would also act in a similar way by fidgeting with random objects with his eyes fixated on it and not on me causing me to become exacerbate that he isnt listening therefrom giving up on the conversation and leaving things unresolved. The second...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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