Thursday, September 13, 2012

Political Science essay

Electing the President with the United States is a collaborative work among the American citizens, the legislative branch and the electoral college. Nonetheless, the latter tends to retain a significant significance in the election process. In addition, the 12th, 20th and 25th amendments inside the constitution identifies all the possible situations in selecting, maintaining and discharging from office the President on the United States. Most importantly, these amendments in the constitution serves to limit the power with the President so that he is not in a position to abuse it. This is mainly because the framers with the constitution saw the need for it prior to it arose by considering the ethical implications on the matter, which a political philosophy explains.

The American public vote every four years for your President in the country. The vote that they cast is called the popular vote. Another vote is casted by the electoral college. The individuals that make up the electoral college are often selected [for] their support and dedication to their political party. These are Region elected officials or individuals who have a personal or political affiliation with the Presidential candidate (Frequently Asked Questions, 2008). Others might be involved during the political arena as a result of their role as an activist or party leader, which in turn is a thing that contributes to these people getting even regarded to be a component from the electoral college (Bonsor, n.d. Even though you will find some that will personally campaign for your position (Bonsor, n.d).

In essence, the popular vote generally influences the people from the electoral college in who they will cast their vote for. Including all 55 of California 's electoral votes go to the winner of that Land election (Frequently Asked Queries, 2008). There are even some states that fine electors who don't vote in accordance for the popular vote (Frequently Asked Questions, 2008). On the other hand, political parties might extract pledges from electors to vote for your parties ' nominees (Frequently Asked Questions, 2008). The considerable significance with the electoral vote was felt in quite few instances wherein the winner on the electoral vote , not the well-liked vote-as expected , became the nation 's President. This kind of was the case during the election that transpired in 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000 (United States Electoral College, 2008).

In addition , the variety of electoral votes depend on 2 Senators-which may be the typical range for any state-and the number of representatives from each country the latter varies depending over a land 's population The size in the electoral college has been set at 538 .since the election of 1964 (United States Electoral College, 2008. About half from the electoral vote, that may be 270-can be much more too, is required by the President to win the election (United States Electoral College 2008. If on the presidential candidate receives the majority on the votes, the Home of Representatives will choose between three presidential candidates on the most votes during the mass election (United States... 

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